St. Joseph…

Ashton had to dress up today as a Saint for All Saints Day…yes, I know, a bit late. 

So last night I went through the zillion Saints on the list to decide who he could dress up as, and I came up with St. Joseph.  I joking said to him, Bella would probably be Mary and they would be married for the day…well guess what?  Bella was Mary, and Ashton loved the fact that his girlfriend in the class was now his wife.  HA!

Anyways, I found this assignment to be much more of parent homework, than 3/4 year old homework.  I mean, it’s not like he knows how to google yet, but he will tell me to do it when I need help, LOL.  Smarty pants.

So this is what he looked like…


So Ashton was St. Joseph.  A poor Carpenter who had a son with Mary through immaculate conception.  He raised him as if he were his own blood, knowing full well, he was not his father.  Joseph went on to take wonderful care of his family and to teach others to foster children.  All children need loving families. 

I have to say, Ashton made a great St. Joseph.  And he even brought in his tool box to help him fix stuff.  I think next year he’ll be the same…shhhhhh, don’t tell his teachers 😉


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