I cannot BELIEVE it!!!

As they say on Little Einsteins 🙂

Ethan had another 3 teeth pop up today!!! 2 are his two front teeth, they are through the skin, clear as day. The other is his right incisor, it isn’t through the skin yet, but when he wakes up from the nap he is taking right now, I bet it will be. It is so close!

How did my child go from zero teeth just 6wks ago to 6? WOWSER! That is like a record in our house 🙂

The best part? You wouldn’t even know this kid just broke through 2 teeth. He hasn’t even made one tear of them 🙂


Another tooth?

Wow. We went from zero teeth to 3 teeth, like FAST. This new tooth is Ethan’s top left incisor. And the right one should poke through at any moment, it is right there, just hasn’t broke skin. Ethan looks a little silly with 2 bottom teeth and one incisor poking out. Gesh, my kid is going to have fangs. Let’s just hope that the top 2 front teeth show up VERY soon.

And yeah, teeth in this kids mouth, are so tiny I can’t get a good photo, so you’ll have to wait.