Almost 24hours old!

Last night I didn’t sleep.  Not because Eli was crying, but because Mama couldn’t stop staring at the last beautiful baby we will create.  It’s bittersweet, sure.  But I do not want to be pregnant again.  I want others to enjoy that.  Me, not so much.  I’m GREAT with the 4 little miracle boys me and my husband were blessed to have.  Now this doesn’t mean if God has other plans I would be upset, nope, not in the slightest.  All children are blessings. 

Without further due, PHOTOS!!!!  Glorious photos. 

Remember, I was VERY sick pre-baby…please forgive the appearance of myself.  I’m totally embarrassed of these pictures, but hey, we’ve all been sick, and we most certainly know that it is NO fun to be sick and then be pregnant and go into labor all at the same time.  So here goes….

Just found out after 4 hours of 2 1/2 min apart contractions, I’m STILL a 3.  Gesh, Eli, are you content or what?

Can you say HOTSPOT?  If you’ve had a baby and don’t know what a Hotspot is, count it as a blessing!!! 

After 30seconds of gentle pushes, Elijah Joseph was welcomed into our world.

And Mama’s in love, all over again 😉

After a nice bath…he has skin like Ethan, straight hair like Ethan, but his hair color is all Ashton.  I wonder if he’ll favor one over the other or if he’ll just like our little Eli?  Time will tell.

Today was a new day.  I barely slept a wink last night.  Who could sleep when they could instead be awake cuddling a new bundle of joy.  I’d much rather kiss him all night then sleep.  But at 4am, my body told me that was enough acting like a college gal, up all hours of the night, and I drifted off to sleep.  Only to be woken over and over again by the amount of people that need to check, poke, and pry.  No fun, but it’s the name of the game.  By 7am when my Mom called to check on me, I was a complete mess and out of it.  At 8am T called and said he was almost here and again, I’m out of it.  It took everything in me to wake up.  I did it.  I ate breakfast and showered, and boy did that make me feel amazing 😉

Just as I finished getting dressed, look who shows up….

The Big Brother Security Team 😉  Ashton was over the moon excited to see his baby brother, Eli.  Ethan, not as happy.  In fact, he wanted nothing to do with Eli, or whoever was holding him.  Now that makes me sad.  But I know this will be over soon enough and he’ll love every moment of being a BIG BROTHER 😉

Ashton is loving EVERY minute of this being a big brother for a 2nd time business!  He wouldn’t let Eli out of his sight for one moment.  He wasn’t hyper, he was jumping around, he was calm as a cucumber, Ashton.  He is the Ashton that I remember having the first 3yrs of his life where I thought, he must be the best baby in the world.  That is until he began growing up and learning how to step out of the box.  LOL.

Ashton sings to his baby brother.  Nothing is more precious.

Ashton patiently awaiting his NEXT turn at holding Eli…while Howie (seen falling off the couch in picture above) and Ethan do this….

Then it occurs to me that MY BIG BROTHER, is here!  Holding my NEWBORN!  That’s never happened before.  Damn military…LOL….I’m kidding 😉

And since our boys had to leave with Grandma and Papa, Howie decided it would be nice to kiss on his new baby cousin.

And that is how we said bye-bye” to those related to us, today.  All our friends showed up next round!  What a busy day.  Daddy has just gone home.  The house needs to be disinfected before Elijah and I can come home tomorrow, and Elijah is asking for Mommy to either hold him or feed him.  Either way, it’s time to snuggle.  And I’m in desperate need of a nap.  Yes, at 6:15pm, it will only be a nap.  I’ll be up all night again, I’m sure of it.


Elijah Joseph, August 27, 2010.

Our little Elijah.  Finally!  Our Eli!!!! 

Some of you may know, Elijah has been on the TOP of my boy list since having Ashton.  Daddy relates to it on a whole other level and he just wasn’t sold on it….UNTIL…..

Father’s Day.  On Father’s Day, we were driving home from Orlando and Daddy said to me, “How about Elijah?”  OMG.  I about threw my arms around him almost causing him to crash on the highway.  I couldn’t believe my ears!!!  And within 3 mins, his name became Elijah Joseph.  The Joseph is from Quinn’s middle name (from my brother) because we wanted the one “R” who was never around with his angel brother, to have a small piece of him to carry on.

Elijah Joseph was born at 5:00pm weighing in at 8.2 1/2lbs and 20″ long.  Our smallest baby of them all.  Big brothers Ashton and Ethan were both 8.3lbs and 21″ long.  Funny how close they really are in numbers, wouldn’t you say?  His Apgar scores were 9 and 9. 

At 9am this morning I called T at work and told him my temperature was 104.8, it would drop to 102.7, and then go right back up.  I began to get scared and did not want my parents near me if I indeed have the flu.  My Grandma has far too much cancer in her body to get the flu and I would NEVER be able to forgive myself.

T came home from work immediately, while I called the doctor.  Dr. Roberts….my BESTEST FRIEND!  Oh I love Dr. Roberts!!!  Have I ever told my blogger friends that?  Well I do.  She is amazing.  She even scheduled me to be induced with her.  I love her.  So when I called, the nurse informed me Dr. Roberts wanted to see me and was doing everything in her power to get me induced TODAY!

We arrive at the office around 10:15am.  My fever is 102.9 and Dr. Roberts says, “You will NOT be leaving this office today!!!”  YIPPIE!!!  She said the only reason I was sent away before is because my temperature was always just slightly elevated.  Dr. Roberts was talking with Dr. Baker (who seen me yesterday) and just felt horrible.  I was in such discomfort yesterday and Dr. Baker just couldn’t get me in with all the beds taken 😦

Well it worked out for the BEST!  Dr. Matthews was on call today through the weekend, but when Elijah was prepared to enter our world, Matthews was in the OR and Dr. Roberts said, “I’ll DO IT!!!”  And she came in with a FULL teeth smile and was so excited to deliver OUR SON!!!!  Yeah, Dr. Roberts.  Did you know you are my NEW best friend?  You are.  Sorry Aja.  She made me feel like a WOMAN again.  I love her forever!!!!

So let me give you a quick run down.  At 11am I was sent to L&D and patiently waited in waiting room while having horrible cramps since 10am.  Who would have thought these CRAMPS were contractions.  Like no other contraction I’ve ever had.  Not only was I having contractions, they were also 2 1/2 mins apart.  YES.  That’s fast and UNCOMFORTABLE.

At 1pm I finally got a bed.  YIPPIE!  At 2:08pm I had an epidural.  Thank heavens!!!!  However, I had a hotspot.  Never heard of that before, well until yesterday…when my friend Jenn who had her baby on Tuesday, mentioned she had a hotspot.  Well those suck!  My RN began calling the Anesthesiologist at 3pm and he did not arrive to the room until 4:45pm, just as Dr. Roberts walked in the room and began suiting up.  Why?  Because I went from 3 centimeters at 3pm to 10 centimeters at 4:45pm.  That hotspot being there the whole time.  The Anesthesiologist threw a BIG dose into my line and BAM, I couldn’t feel a thing.  LOVELY.  His head was RIGHT there.  And I did not need to feel it ripping me open.  3 small pushes and he was OUT.  I started at 4:55pm and ended at 5pm.  SWEET RELIEF!

He is under the heat lamp now and really wants Mommy.  Since the nurse is just about to give him to me, I’ll sign off and tell you there will be lots of wonderful photos to view tomorrow.  I promise.  And maybe even a video, if I can get one clean for my blog. 

Love  to ALL my friends.  Thank you for caring about us, checking on us, texting, emails…I love it all.  It makes me feel special to have such wonderful people in our lives.  We sure are lucky!!!!

The Flu….seriously???

Tuesday I woke up with a terrible neck shoulder pain.  Chalked that up to sleeping wrong.

Tuesday night, beginning at 7:30pm, I began having severe back pain.  By 11pm I was out of bed and couldn’t get back to sleep if I even slept at all.  I could not believe the amount of pain I was in.  Around 2am I decided to lay down again, and of course, nothing helped.  By 4am,  I woke T up and began crying.  I was in terrible pain and didn’t know what to do.  He rubbed my back while I hunched over holding my pillow.  He then convinced me to call the OB and see if I was having back labor.  She believed it was a kidney stone and said to come in to the office first thing in the morning.

This is now Wednesday, we arrive at 9:30am, bags in car, and find out, not back labor.  But better yet, NO KIDNEY STONES!  Thank heavens.  Because that would have just been cruel.  But now I was working on 14 hours of severe back pain and no explanation as to why.  Doctor blamed it on my rough Tuesday.  The power went out in the house for 5hours, and the worst part, Ashton was at school and being release.  One problem, I couldn’t lift the garage door.  So I couldn’t get out.  However, I had a very good friend, Agatha, pick Ashton up.  I was not concerned about his well being, I knew he was safe, so I couldn’t imagine that I was so stressed that I hurt my back, but what do I know?  Doc said go home and take Motrin.  Usually a no-no for a pregnant person, but hey, I wasn’t going to argue.  I took it and felt a zillion times better.  5 hours later, I had the chills for 2 hours, then the sweats, and finally the Motrin kicked in again.   Pretty much my cycle.   I slept pretty well last night, for being 39wks pregnant with the flu, but when I woke up at 5am, it hit me again.  Like a ton of bricks.  A semi going 70miles an hour.  I could barely stand.

I come out to the couch, the recliners seem to lift the baby off my lower half and make me feel a bit better.  That is until the chills set in, then the sweats.  Oh dear, not again.  Then at 7am, I take more Motrin.  I asked Ashton to fill up my cup with ice and water.  I already had 3 full cups of ice water and it seemed to be fine.  T gives me the Motrin, I pop it in my mouth, and I went to take a gulp of water, NOTHING.  Ashton must have filled Daddy’s cup.  LOL.  Well there was only a drop and down the Motrin went with no water 😦

T just called a co-worker to let them know about how I was doing and check on things when all of a sudden, I begin puking everywhere.  Remember, I’m very weak.  I did have a blanket and long sleeve shirt, tank top, and sports bra on.  Well EVERYTHING was saturated.  Covered in water.  I believe all 3 cups came right back up.  Lovely.  Poor Ashton watched the whole thing.  And he sure has a sensitive soul when it comes to his Mama, he ran around looking for a bucket for me to finish in.  He was so sad.  Daddy decided no school for him (they were leaving in 2mins) and to call his Mom and ask her to get both kids out of the house.  The last thing we need is spread this around when a new baby will be arriving any day now.

We take my temperature, 102.5.  Wow.  This explains a lot.  I go to bed.  I wake up in a pile of sweat and to T wanting to take my temperature.  UGH!!!  Now it’s 101.7.  Getting a little better but soaked in sweat.  He asks me to call the OB.  I said, “NOWAY!”  We were already there 2x this week, I have an appointment tomorrow, there was NOWAY, I was calling again.  Nope.  So guess what?  He calls.  Explains it all to the nurse who then says, we need her to come back.  OMG.  You cannot be serious.

I need to shower.  T says no.  Well you can’t go to the doctor dripping in sweat.  I shower.  I then sit on the couch and begin to eat a bagel with jelly, per my Mom’s instructions.  I’m able to keep it down!!  Then the doorbell rings.  It’s another great friend from Ashton’s school, Ms. Becky.  She brings us over flowers, cookies, fruit, dinner, and good bags for the kids…with ICE CREAM!  She is so sweet, all I could do was cry.  I couldn’t even tell her thank you.  I was an emotional wreck.  LOL.  Not sure why.  It was just so sweet.

We get to the doctor and what do you know, I’m dehydrated.  So he checks me, I’m the same as yesterday, and he sends me downstairs to triage to have some IV Fluids put in me.  Great.  Let’s hope it works, right?

2 liters of water later, a couple Tylenol, a quick visit from one of my OB’s who tried her hardest to induce me today but there were simply no beds available, and I was outta there.  But not without going potty one more time.  This time was different.  After I went potty I stood up and and a stream came out of me.  I went back to the potty and MORE came.  I didn’t know what to think so I called my RN back to the bathroom and I told her I thought my water broke.  There was a big puddle on the floor, she tested it, nope, PEE.  So yes….I was so embarrassed.  Funny now, embarrassing then.  LOL.

All day I’ve complained of a TERRIBLE splitting headache.  Feels like it’s going to explode.  So far, it hasn’t.  LOL.  We decided to go to dinner at Olive Garden.  It was 3:30pm and we haven’t had anything to eat pretty much all day.  Who knows, maybe that is the reason for the headache.  NOPE.  3hours later, it’s still killing me.  My neck is very sore as well.  I believe this is just the cruel way the flu works.  Moving from muscle to muscle.  BLAH.  I’m hoping it’s all over by Saturday morning so I can enjoy my children for one last weekend before we bring home their baby brother 🙂

As for contractions, yes, I’m getting them, but nothing regular.  About every 15-25mins.  When they come, they HURT.  But not consistent enough and this has definitely been proved by the 4 doctor visits I’ve had since MONDAY!  Gesh.  Thankfully, tomorrows was cancelled.  I’m sending Daddy to work tomorrow in hopes that he can get one day in without worrying about me or being bothered by me.  The kids are staying with Grandma and my parents are just a few minutes away if I need them.  Thank GOD for family 😉

False Alarm…

And here you’d think after having 2 pregnancies, there would be no such thing as a FALSE ALARM.  We’ll you aren’t me.  LOL.

Ok, so here I am…chillin’ on the couch, chatting it up with my cousin on the phone.  I’ve had the worst headache the past 2 days and she was trying to help me figure out what to do to make it better.  Natural stuff.  Since pregnant women can’t have anything.  So I hang up the phone with her, see myself and Ethan to the potty, grab some water for the road, and off we go to pick up Ashton.

I pull up at his school at 11:55am.  I’m on the phone with my friend Colleen, when I say, “Hold on one sec.”  I look at my phone, we have been talking for 6mins and 5seconds, and I’ve had 3 contractions.  No big deal.  But then I say to her, you know, since I was on the phone with my cousin, I’ve been having them.  Strange.

I start to think about when I started talking to Dee Dee and it was around 10:45am that the contractions began.  I decide, maybe I should start paying closer attention.  My friend Becky pulls up next to me in the parking lot and I said, “I think I’m in labor!”  She was stunned.  Kept saying, “You’re making my hair stand up!”  hehehe.  So we walk into school, chatting it up, telling Ashton today just might be the day, telling his teacher, walking out, super excited, and thinking of all the things I need to do.

I call T.  He says, call me when  you leave Ashton’s school and you’re home.  Ok.  I call the OB to see what she thinks I ought to do and she said, “Since you don’t sound like you’re in pain, if you’d prefer to just go to the office (on the 2nd floor of the hospital) then you can go in at 1:30pm.”  That sounded perfect.  It was noon.  I needed to get home, pack, shower again, and drive there.  I really did NOT want to sit in L&D for 4hours to be monitored, to get sent home.

I called T back and he said it was raining pretty badly in Tampa and would prefer to come get me.  He also said to go ahead and call my parents to watch the kids.  Easy enough.

My parents come, I’m all packed, say good-bye to the kids, and we’re off.  Getting to the office around 2pm.  Dr. M checks me out and says, “You’re the same as on Thursday.  Maybe I’ll see you tonight, but as of now, those contractions are nothing.”  BUMMER!

We got in the car, and came home.

On a happier note….we had some of the most FANTASTIC news in the world today.  I wish I could share it all with you, but for now it will have to wait.  Soon enough it will come out, but for now, I’ll have to keep it to myself 😉

39wks….and going STRONG.

Well not really.  But it sounds like the right thing to say.  LOL.  I’m actually in a lot of pain today.  We shall see.  But I’m still betting next Saturday, my 40wk mark, will mark his arrival day into our lives.  We shall see, only time will tell.

Either way, I have NO MORE than 9 nights of rest without a baby in this house.  YIPPIE!  That means, maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to BEND.  LOL.  Right now, I could seriously win a million dollars on Funniest Home Videos for the way I have to roll out of bed very carefully, while my bones shift positions (apparently this is normal?), and I fall forward while grabbing the wall for support, until the sharp pain disappears and I can finish walked the 2ft to my bathroom.  Fun times.  Yeah, right.  But they are almost over, and knowing that this will never again happen in my life, I’m embracing it.  Well, as much as I can.

I kiss my boys goodnight each night and say, “Would you like Mommy to wake you up if your brother decides to come today?”  Their answer is always yes.  And every morning they wake ME up, instead of me waking them, and still no baby.  It’s ok, as long as this little boy is happy inside of me, I’m happy.  After all, once he breaks out into this world, I’m the BOSS!  Just ask Ashton.  He’ll tell ya what’s up.  Daddy is the boss of all the people at his work, and Mommy is the boss at home.  TRU DAT!

So today is Saturday.  The hubby is off to do Fantasy Football for probably a good 5hours, while I’m at home with these boys.  I could lie and tell you I have this great day planned, but seriously, it’s too hot to do anything.  ANYTHING.  I’m not going to bust my rear end outside or driving around looking for things to do.  Nope.  Too hot.  Not worth it.  Daddy will take them swimming in a few while I continue sitting on my bottom and flipping channels on the tube or playing on the internet.  I know you’re jealous.  But don’t be.  This is KILLING me.  I hate sitting around.  Especially on a Saturday 😦

Enjoy your weekend, all 😉

38.5 weeks….

And still hanging in there.

Back to the doctor me and the boys went today.  They were angels.  And as soon as they seen my lovely doctor, the promptly said, “When can we meet him?”  If it were only that easy, right?

Once I got checked out we discovered all the pain I was in this week is PROGRESS.  Good progress.  I’m now 3 centimeters and still sticking true to my word on NO induction before due date.  I have faith he’ll come on his own, when he is good and ready.  As much as I’d like to bend over, get out of bed, pick up around the house easier, I will chose to NOT chose his birthday.  I just enjoy the whole surprise so much more than going in there on a scheduled day.  That being said, I will NOT forfeit our induction date of August 30th.  Not in the least.  Why?  Because of school.  Otherwise, I’d think it over.

So the doc said to come back next Friday so they can ensure all is well before induction.  She did say, “Hopefully we’ll see you before then, because I’m ready to deliver that baby for you!”  I liked her confidence.  But, I wasn’t feeling it.  LOL.  Now I’m convinced, I’ll be back next Friday.  I think he’ll come on his due date.  Just like his big brother Ashton did on October 30, 2005.

Ashton starts school tomorrow.  Hopefully, that helps pass the time a bit more.  It keeps me busy.  Having to be out the door by 7:15am and having to pick him up at noon.  It makes for a nice day with just Ethan.  I’m so missing the gym and I’ll miss it even more after I leave school tomorrow and not go to the gym. Or will I?  Maybe a little yoga will do the old body good.  I think I just might.  Watch out gym-rats…this big belly just might be wobbling in.  LOL

Reality is finally setting in….

Wow.  This pregnancy is really, almost over!  I mean, 2 weeks from tomorrow, no matter what, I’ll be the Mother of 4 boys.  Crap!  Am I really ready for all this?  HECK YES!  Maybe not for the hair pulling, late nights, tears, fighting of the big kids, taking longer to get from place to place, packing a diaper bag before I leave, or getting back on the old diet train, but I am totally ready for beginning my new life with my 3 boys here on earth.

Yesterday around 3:30pm (ish) I began having contractions.  I thought for sure they were false and didn’t even mention it to T until after about 90mins.  I watched the clock, continued my daily life, and finally went to bed.  Slept from 9-10:30pm, when I was woken up by a strong painful contraction.  Most of them were not like this.  So I thought, this could be it!  Well when 3am rolled around and I was STILL awake wondering what was taking place, I finally drifted off to sleep.  But not for long.  Our boys LOVE to crawl into our bed around 6am.  UGH.  This is a summertime habit.  I’m sure it will end when school starts since I will need to wake them up to get ready.

So at 7:15am, I rolled out of bed and began getting ready for church.  Not much more taking place in my belly and my hopes of having this baby today, were crashing. 

We went to church, where I swear the air was turned off in our room or there was just way too many of us in there.  After feeling like I was going to pass out from overheating, we had to go to Ashton’s school for the meet and greet of your teacher.  Since we already know Ashton’s teacher, Ms. Deanna, we really didn’t need to meet her as much as we needed to say hi to some of the friends we haven’t seen over the past 3 months.  Ashton immediately found Bella (his future bride) and pretty much didn’t let her out of his sight.  It was cute.  And she is still cute as a button.  I’m hoping this year brings new beginnings and wonderful adventures for our 4yo.  No, he is not in Kindergarten.  Florida’s law is September 1st as the cut off for school, and he won’t be 5yo until October 30th.  So he’ll be one of the older kids.  No biggy. 

We did stop in to say hello to Ms. Denise, Ashton’s teacher from last year.  She sure will be missed.  As I walked the halls and people stopped to say hello, they were all amazed that I didn’t already have this baby or that I was as far along as I was.  The Principal even was stunned to find out that not only am I pregnant but that I’m due any day.  I find that so funny…how did people NOT know I was pregnant just 3mths ago.  Guess they sure thought I was getting fat.  HA!  Another parent said the same thing!  In fact, she even said to me, “Did you know?”  Seriously?  I’m not sure if she was serious or not, but SERIOUSLY?  Of course I’ve known I was pregnant.  Silly.  LOL. 

After school we made a pit stop at Costco.  Needed to pick up some batteries for our baby swings.  It would be horrible to come home and go to put the baby in a swing and have NO batteries.  EEEK!  Sometimes that is the only time a Mommy gets a break.  So the batteries are bought.  I made a homemade lasagna today to free for when the baby arrives (I even snuck a small piece for good measure, hehehe) and the laundry is all caught up, once again.  We will now start our week and see what this week brings.  As long as it doesn’t bring me up all night wondering if “tonight” is the night, I’ll be a happy Mama.

If we could just make it mandatory for our water to break on it’s OWN prior to labor, life would be grand.  It sure would take a lot of the anxiety and wondering out of, “is this really it?”

Guess I was wrong….(38wks, and counting)

I predicted this was the week to have this baby growing inside of me. As in, by today. It’s 4:30pm, and no baby. Sure, I still have tonight, but let’s be real folks, this kid likes it in here. And should he chose to come tonight, I just might be screwed…I’m BEAT to the bone.

Woke up at 6:30am and began my coupon collecting. Yes, I’m one of those crazy girls who coupons everything. It’s a game to me. A fun one, I might add. But it saves our family a TON of money. Today my grocery bill was just over $135 and I walked out of Publix paying $22 and change. Yes, you read that correctly. I pretty much rock when it comes to grocery shopping these days. I do have to give props to my good friend Colleen. Without her, I wouldn’t have known this was even possible.  And none of this would EVER be possible without the AWESOME blog, I Heart Publix.

So I collected coupons, made my list, and got the boys to the gym. I needed to see our good friends daughter in a swim competition. I’ve wanted to see this for so long, and they always tell me about them, AFTER, the meet. Well it makes it a little hard to see, after the fact. So Chris called me the other day I said I’d be there. I left Ethan in the childcare room, I knew he’d be too much to handle, and Ashton and I cheered Melania on. In the heat. It must have been 105 degrees outside. Ok, I lie. But with the humidity, it felt that way. After 35mins, Ashton was done. The sweat was pouring off of us, Melania had won at least one heat that we seen (possibly two) and we headed inside. Where I bumped into Colleen, for more COUPONS 🙂

When we got home we loaded the family up and took Daddy school shopping. Yes, he needs new clothes at the beginning of the school year too. Since it was tax free weekend, I thought it made the most sense to at least look. T’s Mom brought me her 30% off coupon to Kohl’s so that is where we picked to shop. As we’re driving around the parking lot a woman stops her car when we get the boys out. She happens to know T. She gives us her $10 Kohl’s cash. She went to his school…funny. Then we’re walking in and a lady walks by us with a double stroller (Kohl’s stroller) and I said, “T, go inside, I’ll follow her to grab her cart.” I notice at the bottom of her cart is a coupon, $10 off a $20 purchase. SCORE!

Our first $20 in purchases were FREE! And I had to do none of the work. That was the best part. Then, my Mom wanted a Rays shirt and they were giving away Kohl’s cash for each $50 you spend. We’ll we spent $64, total. That’s for 2 pairs of dress pants and 2 polos for T and then a Rays shirt for my Mom. When the coupons came off, and my Mom paid for her shirt, we only spent $34 for T’s new items, AND, we left with $10 Kohl’s cash!!!!


This is why I love being a girl. I love it.

But for now, I’m tired. Exhausted. Think I’ll go shower.

Another Thursday Update….

Well I went back to the OB today and nothing has changed since last week.  That is bittersweet.  LOL.  Yes, I’m ready to met him, but at the same time, this is the last time I expect to be pregnant so holding onto him for a little longer, won’t kill me.

I’ve decided, ideally, Wednesday would be the perfect day to deliver.  Why?  Because then T will be with me Wednesday-Friday at hospital, he’ll be off on the weekend, and then take off all week.  And that whole week he is off, he can bring Ashton to school and go about our daily lives.  If it worked out that this coming Wednesday was D-Day, AT would only miss ONE day of school.  Again, ideal.  Still that doesn’t mean it has to be this Wednesday, the 18th…my Mom’s prefered day since it’s also her BIRTHDAY, but Wednesday the following week would also work well for ME.  LOL.

Either way, he’ll come when he wants.  Until then, I’m going to take a nap.

Certifiably NUTSO!

First I started off the day at the movies with the boys.  How to Train Your Dragon.  What a good flick.  Different from the normal movies we watch.  Actually, it reminds me of the ‘boy’ version of Tinkerbell.  Since she makes trinkets and the little boy in this movie learned how to make articles of clothing for his new best friend, Toothless. 

The part that was nutty about the movies is the fact that there were bus loads, I’m talking 5-10 bus loads, BIG BUSES, of kids from daycares there.  JOY.  I’m not really one for that many people in any one given spot, but there’s no turning back after you tell the kids they are going to the movies.  That’s just cruel.

We get there and meet up with Ashton’s friends, Maier, Melania, Maisi, and Madison.  This is always a good time, but as we walk into the movie, Madison throws up.  Probably from reading in the car, but still, nobody around us knows that, and one lady just pissed this pregnant lady off a little too much.  It’s sad the way this woman, WITH CHILDREN, reacted.  One day, her kid(s) will get sick.  It is a not so wonderful place.  And you know, you just can’t bend over and clean it up with your hands.  The best thing to do is, notify someone of what happened, and get out of the way.  That is exactly what Ms. Agatha went to do, when this lady decided to come to our row, me with 6 children, and just stare at me.  I’m not sure what she was trying to accomplish, but if there wasn’t so many “little” ears around, I most certainly would have given her a piece of my mind.  May her child(ren) never get sick in public, EVER.  And when and if she ever does potty train her child(ren) may they NEVER have an accident.  Because believe me folks, it WILL happen.  Maybe not even when they are young, it could be when their older.  When Ashton was just 14mths old, and Howie 7mths old, I was at Animal Kingdom with my family and my brothers family, where hundreds of people walked by me while I puked my GUTS up in the bushes.  People!  LISTEN TO ME….it happens!  You cannot control nature.  Sorry lady to ruin your day, but believe me, Madison wasn’t feeling so great herself about doing that either.  GESH!

When we got home, after waiting forever in the parking lot to make sure all these little kids found their way to their buses so I didn’t have to run any of them over, I decided to clean the car out.  Why?  I’m not sure.  Not sure at all.  It was about 100+ degrees out.  I sweated my bootie off, and I cleaned.  I vacuumed the car and moved carseats around.  I even installed baby #3’s seat.  See, he needs to go where Ethan was sitting, Ethan had to move to Ashton’s seat, and Ashton had to move to the back of the van.  I’ll miss my little Ashton, but that is the best place for the biggest boy in the family.  The van is nice and clean, the seats are all put back where they belong, and the waiting game continues. 

After cleaning out the car, I took the coldest shower possible.  It still took a good hour to actually cool my body down.  Joys of Florida August weather.  All the while, fighting a headache.  Since the beginning of the movie, I’ve had this lovely headache.  I’m sure that lady at the movies didn’t help it much, and the heat probably intensified it even more, but hey, I’m a survivor.

A friend of mine said to be careful of headaches and pregnancy and to watch my blood pressure.  So I called my parents and asked to use their machine.  Of course they said ok, but they wanted me to come to their house.   My Dad threw his back out and was in a ton of pain.  Poor guy.  Well, I couldn’t drive anywhere.  Not with this headache.  So, I told them I’ll check it tomorrow.  I was certain my bp was fine, I usually have low blood pressure. 

At 5pm my Mom surprised me and said they were on their way over.  Not only that, but they brought me and the boys dinner!  God love them.  But I had just started dinner for the boys and they brought me okra and rice.  Okra is yucky!  Sorry folks, but I LOVE veggies, but that is yucky!!!!  Ethan, LOVED it!  Yes, Ethan.  LOL.  Me and Ashton said we’ll stick to mushrooms.  LOL.  I checked my bp, 116/64.  Nothing to worry about, still low. 

While my parents were here I searched high and low for Ashton’s Iteddy.  I can’t believe I don’t know where it is.  I’m CERTAIN it’s in Daddy’s car, but he promises he looked and didn’t see it.  UGH.  He says he’ll check again.  I better check myself.  LOL.  I then swept the floors and gave the boys a bath.  And now I sit.  Waiting.

Yes, just waiting.  Daddy won’t be home till at least 9:30pm tonight.  Back to school orientation for the kids and parents, and he’ll be there unless I call him and say somethings happening.  But being that it’s already 7:20pm and I have yet to call, I doubt that will be happening.  So, I’ll see him tonight, through my eyelids.  Because let’s face it, I’m tired.  And probably need to potty around 11pm and again at 1am and again at 3 and 5am, and then again when he wakes up for work at 6am.  UGH.  Sleep is pretty much nonexistent these days.  So sleep when I can.  I’d almost rather feed a baby a few times a night.  I know, I’ll shoot myself for saying that about 2wks after this kid comes into the world.  LOL

And….I wait…..

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