AHH…me and the camera…

have not been getting along lately. Apparently I leave her behind whenever we go somewhere worthy of photoing 😦

Today I ventured out of my indoor shell. Something that happens every year when the temperatures start creeping to 110 degrees. It’s just too hot to go outside. I’m miserable out there and to see the kids faces turn red makes me batty.

But today Ashton asked for the millionth time to go to the “Rainbow Park.” You know, All Persons Rotary Park…LOL. And since Ethan is walking (running) so well now, I thought, be a good Mommy and take these kids to the PARK.

I did. We stayed for an hour. But in the first 2mins, I kid you not, Ashton had 4bites on his legs (he is allergic to mosquitoes!) and I had 2 yucky bites on my arm. UGH. Seriously. How in 2 minutes does this happen to my family?

Ethan ran around like a chicken with his head cut off. He learned that he can climb up the playground and not fall down. Ashton was the AWESOME big brother, as always, and showed him how to get down some steps and ran with him to and from the baseball field. They needed this time. They loved it. I enjoyed watching them, and actually, since we went straight from the gym where I had just finished Body Combat and running 2.5miles, it really wasn’t so bad sitting in the heat…with my DD Iced Coffee…yes, well deserved 😉

So here is to hopefully making it there again soon. The boys loved it too much not to go. Now to convince Mom, again 🙂


Our Week…

Well Daddy was away on business, so I have been without the laptop for a few days…how dare he take it with him 😉
So what did the kids and I do?
First Aunt Dana and I took the boys to the Aquarium. Here Ashton and Howie are having a little picnic lunch…
and then there is Ethan…oh the eating monster he is 🙂

Next I played dress up. Putting the boys in their best Red Sox gear and took a photo of it. Cute how much they love each other, huh?

Next, Popi and I took the boys back to the Aquarium. Our passes are about to expire so I’m using them up as much as possible, the end of the month is quickly approaching.


Next, when Daddy came home, Ashton had to show him how he loves taking Ethan to the park in his wagon (no photos, sorry), what he really does is pull E down the sidewalk, just one house away, and pretends he’s at the park 🙂 Very cute. But while we were doing this, we met a little boy, Tristian, who is 6 years old and already has his first RIDE!!!

Tristian is such a sweet little boy, he let Ashton have a whirl with driving his truck. Now this is not a good idea, I’ve been to Disney with AT driving and unless you want to be car sick, I suggest passing on AT driving 😉

So the boys switched and drove off into the sunset 😉

Next we came back inside and got ready for bed. Ethan giggled as he played with his new piggy from his birthday. It is so cute to watch Ethan playing with his toys. It’s just so geniune.

And there you have it folks, our week. Today I’m taking Ashton to his friends “the twins” birthday party, Gus and Raleigh turned 1 on Wednesday. And tomorrow, Ashton and I have tickets to somewhere very special. You’ll have to check back to find out where his surprise is going to be!!!

The Park…

Brotherly Love 🙂
Ashton’s favorite thing to do is to go to the park. He loves to “run the bases.” He runs and never stops. Not even for lunch. We went to our friends park in their neighborhood and I brought a picnic lunch. Ashton wouldn’t slow down enough to eat. Once we got in the car, he stuffed his face silly. He was starved 🙂

Ethan of course, stuffed his face the whole time we were gone and promptly upon hitting the carseat to come home, he fell asleep. Don’t you wish you could do that?
Speaking of eating, this is what AT & E had for lunch today, sweet potato and noodles. Ethan seemed to enjoy himself, wouldn’t you say?