Day 4, Cinch! Fast Forward Detox.

I woke up this morning, miserable.  I decided I needed more food, so I was not going to workout today.  I’m not sure that is the true solution to losing weight.  I’ve been super successful with working out and eating right.  I think not going to the gym for lack of feeling satisfied, is a seriously BAD excuse. 

But, I stayed home.  And what did I do?  Nothing.  I need to clean my house.  NEED TOO!  I have zero motivation to do anything, and I’m hosting my sister in laws baby shower on Saturday.  I need to kick my bootie into HIGH GEAR! 

My stats…as of this am, I’m down 4.2lbs TOTAL!  Not bad for 3 days of hard work.  After breakfast and lunch today, I’ve decided this is not a plan for me.  I need more food.  More power to all of you that can do this and stick with it, but to me it’s like depriving myself.  Sad.  I don’t like to feel that way.  If I want a banana who is to tell you not to have one?  It’s a BANANA for goodness sake!

So that is where I think of my DEAR friend The Happy Herbivore.  If you haven’t been to my blog long, then you should know, Lindsay Nixon and I have been close friends for 14+years!  She even attended my college graduation 😉  She is a lawyer, a Vegan Chef, and a loving wife/daughter/friend.  She is the REASON I became a vegetarian.  She is also the person that told me time and time again, there is NO QUICK FIX.  Chose a healthy lifestyle.  Stick to what works for YOU.  Although she is Vegan, she pushes a healthy lifestyle on her family and friends.  She knows becoming a vegetarian isn’t for everyone, but healthy eating should be.  And even a few vegetarian meals per week is a good idea.  That is how I began.  Then I dove in, 100%.  The Happy Herbivore’s 1st cookbook has already hit your stores!  But to preorder on amazon, click HERE!

The Happy Herbivore guided me from losing my prepregnancy weight with Ethan, to dropping an ADDITIONAL 20lbs.  There is NO doubt in my mind, I will drop this weight again.  It’s only been 4months since I had Eli, and with the helps of this detox, I’m only 4lbs away.  I’m close.  Super close.  I will get there.  And then I’ll want more off.  That’s just the way I work.

So I’m calling it quits on my yogurt/spinach/almonds/almond butter/raspberries….I’m sick of all of you!  I need a crunch.  I want a crunchy salad for dinner tonight with pecans!  My wonderful husband is taking me to the OUTBACK.  Where I will eat salad and a delicious sweet potato.  How could that be wrong?  It is right on so many levels in my eyes.  LOL.

So to all those out there doing this Detox….ENJOY!  Be merry!  But most of all, don’t binge when your done.  Pull out before you get to that point.  I can feel if I stick to this diet, I will most certainly stick my head in a pile of bread and not quit eating till it’s gone.  Haaaaaa…of course I’m kidding.  But I’m almost at that point.


Day 3, Cinch! Fast Forward Detox.

Well, I did it.  I’m 1/2 way home.  Today I woke up and found I lost another 1.2lbs which brings me to a total of 2.8lbs as of this am.

The food, is the same.  Nothing new to report.  Still doing 1/2 and 1/2 yogurt.  Actually I’m doing more like 2oz vanilla and 4oz plain.  It’s not bad at all that way. 

Hardest part is still the afternoon.  I’m starving.  I want something crunchy.  BAD.  I want a cracker or a carrot or something!  And it needs calories!  I’m STARVED!

I plan to stick this out, but I’m dreading the next two days.  Just because I’m now bored.  Maybe the juice detox would have been better as it would have been over in 3 days.  Instead I have to plug away at this for another 2 days.  Oh well, I’ll survive.

Agatha and Chris are doing well.  Hanging in there.  Agatha was down 4lbs as of last night!  Amazing!!!!  Chris is still waiting until Friday for his final weigh in.

I have to tell you all, none of us are obesse.  Not even a little.  Most people yearn to loose a few pounds and that is us.  We just want to lose a few and help push us to keep staying on a weight loss track program.  I say this because if you are obesse, I bet you’ll lose more.  Or if your even on the skinner side, you might lose less.  It probably really depends on your previous diet.

Agatha and I worked out today for 2 hours.  I ran 2miles and walked at an incline of 13.5 for 40mins.  Then we went on to boot camp.  I nearly fell on my face in boot camp.  It really kicked my rear end.  I’m pretty certain it wasn’t because of lack of calories but lack of being “in-shape.”  Sure, I workout a lot, but I haven’t done boot camp with this instructor, ever, and I haven’t done boot camp since the beginning of my pregnancy…so about a year ago.  EEK!  It was hard.  I finished.  But barely.  I was also sweating terribly.  I believe it’s all the water I’m drinking.

Day 2, Cinch! Fast Forward Detox.

Last night I left you all with me having to go drink my smoothie.  Well, it was AWFUL.  I hated that yogurt.  LOL.  In fact, I had nightmares about it. 

Today I decided it was more worth it to me to use 1/2 vanilla Fiber One zero fat yogurt and 1/2 plain fat free yogurt.  I really want to enjoy this detox, not dread every moment.  So this was the best option for me.  I’ve read numerous blogs on how people just couldn’t stomach the plain yogurt.  Thankfully, I’m not alone.  Also, some of you have commented on my blog about your dislikes of the yogurt and the raspberries…now raspberries, I LOVE!!  Can eat them everyday!!!

Today I changed things up a bit.  I love to push the snooze bar.  LOVE IT.  Always have.  I love listening to my favorite radio personality and getting in those last few minutes of sleep.  So today I decided to have lunch for breakfast and breakfast for lunch.  I think I enjoyed that much more and will probably do it again tomorrow. 

I only worked out for an hour today (spin) because I thought I lost my son’s brand new Leapster Explorer, battery pack, and Toy Story game.  That’s about $125 just right there!!!  And I have 3 games and the camera at home.  So I was a bit unnerved and had to rush home to find it.  I even sent my Dad to the store where I “thought” I had left it.  Thankfully, I found it.  It was at the bottom of the boys car bin…you know, where it belongs.  NOT!  UGH. 

Ok, so my stats…I lost 1.4lbs as of this morning.  I’m not feeling bloated, but I believe I am.  I haven’t been as regular as I normally am…I find that so strange, but many bloggers have also said this very same thing.  I’m not exactly tired, but I am thinking I need more calories.  I almost wish there was one more snack.  In between lunch and dinner is tough for me.  I think a hard-boiled egg or some raspberries would hit the spot, but there is no calling for that.

My friends stats…Agatha is doing well.  Down a pound as of last night.  I forgot to ask her what it said this morning. She too is adding 2oz to her 4oz of plain yogurt.  Chris, her husband, is sticking to the diet 100%!  No changing out yogurt or anything!  He’s a superstar!

Why to I yearn to say fit?  This is why. 

Met my adorable boys.  Ashton 5 (he really is happy right now…just caught him mid-smile) Eli 4mths, and Ethan 2.  They keep me busy so I must be light on my toes 😉

And this picture was just too cute not to share 😉

Quick Morning UPDATE…..5 day Fast Forward, Cinch! Detox.

I’m down 1.4lbs!!!!  Stay tuned!!!!!

Day 1 of Fast Forward Cinch! Detox.

So far so good 😉  I completely forgot to mention that my workout buddy, Agatha, and her husband Chris, are also doing this diet with me.  Man, it sure helps having friends tag along.

For breakfast I ate this:

This was good!  I was very pleased with this meal.  I ate this meal at 6:30am and then took my oldest son to school and shuffled off to the gym.  Agatha and I did spin for 45mins and then Body Pump.  I was still pretty satisfied when we left the gym at 10am.  I do believe that drinking 16oz of water this early in the morning caused me to sweat even more than usual at the gym.  Eeww….Oh…I have to admit, I had a Diet Coke this morning after my water.  I’m kinda addicted, and I don’t plan on giving it up after this Fast Forward, so I figured, it’s fine.  But I’m only going to have 1 a day.

Lunch was this….

I’m not going to lie….not only was I hungry by the end of my 5hours, I absolutely hated this lunch!!!  Weird, I know. I  LOVE yogurt, but plain, zero fat, is GROSS!  It’s bitter.  It’s nasty.  And I dumped cinnamon on top along with nutmeg and well, the nutmeg came out to fast and being that I already wasn’t a fan of nutmeg and with a bit too much, it was ultra disgusting.  I was chewing it because I didn’t know how to get it down.  YUCK.  I’m not looking forward to tonight’s smoothie…let’s hope the Almond Butter helps.  What am I going to do tomorrow?

Dinner was this….

This was by FAR my favorite meal.  YUMMM….now this is what I’m used to eating.  Sure I would have liked a little cheese, maybe some raisins, and a little more dressing, but ultimately, it was good and satisfying.

Tonight’s smoothie has been prepped with this….

I was not a fan of having to stir this stuff for a good 5 mins and still looking at the oil swimming on top, but I did what I could do.  Agatha had the smoothie for breakfast and said that it was pretty good with this Almond Butter.  I’m not nervous about that, I’m nervous about the darn yogurt in that smoothy.  EEK!  Let’s hope the Almond Butter covers the bitterness super well.

Ok….so how did I feel today?  Same as I feel everyday.  About an hour before dinner I was getting antsy to eat.  Thankfully, I have my kids and husband to cook for, so I was pretty busy and kinda forgot about the hunger I was feeling.  Of course I was tired this afternoon, but let’s be real, when am I not tired?  LOL.  And last night Eli threw up at 11pm, just as I was drifting off to sleep and then I was up with him until about 12:30am.  The alarm went off when Ashton walked into our room at 5:30am.  Eek!  I need more than 5 hours of rest or I’m sure to be a grump tomorrow.

Cinch! 5 day Fast Forward Detox

Ok.  I’m on the wagon 😉

I had my final baby just 4 months ago and I’m pleasantly surprised with how well I’ve done at getting the weight off.  I’m ALMOST there.  Like, 8lbs almost there!  Rachel Ray was on in the background as I ironed all of my husbands work shirts, I heard the author of Cinch!  Cynthia Sass speak about her new diet book.  It’s actually not a diet book at all.  It’s a way of living.  A BETTER way of living.  But, I have to say, I’m already a pretty darn good eater being that I’m a vegetarian, and I like to cook.  I know, many vegetarians tend to eat a bunch of junk, but I don’t.  Now, we all have our moments, and believe me, this holiday season got the best of me too 🙂  When I was all done ironing, I ran over to my Android and bought the book on my Amazon Kindle! 

So here I am.  January 9, 2011, and I’m all geared up and ready for tomorrow to begin.  If you have never heard of Cinch! it’s a 30 day diet/plan to help you get to a better lifestyle.  Cynthia Sass recommends beginning with a detox, to help rid your body of sugars, salts, and artificial sweeteners that are constantly screaming our names.

The reason I chose this detox over others is, a liquid detox won’t work for me.  I know this.  I like to chew my food.  I LIKE FOOD.  A lot.  But I do enjoy healthy options 😉  This 5 Day Fast Forward is a plan to help jump-start you into wanting to stay on track.  Cynthia says you’ll lose 8lbs in 5 days!  Well, that would bring me to PREBABY WEIGHT!!!  And actually, I was 5lbs heavier when I got pregnant with Eli because it was the holidays….but that’s too complicated.  I want to get to my old # on the scale 😉

I would tell you all what I’m starting at…but then, I’d have to kill ya 😉  So I’m not going to go there.  If you know me personally, I tell anyone and everyone.  But to the internet world….well I’m not going to share that.  HA!  I’m just not that gutsy.  And really, it doesn’t matter.

So, this plan is to eat FOOD!  But only 5 foods. 

Plain yogurt….ZERO fat.



Almonds and Almond Butter


Cynthia is so nice to all of us readers that she even tells us how much of each of these foods we can eat, and how to prepare our foods!!!  And, we get 4 meals a day!!!  That’s not a diet to me!!!

The best part?  I like ALL of these foods!!!  I’m not scared.  It’s 5 days!  I can do this!!!!  I’ve bought all my ingredients (the best part, Cynthia gives you a FULL list on what and how much to buy!).  I have the food nice and separated in easy to grab bags.  And I’ve already hardboiled 5 of my eggs so I don’t have to worry about doing that later.

So here’s hoping to be 5lbs lighter by Friday.  I heard I might get a little sluggish.  The only thing I’m concerned about is the 2 hour workouts I shall remain doing, daily.  Tomorrow is spin and lifting weights.  I’m sure tomorrow won’t be a problem, but I’m hoping on Thursday I don’t drop a dumb-bell on my foot!

Starting tomorrow…I’ll have pictures!  Come back to see what I’m eating 😉