After 48hours…

of being at Grandma’s, we pick the boys up, and Ethan has yet to crawl. It’s official. He is a true walker. If it’s down the hall, or to peak into the kitchen to see if any food is being made, he is all over it. Ethan has found rooms in our home that he never even knew exsisted before today.

Mom and Dad are so proud!!!


Exciting News…

Ethan is walking, all over the place 🙂 I’m super happy. For two reasons really, one because we are going on vacation soon, and I just thought it would be so much more fun if he was a bit more independent and two because the boys are spending the night at Grandma’s on Wednesday for 2 nights, and I would be so sad if he did it there without me 😦

So yes, he is walking. All “most” of the time. Where ever he needs to go. I need to get a video of it, but not tonight.

Just before Daddy opened the door to get home he walked from the middle of our living room to the kitchen garage door 🙂 That is far!

YMCA Waterpark

Now this is why we joined the YMCA 🙂 Look at all those fun toys that Ashton can wear himself out on! I swear, the ONLY thing missing is the adults only tiki bar, what gives? HA! Oh and a bathroom that is a little closer than the one there now. This is the location out in Carrollwood. Although we probably won’t make it a habit to go to this one, ours in Brandon is just as amazing and we are sure to have LOTS of photos to come. In fact, we’ll be there on Mother’s Day!!! Enjoying the sun, poolside, is my idea of the PERFECT Mother’s Day.
Ethan couldn’t go without a sandwich….
Ethan loves to practice his standing skills…still only walking about 6-8 steps, but we’re getting there, we really are!
Shortly after this, Ethan took about 12 steps, the most he has ever done. I could have swore I had it on video, and I was so excited, unfortunately, I did not have it on video 😦 Totally bummed!

And Ashton loved swimming, even if the water was only a foot deep 🙂

Thanks to our friends who joined us at the Y today…we had tons of fun 🙂

A Day Full of Surprises!!!