Christmas Eve to Christmas Day, 2010.

So much to catch up on, and so little time.  Eli is currently in bed, whining that he wants his Mommy.  I’ll try to ignore so that he and I can both have a rest 😉

Christmas Eve was nothing sort of awesome.  Of course!  Dad and I really go all out to spoil our children for Christmas, but I think we get the most of fun of it all.  We get to watch their eyes light up in delight. 

Ok…need a break, Eli really needs me.  Ok, I’m back, now with a baby on my chest 😉  We work well this way.

So Christmas Eve, preparing for the BIG MAN’s day and what do we do?  Cook and go to church.  Hehehe.  Christmas Eve is usually pretty low-key for us because on Christmas Day we run around crazy.  Although, next year, I think we’re changing that to Eve instead of Day 😉  Anyways….

I made all the food I could prepare a day ahead on Christmas Eve.  Christmas morning, Grandma, Popi, GG, Aunt Bunny, and Uncle Bill all come over to watch our boys open their gifts.  I make a HUGE Christmas breakfast so we can all have full tummies while we sit and watch the 2 hours of opening gifts, one by one.  Then, we had to rush off to church at 3pm as Ashton was in the Christmas pageant and needed to be there ONE HOUR EARLY!  Eek.  On Christmas Eve?  Yup.  And trust me when I say, our Priest wasn’t kidding…it was getting crowded, and it was crowded quick!  I’ve never really noticed this as we are usually in the regular church and this time we were in the tent.  Either way, Ashton played Joseph….an I think he’s the cutest Joseph, EVER!

When  we arrived home it was dinner time and time to get ready for bed.  Showers and leaving out Rudolph’s food and Santa’s sugary sweets 🙂 

of course Eli was there…just snuggled up with me 😉

Then the boys climbed up onto Dad and watched a Christmas movie/show….can’t remember.  And I took the cutest photo of them, but since Dad doesn’t want his picture plastered on the internet, I’ll refrain from showing it 😦  It’s super cute.  Oh well.

In the morning we woke up to THIS!!!!

I’m pretty sure our boys were happy…ok, probably just for the day, but heck, it was worth it.

Eli was happy his GG was here to celebrate with him…

Then Mommy will sneak in a snuggle or two from my favorite little people 😉

Ethan threw his arms around his big brother when Ashton made him a beautiful card for Christmas 😉

Eli had a great day…

Aunt Bunny & Uncle Bill bought the 3 big boy cousins this super cute chairs.  Every night our boys watch Toy Story 3 in them…yes, EVERY NIGHT.

And Ethan got a super cool interactive motorcycle from Grandma, Popi, and GG!!

I’d say we had a pretty awesome Christmas.  New Year’s Eve wasn’t much fun as I decided to work for the catering company that I work for from time to time.  Although it was an easy night…we didn’t all stay up and watch the ball fall.  However, I was home in time to see it fall all by myself.  The boys wouldn’t wake up and Daddy didn’t even know I was there, despite the kiss and HAPPY NEW YEAR I screamed in his ear.


Hollywood Studios….2010.

Fun times.  Mom and Dad would love to believe we are pretty fun parents for our children.  Sometimes, if you ask them, they will not agree.  Especially while Mommy is yelling, “Clean up this mess.  It’s a disaster in here!”  Disaster being a common used word out of the 5 year olds mouth.  Thank you very much.  I’ve taught him well 😉

Being that we’re so cool and all, we decided to take all 3 boys to Hollywood Studios for the day.  We were instructed to arrive and head straight to Toy Story for a Fast Pass.  Good thing we took our friends Kelli & Steve’s advice.  We didn’t get passes till 3pm!  But when we did arrive at 3pm, the line was 100mins long!  HOLY COW BATMAN!  There isn’t a single ride in the universe I want to ride that badly.  Nope.  Not at all.

Toy Story was awesome.  Especially to the 2 little people in this house whom are TS3 OBSESSED!  Ethan is screaming Woody…Woody!!!  Ashton screaming, BUZZ…BUZZ!  Oh my, I seriously think that Woody and Buzz could be the next Santa Claus to my 2 kids.  LOL.  Just before we went on the ride we were blessed with ultra fabulous seats at the TS Parade.  We were next to Mr. Potato Head and Lotso.  This parade ROCKED!!!

As you can see, the day was filled with fantastic memories.  Mom and Dad didn’t come home bald and we are looking forward to doing it again…maybe when Eli isn’t attached to my chest.

Ethan’s surgery…

This was writen a week or so ago…sorry.  WordPress wouldn’t upload my photos 😦

Ethan had his tonsils and adenoids removed on Friday.  He was so cute going into the doctor’s office.  I taught him to say, “awww, snip, snip.”  Afterall, that’s what the doctor was going to do.  Poor kid didn’t understand what exactly snip snip meant, but Mommy and Daddy did.

We woke up Friday morning and prepped Ashton that he could NOT ask for breakfast.  Period.  When we got in the car to head to school, Mommy would sneak him something to eat, since he sits behind Ethan.  Ashton was perfect.  I was amazed.  Ethan had nothing to eat since 6pm Thursday night, and didn’t even ask for a thing Friday morning.

In order to help keep Ethan on track of not asking for food, we decided to go to the YMCA after dropping Ashton off because that is what we did everyday.  Dad and I took a spin class and about 30mins into it, we were called out as Ethan was having a difficult time calming down.  In the 2 years I’ve been a member at the gym, this has NEVER happened.  Totally random and weird.  I chalked it up to a hungry belly.  E wanted nothing to do with Daddy and was asking for me, so we went ahead and headed home for a quick shower before leaving for the ENT’s office.

The office is the most clean and kid friendly office in town.  Ethan played the Wii for a few minutes then watched The Incredibles.

Once we were called back (appointment at 10:45am) things seemed to go pretty quickly.  The anesthesiologist came and talked to Ethan.  Gave him a high five, helped calm our nerves, and then Ethan put a little light on his finger.  He thought that was pretty cool.  Next Dr. O came out, told him to make a BIG O and they were off!  We watched Ethan walk away with the nurse, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and 20mins later Dr. O told us all was well and we were just to sit tight until he woke up.  We did hear his adenoids were the same size as his tonsils 😦  I asked if they saved them in a jar…I was hoping he would offer to show them to us, but he didn’t.  And I didn’t ask.  LOL

About 35mins later, we were finally notified that we could go to his room.  He was a mess 😦  Crying hysterically and shaking.  It took him about 30mins to finally calm down, and that’s also when the nurse removed his IV.  It was like the thing he needed.  The second the IV was out, my little peanut was BACK!  He wanted down off the bed (I was holding him in my arms), and wanted to walk around and charm all the nurses, and most of all, to EAT HIS ICE POPS!  Within 10mins he finished off 2 ice pops, then asked for another.  The nurse told him no!  I could NOT believe it.  Seriously?  My little guy is STARVED!  Feed this boy.  But she said he could get a tummy ache.  So I didn’t 😦

We left about 15mins later and headed to pick up Ashton at his friend Maier’s house.  Maier and Melaina gave Ethan some Danimals and he drank one up immediately. 

Shortly after getting home he polished off 1/2 a box of Macaroni and Cheese.  Then he began to get a bit needy.

And now, 5days later…he is still needy.  Very whiney, clingy, and tired!  He also sounds like he has a frog in his throat.  Who ever said kids recover from this procedure better than adults is a liar!  Kids don’t complain.  That’s the difference.  But it still hurts him.  He is SICK of the soft foods, but doesn’t understand that goldfish and cookies will hurt his throat.  Then theres the healthy foods, no apples.  Seriously?  Mom’s NEVER say no to apples.  But I am.  UGH.  I’m at my wits end.  He does NOT feel well.  He doesn’t complain of pain, except occasionally, and will tell me when he wants medicine, should he need it, but the tears are uncontrollable.  My little boy is not a crier.  But he is right now.  He’ll cry over everything and anything.  It breaks my heart 😦

But ultimately, he’s fine.  And this procedure is what he needed.  He’ll breathe easier and will finally stop snoring.  But for these two weeks, pray for him.  He just needs comforting.

Ashton turns 5 years old!

My first-born is 5 years old.  How did that happen?  I’ll tell ya, QUICKLY! 

This weekend was pure chaos.  Fun chaos, but insane.  Friday, after taking Ashton to school, Ethan, Eli, and I ran to the gym where I took another spin class and sweated my booty off.  At 9am I left running to Publix.  A big shopping trip was planned.  Next up, was Target.  I had to pick up Ashton’s birthday cakes…


Super cute, huh?  A mummy, eyeball, tombstone, and Frankenstein 😉  Loved them.  Ashton seen them in the Target ad last week and changed his mind from wanting me to make him a bowling ball and pin to these super cute cakes.  I couldn’t say no, they were only $5 EACH!  Terrific deal if you ask me 😉

So after Target we ran home, unloaded the groceries and ran to pick up Ashton at school.  Next up we had an appointment for an oil change.  Thankfully, I brought my laptop and after an hour of playing with the dirty toys at the dealership the boys sat down and watched The Great Pumpkin, Charile Brown.  Such a classic 🙂

When we got home, I started making dinner and moments later Daddy and Grandpa Joe arrived.  Look at how much fun the boys had with Grandpa Joe….

And after Ashton opened up his new remote control jeep, from Grandpa Joe, this is what he did…

Next, Daddy carved our pumpkin, scary Larry #2.  This isn’t the best photo.  For some reason, I have NO photography skills 😦

The next day was ASHTON’s BIRTHDAY!

First up, BASEBALL! 

And Grandpa Joe holding Eli for the first time…

Next was home for super quick showers and then to the BOWLING PARTY!  Not before Mommy insisted we have a photo shoot outside 😉


And Mommy wanted one with her birthday boy, but Mr. Jealous squeezed himself in 😉


Most of the pictures taken at the bowling alley aren’t worth posting.  They are just a bunch of candid shots of the kids running around like crazies.  Ashton did enjoy himself 3 pieces of pizza and here is one of him stuffing his face.

Ethan liked it just the same…yes, he ate 3 pieces as well.

Look at these two little devils scooping out the cakes….

“Mom, can my friends hurry up and sing to me so I can eat this cake?”

And Ashton had 3 pieces of cake.  He tried to get one of each, but after that, I said ENOUGH!  LOL. 

Next we came home to open presents.  Uncle Joey, Aunt Dana, Howie, and Grandpa Joe were all with us in the mass chaos of present opening.  All in all, it was fun, and we have a house full of zhu zhu pets.  I know you’re jealous, aren’t you?  LOL.

Mommy and Daddy decided on the Leapster Explorer for our sweet little boy, and it was by far, the right decision 😉

The birthday boy had a GREAT day, with lots of amazing gifts.  Thank you to all our friends and family for sharing our special day with our son!  You made it perfect!!!

Ethan especially loved Grandpa Joe…he let’s him do things Mom wouldn’t dare…

Howie also finds Grandpa Joe, pretty cool.

And lastly, I had Aunt Dana take this picture, because lets face it, there isn’t anything more cute than baby heiny 😉

Quick update on Grandpa Joe.  He looked good.  Seemed to be in good spirits.  Doesn’t seem ill from chemo and had a blast with all the kids.  I’ve decided that I will make it a priority to see him as often as time permits.  The boys really enjoy his company, and I would love for them to have more QT with him before he can’t enjoy the kids.  Joey is going to pick him up on Thanksgiving and I’m going to bring him home, this way he is able to celebrate with us.  This is our first year not celebrating with my parents, but thankfully, they are very understanding, and it’s just something I feel like I need to do. 

Dad did go in for more chemo on Tuesday.  I spoke to him that afternoon and he was still a bit tired.  I tried to call him yesterday but didn’t get him.  I’ll try again today.  He sure is lucky to have Rusti in his life, taking good care of him. 

Lots of UPDATES!

First off, Kilo is still with us.  After talking to a good friend, she convinced me that unless he is in pain than the best place for him is with us.  And I think she’s right.  He has yet to have another accident but he has been sleeping in the crate.  However, I’m letting him sleep with me tonight because I fear the worst is around the corner.  Why?  Well just this week, Kilo went from being able to jump on the couch to his spot, to not being able to jump at all. 

His belly is about 2x the size it used to be, and if I had to guess, he’s either pregnant or growing a tumor in there 😦  I’m pretty sure boy dogs don’t get pregnant so it must be the latter…sniff.  I’m also pretty certain he can’t see very far or at all during the evening.  The Vet did tell me that his vision was becoming very cloudy and he does not like to go outside at all.  Especially at night.  He hides in the corner.  So not like him. 

I refuse to take him to the vet for x-rays and such when we have already spoken to the vet and she told me that it’s only a matter of time.  Of course, we want him comfortable, and so far, he does not show any signs of being uncomfortable.  In fact, I just gave him a nice steak.  Why?  Again, he deserves it.  Putting up with me for 12 years, is enough in itself.  He was always there to lick the tears away, and now one day they will fall, and he won’t be there to help me smile.  Ashton and Ethan have been extra kind to Kilo this week, making sure to kiss him daily. 

Eli is now 8wks.  Seriously.  This is the fastest 8wks EVER!  Last night I tried my very best to help sleep train him, but he just could not go back to sleep without a full belly.  After an hour an a half of giving him his binkie, I finally said to Dad, “Feed him.”  And then he went back to sleep for another 4 hours.  Thankfully, his wake ups only last 20min from start to finish, but I’m pretty certain he does NOT need to eat in the middle of the night anymore.  I’ll try again tonight, but I’m not holding my breath.

So Eli…he is now smiling at you when you do something cute or funny.  He is very alert, with some of the biggest eyes I’ve ever seen.

He is still quite content resting in your arms or in his crib.  Should you put him down when it’s not nap time, you can almost bet he will be crying in 10mins flat.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that I love holding him?  Yeah, probably.  I think I’ve spoiled him.  But didn’t I read somewhere that it’s impossible to spoil a baby?  Yeah, they need that love 😉  And being my last baby, I’m all about it.  Shoot, who am I kidding?  I’ve spoiled them all!

Eli still hates the car and will cry the entire time you insist on driving him anywhere.  Last week we were in the car for 2 1/2 hours stuck in the worst traffic accident EVER, and he cried the whole time.  However, he slept the entire night!  So it was a small plus in my book.  Too bad he forgot to tell Mommy he was going to be fine sleeping all night.  Instead, I sat there starring at the clock and the monitor making sure he was still breathing. 

Next up is Ethan.  Poor Ethan.  He will be having his adenoids and tonsils removed on November 19th.  It’s a 15min procedure and will come home that evening.  I sure hope he is a brave little boy because Mommy’s heart will hurt.  You would never guess that my little “Casper” had such swollen adenoids and tonsils…just see for yourself.

This was taken at Trunk or Treat at Ashton’s school.  Ethan was a ghost…but he looked like Casper in the end.  He is so sweet with that little smile.  All he wanted for 2 hours was PIZZA.  When I finally told him we were going to get chocolate, he was on a mission to learn how to say “Trick or Treat.”  Poor kid, Mommy didn’t let him have but ONE piece…and that was before we arrived.  HA.

Ashton was a skeleton.  A super cute one too.

The main part of Ashton’s costume is under his shirt.  It’s a skeleton head that lights up.  UGH.  He was rather disappointed that it was so bright outside.  Hopefully on Halloween, we’ll get a better picture.

The only photo I took of Eli was when Ms. Becky was holding him and everyone thought he was her baby.  She’s one hot Mama 😉

And when the kids were pooped out, they had pizza.  Finally.

And lastly, Ashton hit the ball to get the winning RBI at last weeks game!  YEAH AT!

So I took him on a Mommy date (Ethan was at Grandma’s and Dad was on a mancation…Eli came with us) to KOBE with Aunt Dana & Howie. 

And finally, the BEST news ever…..Uncle Joey & Aunt Dana are having a baby GIRL!!!

Let the fun begin.  I plan on spoiling her to pieces!

2yrs and 5mths and I CAN SWIM!

Yes, our little boy can swim.  Alone.  Sure, we don’t allow him to swim alone yet, but he can surely do it.  Yesterday while we were at the pool for almost 4hrs, he didn’t once put on his swimmie and he swam all day.  Back and forth.  Showing off his stuff 😉  This Mama could not have been more proud.  It sure makes spending the money on swim lessons, that much MORE worth it.

And folks…if you don’t spend the money on swim lessons, and you live in Florida (or anywhere in my opinion), I suggest you sign up your children IMMEDIATELY.  This is for the safety of your child(ren).  The pool can be a GREAT place to cool off, or your worst nightmare.

Look at him JUMP!


And now for him swimming….

Choo-Choo…NO HANDS!!!!

Look at him GO!!!!!

He’s going the distance!!!

And for the grand finale…through the HOOP!

We owe it all to, Ms. Marcia, from Angelfish Swim School.

My baseball players….@ Lithia Springs.

On Thursday, Daddy and I decided it was best to get these kids out of the house…well most days we decide this.  At 10am, we were out of the house and on our way to Lithia Springs Park.  Although in theory it sounds like a great place to go and hang out with the family, when you in fact arrive, I’d much rather have been at Adventure Island, where there is chlorine in the pools, and I know that most germs can be killed off instead of having my children putting their heads in the water.  Thankfully, Ashton can smell germs a MILE away.  He is my germ boy.  He wanted no part of this spring and in fact, never got more than his ankles wet.  Ethan, who doesn’t really mind germs, bugs, stuff off the ground, and anything else that makes Mama’s skin crawl, went right in.  Well, he wouldn’t put his head under…which is very unusual for my little fish, but it sure made me happy, so I didn’t question it.

After about 30mins of looking at the small fishes in the springs and realizing we were never going to be able to catch a single one of them, we headed to our picnic area and ate some lunch.  After lunch we played baseball!

Ashton and Ethan are pretty good at playing when they actually are listening to Daddy’s Coaching skills.  Look at Ashton “squishing the bug.”

(BTW, notice Ethan in the background bent over?  Yeah, he’s probably about to pick something up that is super gross.  Thankfully, Mommy only just now noticed this and not at the park.  The other day when he got out of the car at Panera Bread he picked up a DIRTY cigarette bud.  EEWWW!!!!)

And the homerun he got here…well, when the ball goes far enough that Daddy has to run for it, it’s automatically a homerun in his book 😉

And the smallest R is actually pretty good himself.  But here I could only catch him looking at the ball to hit it.  I tried to get an action one, but I think I was distracted by the clientele at the lovely Lithia Springs Park.

And when it’s all said an done, I believe both boys will make FABULOUS baseball cards:


Watch out Denard Span, Minnesota Twins (Ashton’s FAVORITE baseball player, graduate of his Daddy’s school and autograph he has of him in his room while giving him a BIG hug in the photo).  Ashton’s watching you, and learning from you everyday!!!


Did you know Ethan’s favorite show is Barney? Yeah, it is. And I think he seriously could make the most awesome looking Barney EVER, for Halloween, but I didn’t find what I was looking for.
Anyways, Ashton wasn’t feeling very well yesterday and requested to watch, Barney. Because he is very sweet that way, thinking of his brother 😉 So when you ask Ethan if he wants to watch Barney, immediately he lays down like this….
And yes, he always smiles while watching the ENTIRE show! The best part? Is when Barney’s “I Love You” song begins. Although Ethan can’t talk, yet, he does make sounds that sound like words. One being “I OOO ooOHHH!” To us, it’s I Love You. To some, it’s gibber gabber. So when the song beings, he will hunt his Mommy or Daddy down, and make SURE to hug and kiss them at the EXACT appropriate times.
Isn’t he just a doll? Yeah, we’ll keep him 😉

18mth STATS!

Finally, our littlest member of our family is growing up big and strong!!!!

I am pleased to announce, Ethan is no longer a member of the short club. He is now 29.2lbs and is a whooping 33″ tall. YEAH, ETHAN! And we thought you’d be a shorty for a long time. Nope. Not anymore. His height puts him in the 75th% and his weight stays steady at 80th%. His head is still off the charts in the 95th%. I swear, I make babies with BIG brains 🙂

He is still not talking but he now is making sounds for words, which leads me to believe that his vocabulary is well on it’s way. He can say Dada, Mama, and even Please, Thank You, and I Love You. But that is all. That is where it ends 😦 However, unlike his big brother, he is a dare devil. He will run fast, jump off things, and will get in trouble at the blink of an eye. He is 100% the opposite of Ashton. All the way down to, being a Mama’s Boy, unlike AT…who is a Daddy’s Boy thru and thru!

Ethan does take after Ashton in one area. He is VERY scared of people dressed up as characters that are on TV and who are BIG and TALL.

“Yeah, Barney, stay away. Far away.”

SpongeBob (who they NEVER watch on TV) “You better back it up dude…I have my Mom, right here!”

Spiderman, “I don’t know what you call that thing you wear on your face, but give it up. My Mom does NOT like it.”

And as for you Grinch, “You better stay AWAY from my brother, or when I grow up, I will HURT you. Mark my words!”

The love of cousins ;)

My boys cannot get enough of their cousin Howie. Maybe because he lives so close, or maybe because he lived with us for 2 months…whatever it is, Ashton and Howie share a bond like no other. Not only that, but they are happy to include Ethan in the mix, which makes Mommy/Aunt Tara, VERY HAPPY!
And as each day goes by, both of them grow up just a tiny bit more and they play together just a little better each time. They don’t see one another often enough, busy schedules, but they soon will see each other daily in the halls as they pass one another to go to their classrooms.
Howie is spending the night tonight because his babysitter has something she must take care of before watching him again. We were delighted to have him over. Our only fear, bedtime. But as long as you put him in his sleeping bag on Ashton’s floor, life isn’t so bad. Sure, he has come out a few times, I can’t really say I blame him, in a strange home and all…but there has been no chitter chatter, and no horsing around.
This Mom and Auntie is very proud. Oh, and the best part? They were in bed at 7:25pm, per BOTH of their requests. Yes, I just might be SuperMom…only today…tomorrow is a whole new ball game 😉
dinner…don’t they look thrilled?

playing outside

Eating…because this is what Ethan does best 😉

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