Hollywood Studios….2010.

Fun times.  Mom and Dad would love to believe we are pretty fun parents for our children.  Sometimes, if you ask them, they will not agree.  Especially while Mommy is yelling, “Clean up this mess.  It’s a disaster in here!”  Disaster being a common used word out of the 5 year olds mouth.  Thank you very much.  I’ve taught him well 😉

Being that we’re so cool and all, we decided to take all 3 boys to Hollywood Studios for the day.  We were instructed to arrive and head straight to Toy Story for a Fast Pass.  Good thing we took our friends Kelli & Steve’s advice.  We didn’t get passes till 3pm!  But when we did arrive at 3pm, the line was 100mins long!  HOLY COW BATMAN!  There isn’t a single ride in the universe I want to ride that badly.  Nope.  Not at all.

Toy Story was awesome.  Especially to the 2 little people in this house whom are TS3 OBSESSED!  Ethan is screaming Woody…Woody!!!  Ashton screaming, BUZZ…BUZZ!  Oh my, I seriously think that Woody and Buzz could be the next Santa Claus to my 2 kids.  LOL.  Just before we went on the ride we were blessed with ultra fabulous seats at the TS Parade.  We were next to Mr. Potato Head and Lotso.  This parade ROCKED!!!

As you can see, the day was filled with fantastic memories.  Mom and Dad didn’t come home bald and we are looking forward to doing it again…maybe when Eli isn’t attached to my chest.


Ashton’s first Angels game…and DISNEY!

What an action packed weekend.

Saturday morning we woke up at 7am and got everyone ready for Ashton’s first baseball game.  AT needed to be at the field by 9:30am and the game was to start at 10am.  It started on time, but the end time dragged on and on and on.  Wow.  Was it a LONG game.  The kids kept tying the other team.  First at 17-17 then at 21-21, finally we lost at 23-26.  The game ended up being 2 1/2 hours long!  But Ashton went strong the entire time, not complaining once.  The best part?  Ashton’s favorite people were there, minus a few others 😉  Popi, Grandma R. and Papa R. were all there to cheer him on.  Not to mention, his whole family.  His brothers loved watching him…ok, so I lie.  Ethan ran around like a crazy boy the entire time while Eli sweated his booty off in the sling I wore him in.  But hey, we were all there.  And we were so proud of our biggest brother!

Here is few action shots of the big day…

“Hit that ball into a TOUCHDOWN!!!”

(YES, people, I do know enough about baseball that there are NO touchdowns.  But if you know Ashton, and if you remember his LOVE for Chicken Little, he used to quote CL saying this all the time.  Over and over.  Now, I can’t say that I’ve ever watched the whole movie to know if CL was playing baseball when he said this or not, but I can tell you that, Ashton LOVES to say it while hitting balls with Daddy.  So during the game, it took EVERYTHING in my being, to not yell out, “Hey PEANUT….hit that ball into a touchdown!”  hehehe)

Then after the LONG game, we came home and hurried up and showered, and Ashton and I hit the road to head to EPCOT.  He didn’t know.  But he did know that he was going on a date with just his Mommy.  That’s what we like to call our alone time.  It’s pretty valuable these days, and even more so, few and far between.  But that’s what makes it special.  Ashton held my hand and gave me tons of kisses.  He even asked for ice cream at the end of the day and said that I didn’t need to buy my own because, “I will share with you.  That’s what you do on dates!”  Yes, Ashton, you are right, and I hope you’ll always share with Mommy 😉

Here we are going on TEST TRACK in Epcot.

And after a LONG day on Saturday, Mommy was still crazy enough to take our date for one more adventure on Sunday and head to the Magic Kingdom.  Only this time, we brought our friends Heather and Wyatt. 

Look out Disney goers, Wyatt has a DRIVERS LICENSE, that Mommy lost and I’m pretty certain Wyatt reminded us for 20minutes that it was on ‘purpose-accident!’  By now, I’m sure his ultra cool Mommy made him a new one  🙂

Our little boys wanted their faces painted.  Wyatt is a dragon and Ashton is a Pirate.

And just as we are about to leave, we get our first group shot….hey, at least we got one.

The kids were great.  The girls got to chat.  Ok, I probably talked Heather’s ears off, but she knows me well enough by now, that’s just what I do 🙂

My 31st Birthday!

and YES, I’m proud to be 31. Not sure why. When I was growing up all the women I knew were always so hush hush about their age. I haven’t really had a problem with it. Maybe because I don’t feel old. And I hardly believe anything under the age of 80 is old these days. hehehe. Just look at my Grandmother, she is wise beyond her years. Old? No. Wise? Yes. I am embracing my age. I hope I get to be as old as dirt. Because that is one less year for me to be dead.
So for my 31st birthday T and I decided to take the boys to Epcot. We had only been to Epcot using our park hoppers and not as an all day thing. So today we decided to go all day.I’m so glad we did. Epcot sure has changed since I was a little girl. There were a few new rides that even Ashton could enjoy. Let me just say, he LOVED Test Track. I believe the highest speed the car went at one point was in the 160’s. He just laughed! He thought it was GREAT! I know Popi would have been so proud to see his little boy riding around a Nascar, look-alike, track.
Then there is a new IMAX ride called Soarin’. AT went first with Mommy. We sat down, put on our seatbelts and away in the sky we went. It was pretty freaking awesome if you ask me. We were flying over San Fransisco, we went water water rafting in Colorado, and then we seen NYC all lit up. It was great. Oh and the BEST part? We fly over Mickey’s Castle (Magic Kingdom) with Tinkerbell. And for all of you know AT, you know how much he loves Tinkerbell. I believe she is the only other girl that has Ashton’s heart besides Mommy 😉
Ethan enjoyed going down the boat ride 2x with both Daddy and Mommy. We got to see all our favorite fruits and veggies growing organically. Now that was a ride after Mommy’s own tummy! It was awesome! I was even attempted to go back to school to become a scientist and get a job at Epcot. Then I remembered it might take me until my kids are college graduates themselves to complete the extensive education program I would need.
Check out Mommy’s FAVORITE veggie! The Sweet Potato! Their HUGE!
For dinner the boys took me to my favorite restaurant, Kobe Steakhouse. YUMO! Ethan and I shared some yummy Tofu and veggies while Ashton had chicken and Dad had steak. We all ate way more than our bellies could hold comfortably. But we had a great day and after all, that’s what counts, right?
The day would not be complete without 2 EXTREMELY tired little boys. Mission accomplished!

Dad’s 34th Birthday…at Disney!

Daddy’s Disney Birthday!
(minus Dad photos because we all know how Dad feels about his picture on the web)
The Mouse Himself. Ethan just GLOWED whenever he saw the mouse.
Since I have a BIG boy family, we never go see the Princesses. But today was different. We wanted the boys to see everything. So we watched the Mickey Dream Show, and they LOVED it!

Check out this video 🙂
Then we went to the Haunted Mansion. The boys had never been. Ashton was TERRIFIED! Ethan could careless…just took it all in 🙂Can you go to Disney and not see Stitch? Not according to Ashton. He loves his movie and was stoked to get a photo with his favorite Disney character!Mom was crazy. She wanted to watch Ashton drive. Well he drove alright, and almost crashed us! Good thing lunch was plenty of time beforehand.Oh and Buzz Lightyear, another favorite! I’m not sure how many points that Ashton made, but I know Dad was bragging how he beat us all 😉
Mom made us stay away for 14hours for our Disney day. And as you can see, the tots just couldn’t make it any longer after hitting the highway home! Good thing we are only 50mins from the Mouses house!