Stomach Bug…

On Tuesday around 3pm, my tummy started feeling a little “off.” Then we get into the car to go pick up my new camera (since I broke my old one) and Ashton says, “Mommy, my tummy hurts.” I had not mentioned mine, so it sorta threw me for a loop. We had all had pizza at Daddy’s work for lunch so I was waiting for a chain reaction. Nope, Ethan and Dad never go ill.

So at 4:30pm when we were finally home, I began making dinner and Ashton would not move from the couch. I mean, until 8:30pm. It was strange. Totally out of the ordinary for him. I couldn’t stomach eating dinner so me and Ashton just skipped it all together.

At 8pm, I changed Ashton into his jammies and about 10mins later Daddy went to get him to do one last potty run before bed. Well as he sat up, he tossed his cookies everywhere. Great. This is supposed to be the end of our night, but instead, it was looking like the beginning.

We put him into the bath, clean off the couch, and I go to get him out of the bath and he looses it again, only worse. Seriously, where did it come from? He only had pizza for lunch, no snacks the rest of the day and just a tiny bit of Gatorade that I made Daddy run out and buy for all of us. Around 8:30pm he falls asleep on Daddy’s shoulder and heads off to bed.

I on the other hand get sick myself 😦

At 4am Ashton comes walking into our room. I hear him and I said, “Ashton?” He says, “Mommy, I have a secret…” He is big on secrets right now. I said, “What?” He said, “I drank some of my apple juice and then I went to bed and threw it up!” Then he cried 😦

It was so sad. But thankfully, this was the end of it, for the both of us. We put him back in the bath, cleaned his bedding and he laid on the couch watching his shows. At 7am he finally went back to sleep till 9am.

At 10am I had to get out of this house, so we ran to Target. When we got there, even with my list in hand, I couldn’t focus on anything. My mind was all over, we left the store 3 times only to keep returning, UGH. I was in such a fog….totally feeling yucky.

When Ethan took a nap at noon I said to Ashton that we would lay down as well. He agreed. Only he fell asleep from 12-4:30pm, when I woke him!!!! Thankfully, he still went to bed at 8:30pm.

Today we all woke up feeling much better. I don’t wish that on anyone, but if you happen to get the stomach bug that is going around, remember, it’s just a 24hour thing 😉


Update on Ashton…

The sickies seemed to have left the building! Thank heavens! He threw up 3 times, exactly what the doctor told me he’d do. He went to bed like a champ at 8pm and woke me up at 4am asking for crackers and peanut butter (remember he hasn’t had food since lunch yesterday). He even had the crackers in his hands. I swear, this kid is crazy. So he crawled into bed with us for another 3 hours and when I got home from the gym, he promtly sat up and said, “Now can I have crackers and peanut butter? I’m not throwing up anymore, see look in my mouth.”
Yes, sure you may have whatever you want. Only by the time we got to the kitchen he decided a Nutrigrain Bar sounded much better for breakfast 🙂

Swine Flu? Nah…

Well Ashton came home from the pool today and took a nice snooze on the couch. I was feeling a little spunky and decided I’d make a cake. So I woke him up with chocolate frosting on my finger for him to lick off…yumo right?
Nope. He woke up not feeling well. Within moments he was throwing up all over my couch. So I called my Mom, you know she’s a doctor right? Tell her the story and she assures me it is not the swine flu.
Since I’m not totally convinced, especially after my husband just told me that his buddies school, in our county, is closed for 7 days, possibly the swine flu. Now I’m freaking out. I call our doctor. Tell her the series of events and she says, nope, not the swine flu. Clear fluids the rest of the day, make sure he doesn’t get a temperature and call her in the morning.
An hour later, and more throw up, the doctor calls back to check up on my little peanut. She then tells me they have had lots of patients this week with a tummy bug, lots of throwing up. So it must be in the air. Sure hope we’re able to keep E from getting it.
Ashton, feel better baby 😉

Are you kidding me?

So Monday I woke up, with one swollen gland. No biggy, I had a doctors appointment so I thought I’d ask about it. Well Doc said, I can’t tell if its anything yet, you just got it. Well geeh, thanks. So all week, I sit here wondering why I’m so freaking sick. My throat is hurting more everyday. And the worst part? My kids come down with runny noses and my babysitter (GH) is away watching other grandchildren, how dare she, right? hehehe!!! Kidding, of course.

So I sit here thinking, this is all in my head. Something has to give. I have no spots on the back of my throat, I was still able to workout my 6 days this week, so why do I feel so horrible?

Today I woke up at 2am. After going to bed at 11pm. Now that is not right for me. I’ve been up since. I got up and went to the gym, as I do every Saturday, and said, forget this, I’m going to the walk in clinic.

Low and behold, I have STREP THROAT! Ugh, are you kidding me? My doc could have given me something 6 days ago? I’m so mad! But either way, I have some penicillin now, and hopefully in about 48 hours I’ll be feeling a tad better.

So Daddy got tickets to the Yankee Spring Training game today. We didn’t have a sitter for the boys, so I let Ashton go in my place. Honestly, I wasn’t up for it. I just don’t feel good. But this is the short clip Daddy sent to me to show me how much fun Ashton is having while me and Ethan are at home napping.

Denard Span

Derek Jeter


Yoooo Whooooo???

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As for the R family…Ethan is now sick. That little blue ball thingy they give you at the hospital to pull out snots, well it’s filling up each and ever time I put it in his nose. Yeah, one year olds don’t care for this tactic, but until he learns how to blow, it looks like this is how Mommy and Daddy will have to take care of business. Both boys took a lovely nap this am after returning home from Ethan’s final photos of his head, but I sure could use one more nap out of them. Wishful thinking, Ashton doesn’t normally take naps, let alone 2 in one day. Oh the joys of parenthood. My throat is killing me.