Cinch! 5 day Fast Forward Detox

Ok.  I’m on the wagon 😉

I had my final baby just 4 months ago and I’m pleasantly surprised with how well I’ve done at getting the weight off.  I’m ALMOST there.  Like, 8lbs almost there!  Rachel Ray was on in the background as I ironed all of my husbands work shirts, I heard the author of Cinch!  Cynthia Sass speak about her new diet book.  It’s actually not a diet book at all.  It’s a way of living.  A BETTER way of living.  But, I have to say, I’m already a pretty darn good eater being that I’m a vegetarian, and I like to cook.  I know, many vegetarians tend to eat a bunch of junk, but I don’t.  Now, we all have our moments, and believe me, this holiday season got the best of me too 🙂  When I was all done ironing, I ran over to my Android and bought the book on my Amazon Kindle! 

So here I am.  January 9, 2011, and I’m all geared up and ready for tomorrow to begin.  If you have never heard of Cinch! it’s a 30 day diet/plan to help you get to a better lifestyle.  Cynthia Sass recommends beginning with a detox, to help rid your body of sugars, salts, and artificial sweeteners that are constantly screaming our names.

The reason I chose this detox over others is, a liquid detox won’t work for me.  I know this.  I like to chew my food.  I LIKE FOOD.  A lot.  But I do enjoy healthy options 😉  This 5 Day Fast Forward is a plan to help jump-start you into wanting to stay on track.  Cynthia says you’ll lose 8lbs in 5 days!  Well, that would bring me to PREBABY WEIGHT!!!  And actually, I was 5lbs heavier when I got pregnant with Eli because it was the holidays….but that’s too complicated.  I want to get to my old # on the scale 😉

I would tell you all what I’m starting at…but then, I’d have to kill ya 😉  So I’m not going to go there.  If you know me personally, I tell anyone and everyone.  But to the internet world….well I’m not going to share that.  HA!  I’m just not that gutsy.  And really, it doesn’t matter.

So, this plan is to eat FOOD!  But only 5 foods. 

Plain yogurt….ZERO fat.



Almonds and Almond Butter


Cynthia is so nice to all of us readers that she even tells us how much of each of these foods we can eat, and how to prepare our foods!!!  And, we get 4 meals a day!!!  That’s not a diet to me!!!

The best part?  I like ALL of these foods!!!  I’m not scared.  It’s 5 days!  I can do this!!!!  I’ve bought all my ingredients (the best part, Cynthia gives you a FULL list on what and how much to buy!).  I have the food nice and separated in easy to grab bags.  And I’ve already hardboiled 5 of my eggs so I don’t have to worry about doing that later.

So here’s hoping to be 5lbs lighter by Friday.  I heard I might get a little sluggish.  The only thing I’m concerned about is the 2 hour workouts I shall remain doing, daily.  Tomorrow is spin and lifting weights.  I’m sure tomorrow won’t be a problem, but I’m hoping on Thursday I don’t drop a dumb-bell on my foot!

Starting tomorrow…I’ll have pictures!  Come back to see what I’m eating 😉


Vegetarian? Protein!!!!! Vegetarian, really? Why?

Have you ever had a question asked to you so many times it becomes utterly annoying?

For me, it’s the question, “You’re a vegetarian, well you need protein, so what do you eat? And WHY????”

I don’t walk up to people and ask them why they don’t enjoy beans, broccoli, tofu, or anything else for that matter. And I never say to anyone who eats steak, WHY WOULD YOU EAT THAT?

So why is it that so many people harp on protein. I workout 6x a week for approximately 2 hours a day. I eat PLENTY of protein. Have you ever looked at the nutritional values on the products you are consuming daily?

Soy Milk has about 9gms of protein in one cup. Beans have about 13gms in one cup. The list goes on. I eat plenty of protein. You can look at my muscles and know that they are being replenished and I’m definitely not starving myself.

My friend, the Happy Herbivore, has recently become a writer for She is always taking suggestions on what to write. She LOVES to write, and she writes all about vegetarianism and veganism. I’m pretty sure most people don’t “really” know what is out there for a vegetarian/vegan and I’m also pretty sure most people don’t even know what it really means to be a vegetarian or a vegan. As for one, I’m a vegetarian. Yes, that means, I eat NO MEAT. So why do people ALWAYS ask if I eat fish? Isn’t that part of meat? People simply do not know what the word, vegetarian, means.

So in asking for suggestions on what to write, I told Lindsay, an article on protein would be GREAT! She jumped right on it. She has probably heard it a million times more than me, as she has been a vegan for quit some time and I’ve only been a vegetarian for 8 months.

Enjoy the article on protein. Not only is it informative, it will probably help you out with food choices. Eating a piece of steak isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Nor is that chicken or pork you are consuming daily. But again, I won’t harp on you, I wouldn’t want you harping on my food choices.

Why go Vegetarian?

For many of reasons…and here they are stated.
It works for me. It doesn’t work for my husband or my children (yet) but it works for me. Isn’t that enough of a reason?

But thanks for being concerned about what I chose to eat.