Quick Morning UPDATE…..5 day Fast Forward, Cinch! Detox.

I’m down 1.4lbs!!!!  Stay tuned!!!!!


Addiction ;)

So I have an addiction, an addiction to FACEBOOK!  hehehe.

I know, it’s nuts.  But as a Stay at Home Mom, you don’t speak to many adults during the 16hours of awake time, and let’s face it, I’m still the same old “social butterfly” my Mom and teachers would all accuse me of being.

I’m not a shy person, I enjoy speaking to friends who are both from my past and in my present.  But most of all, I like to be the person that people feel they can go to.  I am there for any friend.  Even if I met you yesterday.  I’d love to help.  Even if it’s just for an ear to listen.

Well, that is until just recently.  Somethings are unfixable.  This makes me sad.  And sometimes our friends may tell us things that just may put you in a sticky situation.  You, as an adult, need to decide what the “right” thing to do is.  Even if it makes you not the popular person.  You are the one that needs to be able to look at yourself in the mirror at night, lay your head on your pillow, and be ok with the decisions YOU have made for yourself that day.

I, for one, can honestly say, I will always follow my heart.  It doesn’t matter if it ruins our friendship.  If it was for the safety and well-being of others, I’m A-OK with not being the popular person anymore.

So my addiction to Facebook must be broken.  Personal information will know longer be revealed.  I cannot get emotionally involved.  I’ll now talk about things that have happened, but will be in the past, never the present.  I’m a bit nervous to anyone finding out where or when I may be someplace.  I just need to be careful.  We all do.  We all know this, but it just kinda hit home recently. 

Thankfully, NOTHING bad has happened to me.  But the person I reached out to, really hurt my heart.  I think about this persons children and I really hope that help can be found.  But, it’s not my job.  I can only pray for the best.  People have to want to change, NOT be convinced to change.

Ethan goes to the doctor…..

On Tuesday I finally decided to take Ethan to the doctor.  He’s been sticking his finger in his ear for some time now and after my Dad finally commented on it, I figured he must be doing it a bit too often.  I assumed Ethan found a hole, and just wanted to touch it…you know how kids are.

Well he hasn’t been complaining, but the doctor looked in his ears, and they are clear.  Then she looked in his throat and BAM!  OUCH.  His tonsils are so large they are touching his little punching bag thing, uvela.  Yuck.  So he is taking some medicine for 2 wks, then he’s getting an x-ray.  If he is still swollen, we are off to an ENT for his tonsils and adenoids to be removed 😦 Ultimately, it looks like this is what will be happening.

This could be the reason for his speech not to be as clear as we would like and it could also be the reason for his misbehavior.  But then again, it might not be.  It just might be Ethan being Ethan and his behavior due to the fact that he is 2 and loves to test us 🙂  Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.  Not that I want him to go through all of that, but at the same time, if it helps him, let’s do it.  I have noticed he has been a fussy eater and if you know Ethan, our kid LOVES food.  Again, I assumed it was just him being a 2 yo.  But maybe, he’s in pain? 

While we were there I went ahead and asked her to look at Eli.  I was certain he has GERD just like big brother Ethan and low and behold, I was correct.  Doctor said this is probably why he hates the car so much, he literally screams/cries 90% of EACH and EVERY car ride.  In fact, the day we went to the doctor was the FIRST time he made it to Ashton’s school (7miles), into school, and to the doctor without so much as a fuss.  However, the way home and to the pharmacy he let me have it.  Boy oh boy did he.  He was mad!  LOL.  But anyways, he is on medicine as well and the first day, Tuesday night, went 10 hours between feedings, and SLEPT for 8 of those 10 hours!  Yes, I would say the medicine is already helping.  Last night was another 10 hour night.  LOVELY.  My body doesn’t even know how to respond to such sleep that I woke up with a headache!  LOL

Ok, so I’ll keep you posted, but right now, Eli wants my arms back.  Oh it’s a good thing I love that kid 😉

Update on Grandpa Joe…

Well looks like he’s in for the fight of his life.  Lung cancer.  Large tumor growing on lungs, throat area, and upper stomach area.  He begins Chemo 2 weeks from yesterday.  If you don’t mind saying a prayer, I’d greatly appreciate your time.

It’s never easy to see a loved one go through this, but even more so, your children or your parents.  This is going to be hard to digest  from time to time, but I’m going to stay strong for him.  I just hope he knows how much I love him and I can only wish the best for his future.  However, his tumor so large that this will not cure him, but it will help him live a little longer. 

Crossing fingers tightly. 

Fully Cooked!

37wks and still pregnant!  GOAL!!!!

This is the goal for all Mom’s to get too.  Or at least most of us Mom’s.  Today is the day, a turning point, where our child is considered FULL TERM, and I would be happy to welcome him home at any point in time!!!

Daddy got up with the boys around 6:30am today and I slept in till 7:15am.  This is pretty typical as he is a morning person, and let’s face it, I’m just a sleeper.  The boys were being excellent, but I actually woke up around 6:55am and I was just enjoying myself laying in bed, alone.  All of a sudden a heard an infant coo.  I swear, I popped my head up.  As if it were my OWN.  Ummmm….no infants in this house.  What could that have been?  Probably the TV.

At just that moment, baby R started kicking me.  Or rolling, or doing something else that he enjoys doing inside of me 24/7.  Then I thought to myself….VERY SOON, VERY SOON, I’ll be hearing those sweet little coo’s along with some full out SCREAMS and CRIES.  I can’t wait. 

I can’t wait to meet your face.  I can’t wait to see your little nose.  I can’t wait to see all the hair on your head and tickle all your toes.  We’ve been waiting for you for 9 long months, when you’re ready…..please, come out 😉

I love you baby boy!  I can’t wait to smell you all up 😉  Love, Mama

Thursday’s OB update….

All was well.  I hadn’t progressed anymore than Tuesday (which is probably good since I’m only 36wks today), but the doctor found no more blood and did say that if my body went into labor, she’d welcome it with open arms 😉

The ultra sound showed a beautiful picture of baby #3’s BIG head!  His head was measuring 37.2wks!  I was only 35.5wks!  YIKES!  And I’m going to push that out?  Better get the good drugs.  Really good drugs 😉  And it also showed his super cute face.  Believe it or not, I think he looks JUST LIKE Ethan!  LOL.  What is really funny about that?  My good friend Laurie always said to me (before knowing what we were having), if God decided to give me another boy, it just might be for Ethan’s sake.  Because a little piece of him will always miss his twin, Quinn.  I never really listened to this (or wanted to listen) because I wanted a girl, BAD!!!!  But now that I’m having a boy, know it, and 100% ok with another bouncy boy, I remember her words.  Although, Q will never be replaced or forgotten, having a sweet buddy to get into mischief with, is probably exactly what Ethan will need in life.  So…Baby #3…please, be the level headed one, and guide your crazy brother, E, in the right direction 😉

Ok, that’s my update.  Next appointment, Aug. 5th.

July, a sad month….

July is supposed to be Princess Tara month.  It wasn’t always this way, but since learning of the final baby I’m carrying is a boy, I decided July would be my Princess month. 

Well it started off, horrible.  Florida had this dark cloud over us starting on July 2nd.  It rained.  And it didn’t stop for 4 days.  I’m serious people, rain.  All day long, nonstop.  YUCK.  July 4th came and seriously, I was depressed.  On the 5th I was telling people I might need to check myself in.  I could no longer take it.  I’m not sure this has ever happened as long as I’ve lived in FL.  Which is a long time, approaching 31yrs.  YIKES.

July 5th also started the ball rolling for my friends and I.  I received a phone call on the 5th from my dear friend Agatha, who lost her Granny.  She was headed to Puerto Rico for her funeral.  I felt terrible.  July 9th, just as I was checking on Ethan who was spending the night at Grandma Debbie’s, I was informed that I would need to pick him up early the next day.  Why?  Because Grandma Gracie passed away.  This is my Dad’s Mom.  She is so sweet and kind, and now I’ll never be able to see her one last time.  That is until Tom told me, I must go with my parents.  But I had a shower on the 11th for our new bundle of joy.  How could we do all of this?  Well Saturday morning, the 10th, the went over to get Ethan and I told Mike I would drive with him if he waited till after my shower on Sunday.  He agreed.  He likes the help with driving, 16hrs is a long haul when he is the only driver.  So we left at 12:30pm on Sunday and arrived at 4:30am Monday morning.  Just in time for Grandma’s viewing on Monday at 2pm. 

She looked beautiful.  Stunning.  I’m pretty certain, I’ve never seen her look so beautiful.  But then again, I didn’t see her but a handful of times, and the last two times, she wasn’t eating much and her health was going down the tubes. 

It took everything in my well-being to get up to her casket.  I’ve only ever seen one other person laying there like that, and I could hardly contain myself for him, and I never even knew him.  Not a single day in my life did I see him alive and I couldn’t control myself then.  And this, was 10,000x harder! 

But I did it.  I didn’t do it at 2pm.  I did it at 6pm when we went back for the family and friends viewing.  I kneeled down beside the beautiful Gracie Hawn, and I said a few words to her.  I wished her well and told her to enjoy being reunited with her beloved husband, 2 dear son’s that were taken far too soon in life, her Grandson who also was taken too soon, and my angel baby Quinn.  She loved babies.  So I’m sure she’s eating him up right now.  And that, makes me smile.

As my shower was taking place I received a phone call from Aja.  My bestest friend in the whole wide world.  Aja, if you’re reading this, have you realized it’s been 21yrs?  HOLY CRAP!  That’s a long time.  So she called me and told me her Nana has 2days to 2wks left to live, lung cancer.  OMG.  Really?  Could anything else happen this month?

Yes, in fact, it can.  As we were driving to PA, I received an email from my other dear friend, Devon.  She informed me that her Dad cannot walk and needs surgery.  Only his heart isn’t strong enough for the 4hour procedure and the doctor isn’t sure what will happen or when it will happen, if there is anything they can do.

Lord, help us.

And lastly, before we left Tampa, T and I noticed that Kilo isn’t doing well himself.  He seems to be dropping more weight and his cough is resurfacing.  He is suffering from Congenital Heart Failure, and honestly, we just don’t know how long he has to live.  Thankfully, he is not in pain.  But he seems to be showing signs of old age, and it’s just breaking my heart.

Ashton left for Grandma Helen’s last Friday.  I did go see him on Saturday to say I was going to PA, and did explain to him that Grandma Gracie was now an angel with baby Quinn.  He cried.  A lot.  He was crying because he said he was going to miss me.  He didn’t really understand why Grandma Gracie was called upstairs, but I tried to ease the pain and tell him that Grandma’s make the BEST cookies, and maybe God needed her help in the kitchen.  I’m not looking forward to the questions I will receive when I get home, but I am looking forward to seeing my boys. 

We leave tomorrow at 4am.  I’m so excited to wrap my arms around each of them.  I can hardly think of anything else today.  I know driving home will be the longest drive of my life, but I’m ready.  I’m so tempted to leave tonight, but I know my parents would not want to do that.  LOL.

Saturday I’m planning to take the boys to see Aja.  She needs to get her mind off of things for a little bit and I need to give her a big hug and let her know that she and her Nana are always in my prayers.  This cannot be easy for her.  She’s had a rough 6mths herself.  I love her dearly and would do anything to ease the pain. 

Sunday is my birthday.  Let’s pray it’s a nice day.

Happy 4th of July….a little late ;)

4th of July would not be complete without the….

parade!!!  Each year it seems to get better and better.  And not because of the humid air we had, that made me sweat in places I’d rather not mention, and the fact that everyone there could tell where I was sweating, but because of the wonderful family we have!!!  Ashton loves parades, and last year, E probably doesn’t even remember being there, but this year was different.  Check him out!

Notice there is only ONE necklace on him?  Yeah…well that was because the parade had just begun.  Look here…

He loved getting them.  I’m afraid that Mardi Gras is in the near future for this little boy.  He thought it was the coolest, but not nearly as cool as this guy…

then again…most things aren’t as cool as Elmo.  Just ask Ethan.  He loves that fluffy red guy 😉

So why do we go to the Temple Terrace 4th of July parade every year, you ask?  Well our super cool friends, The S Family, invite us!  They live one street away.  We park at there house, walk across the way, watch the parade, and then the best part, we hit there house for some sun (if there was sun), BBQ, beer, and good ole friendship chats!  This year wasn’t nearly as busy at the S house as most years, but that was ok with me.  I’m pregnant.  And since I can’t booze with the best of them, I might as well go home at a reasonable hour, this year, 5pm, and just eat some yummy food while chatting to everyone.  It was great as always.  Thanks for always thinking of us, and having us in your home.  The boys can’t get enough of this family.  They sure are good to all of us!!!!

Next up was the 4th of July.  The Temple Terrace Parade was actually on the 3rd, a Saturday.  So on the 4th we woke up, went to church at 8am and then drove to Aripeka to have another BBQ with our good friends The B Family!!!  Each of them are top notch.  They love to throw parties and they never forget their friends (us) who live an hour away.  The best part?  They never mind the company to spend the night!!!  So we packed our stuff and headed up, in the pouring rain, not knowing what to expect.  What we should have expected, was a good time.  Because that is a given whenever hanging out with this family!

Lots of people were there.  Including 3 of us prego’s, all due within weeks of one another, and some super yummy food.  Food that was even thought of for that darn vegetarian in the group.  Now K, those are some awesome friends you got there!!!  Thank you to everyone for thinking of me!!!  It’s so sweet of all of you 🙂  Especially you M, who drove all the way home to get my share, because she forgot it 😦  Too sweet for words!!! 

So I leave you with this, Ethan playing on the staircase in the B home.  He loves these stairs.  Since before he could walk he’s loved them.  Just this time, he finally, can go up and down by himself.  That doesn’t mean he’s good at it, but he tries.  And for that, I give him credit 🙂

And the last little trick he learned, to sit on a step and kiss Mommy through the slots.  So sweet.  We’d do 3 spots, then start over.  Everyone ooh’ed and aww’ed over it.  Seriously, sweet kisses that I’d never say no too 😉

Kilo….my first “main-man!”

February 13, 1999, I was away at college.  I had only been at UWF for 6wks and I was really missing the boyfriend I left behind (who I was pretty certain had forgotten about me) and all my new college friends.  I began feeling sorry for myself and decided I would buy the Chihuahua I’ve always wanted.  I sent a fellow Circuit City employee to a city about 2hours north of Pensacola, to go pick out my dog!  There were 2 black Chihuahua’s there and I told her to bring me home the cutest one.

With money in her hand, she went.  I still can’t believe I trusted someone I’d only known for a short time, to buy my dog.  And expensive dog!  LOL.  Christi and Chris came back with Kilo.  His name was picked from the start.  I wanted him to be a her and he would be called Quila (like Tequila) but since it was a boy and I remember a little about Spanish, I had to change that “a” to an “o.”  He became Kilo.  And yes, I was asked often if it was for “drug” reasons.  NO!!!  Never did that even cross my mind.  UGH.  I didn’t do anything like that.  I’m a good Catholic girl.  Gesh!

Kilo was born on December 14, 1998.  11 long years ago.  He was so tiny when I got him home.  He could fit in the palm of my hand.  I remember he would sleep between my head and shoulder and would never move a muscle all night long.  He was my main-man.  We did it all together.  I brought him to the dog park, to friends houses, and even back home to meet my folks.  They instantly fell in LOVE and wanted to keep him.  So 2 months later, I bought, the BEST Step-Dad in the WORLD, his own Chihuahua.  When he showed up at my apartment for his birthday, he got to met the little pup I called Bailey.  Only he quickly changed his name to Taco.  Yes, for Taco Bell.  LOL.

Kilo is a great dog.  Never gives us a problem.  He is MY dog.  Nobody can take that away.  He went to VA with me for my internship.  He moved back to Pensacola with me, to finish up my BA in Criminal Justice.  He then came with me back to Tampa and moved in with Aja and I.  Soon after my Tampa move I met T.  Boy did he fall in love with Kilo.  I began my studies with my Masters Degree.  He once again would sit next to me, night after night, and helped me study.  Such a good boy.  Never a yappy Chihuahua.  Never.  I trained him well.  Kilo is part of our family!  He was even at our wedding!  And that was all Daddy’s doing!!!  No, he wasn’t “in” the wedding, but he most certainly was there!

Well Kilo has never had health problems.  Last year at his yearly checkup the Vet informed me that Kilo had a heart murmur.  On a scale of 1-6, his was a 3.  Nothing to be concerned about, but something that must be watched.  On Tuesday he was back at his yearly checkup where that same Vet informed me he is now at stage 6.  I swear, I thought he was going to die immediately.

Being pregnant, and emotional, and being my dog, I just lost it.  I didn’t know what to do.  Where to start.  What to ask.  I just wanted it to all go away.  How could my doggy, who sleeps with me EVERYNIGHT, be sick?  He doesn’t seem sick?  In fact, he seems like he’ll live forever!  I called T.  Told him the news.  We decided we’d discuss more about it that evening.  I went to my Mom’s to pick up the boys.  I had been gone for over 2 hours and was just a mess.  The boys were so sad watching Mommy cry.  I swear, I thought he was going to die that night.  UGH!!!! 

The doctor suggested putting Kilo on $100 worth of medicine, 2x a day, for the rest of his life.  Gesh.  That seems like a lot.  Especially when he’s almost 12yrs. old.  We decided we needed more information before making any sort of decision.  But in the meantime, people donate medicine at Vet offices, and we were lucky enough to have one month donated to us.

A good friend of ours, Kelli, called to talk to me about this.  After explaining the expenses to her and the circumstances she decided she wanted to ask her Vet about the meds.  While talking to Kelli about this, I thought I should call my Sister in Law, Dana.  After all, she’s a Pharmacist and maybe, just maybe, these are people pills too?  Honestly, I thought she would think I was crazy.  And I felt crazy asking.  But 2 of the 3 meds, are people drugs!!!  And she can get 2 of those meds that add up to $56 for $4 EACH!  Seriously!  Is that Vet nuts?  Gesh!

So the Vet called me today.  We went over some questions I had and the importance of each medicine.  Guess what?  Only ONE medicine is important.  ONE $4 medicine.  Is she just trying to make money?  I’m not 100% sure.  And in fact, I was a little ticked off.  This is just like people doctors.  All trying to get to you take stuff, that really, we don’t need.  UGH.

Either way, we’ve decided it’s in Kilo’s best interest (and ours!) to keep him on the medicine.  I’m happy to announce he seems to be doing well.  He is acting just like Kilo and the coughing has even stopped.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.  All because of a little pill 😉

Kilo…here’s to you!  CHEERS!  You sure have made me realize just how loved you really are and how much Mama would miss you if you weren’t sleeping with me night after night…even if you are VERY hot!  hehehe!

It’s been 5 LONG weeks!!!!

Wow, has it really been that long?

Let’s see…where to start?  First off, last time I was here I was 27wks.  Well, I’m not 27wks anymore.  I’m now a whooping 32wks (almost)!  Yikes.  Almost there.

At the beginning of June we took a family vacation.  But not just any family vacation, we went with 2 other families from Ashton’s class.  It was so much fun.  We went to the Tradewinds on St. Petersburg Beach.  We had just heard that the BP oil spill would probably NOT effect our stay, so we decided to go ahead with our plans.  Glad we did, it didn’t come ashore at all.  Thank heavens.  That spill really scares me, and to this day, there is no end in sight 😦  Our poor sea creatures.  So we were all booked for 3 nights at the Tradewinds.  After 1 night there, Daddy was so pleased with the place, he surprised me with an extra night!  He is such a thoughtful guy 😉

So what did we do?  Well, for one, we didn’t take many photos 😦  I just didn’t keep my camera around the salty sea air after last years mishap with my camera and the humidity.  Next, we swam.  A lot.  A lot, a lot.  We were swimming in the pool everyday, and even the gulf.  It was great.  And very relaxing.  Maisi’s Dad (Ashton’s friend) even bought a fish to try and catch a shark.  Daddy had a fantastic time hanging out with the other Dad’s, but most of all, watching Mr. Dave trying to catch this shark.  From what I heard, the 6’5 athletic man, sure can swim FAST, after throwing a bloody fish into the gulf  just inches away from where sharks hangout.  EEK!  I wish I could say I seen this.  But Ethan was having a hard time with a bad infection he got in his ear, so we were up in the room.

Ethan’s favorite part of the trip was eating all of Ms. Agatha’s yummy’s snacks.  I have to say, one of my favorite moments was eating her s’mores she made.  YUMMMM…I’m still craving them.  So not fair.  HA  Ethan also LOVED hanging out with the 2 big girls, Melania and Madison.  I didn’t score a photo of Madison, but I did get one of Melania one morning when she came to our room and snuggled up next to the boys in our bed.

Another great event was going down this HUGE slide.  It was 42ft in the AIR!!!!  Ashton counted the steps, 30 in all.  He must have went down that slide 100x.  We were happy he enjoyed it.  It was $30 for an all day armband, so he only had the chance to do it for ONE DAY. 

Check this video out…it’s amazing!

The following week was Father’s Day.  And boy oh boy did I have a trick up my sleeve.  A few years ago, when Ashton was only a baby, I made Tom get in the car and I took him away for the weekend.  He didn’t know where we were going and most certainly he did NOT know we were staying overnight anywhere.  We went to Disney that weekend and what do you know Mickey Mouse took over Daddy’s heart and it was Ashton’s first trip to the Magic Kingdom.  Now, several trips to Orlando/Disney, we are all burnt out of going, but still love us a little Mickey Mouse.  So once again, I tell Daddy to get in the car and I whisk him away.

We ended up at the Hilton Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.  Of course Daddy assumed we were headed to Mickey’s house, but not this time.  It’s far to hot to walk around Disney all day.  And I’m so glad I didn’t include that in my special surprise because it was HOT.  But I did include Aunt Dana, Uncle Joey, and Howie in our adventures.  So Ashton had someone to play with and the Dad’s got one night alone at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the U.S. Open.  Father’s Day wouldn’t not be complete without golf, would it? 

Dana and I opted to take the boys to Downtown Disney.  We were really excited as the night before became late too fast and we weren’t really able to do much.  So decided to take the kids to T-Rex for dinner and then wanted to hit the Lego store and I really wanted a carmel apple.  Before dinner the boys looked around.  Check out what was next to our table!

and the 3 handsome boys….

After dinner was a complete bust!  It was pouring rain.  Terrible rain.  Not normal Florida afternoon showers rain.  Rain you want to be in your bed, curled up with a warm blanket, rain.  For an hour.  For one LONG hour, we were stuck inside.  Thankfully, our boys were ALL top notch.  Honestly, they could NOT have been any better.  Thank heavens.  Then we ran over to the Lego store only to be greeted with MORE rain and I said, ENOUGH.  We made a run for the car and called it a night.  Bye bye carmel apple.  I never got to buy you 😦  Or eat you 😦

The real fun was before dinner.  We decided to go into the world of nature and hang out for the day at the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds. The boys loved it here.  They were able to run and scream without getting in trouble and they even rode a pony!  Of course, all stuff boys LOVE.

They played on a playground and got EXTRA sweaty!

And Ethan….

Those red cheeks are not from too much sun, but from pure HEAT.  I swear, it was 200 degrees out.  UGH!

But the kids had fun and I believe the Daddy’s did too.  And that’s what counts.  I’d love to go back to these campgrounds during the holidays.  We’ve heard it is amazing to see all the campers lit up. 

On Father’s Day we came home so Daddy could finish watching the U.S. Open.  His only request, so we must abide.  He deserves it.  He’s one heck of a Dad!

Our last vacation of June was a surprise 70th birthday party for Papa Reidy.  All the Reidy kids got together with their families and we enjoyed 2 nights together in Jacksonville, FL.  We had not all been in the same room together since our wedding, almost 6yrs ago!  And forget about all the new babies since then…there has been 5 births!!!  And one more on the way 😉  It was lots of fun, and Papa sure was surprised!

Of course I have a few other candid shots, but nothing great.  All the kids were so cute and it was so great seeing each and everyone of them.  It’s amazing how a family who doesn’t see each other often enough, still cuddles right up and has the BEST time together.  I loved all the girl time snuggles.  And my long chats with Aunt Dana.  Aunt Ann’s food is always amazing, and seeing Aunt Jane was terrific as always.  I wish it didn’t have to be so long until we could do this again, but with busy lives, its bound to be another long while 😦

I’m sure there is a ton that I left out.  Please forgive me.  I wish I could have kept up better with my blog over the past 5wks, but I’m just lazy.  I’ll admit it.  And with going away once a week for the past 3wks, and yet again this weekend, I was just plain tired.

Hope you all enjoyed our month, just as much as we did!

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