Day 2, Cinch! Fast Forward Detox.

Last night I left you all with me having to go drink my smoothie.  Well, it was AWFUL.  I hated that yogurt.  LOL.  In fact, I had nightmares about it. 

Today I decided it was more worth it to me to use 1/2 vanilla Fiber One zero fat yogurt and 1/2 plain fat free yogurt.  I really want to enjoy this detox, not dread every moment.  So this was the best option for me.  I’ve read numerous blogs on how people just couldn’t stomach the plain yogurt.  Thankfully, I’m not alone.  Also, some of you have commented on my blog about your dislikes of the yogurt and the raspberries…now raspberries, I LOVE!!  Can eat them everyday!!!

Today I changed things up a bit.  I love to push the snooze bar.  LOVE IT.  Always have.  I love listening to my favorite radio personality and getting in those last few minutes of sleep.  So today I decided to have lunch for breakfast and breakfast for lunch.  I think I enjoyed that much more and will probably do it again tomorrow. 

I only worked out for an hour today (spin) because I thought I lost my son’s brand new Leapster Explorer, battery pack, and Toy Story game.  That’s about $125 just right there!!!  And I have 3 games and the camera at home.  So I was a bit unnerved and had to rush home to find it.  I even sent my Dad to the store where I “thought” I had left it.  Thankfully, I found it.  It was at the bottom of the boys car bin…you know, where it belongs.  NOT!  UGH. 

Ok, so my stats…I lost 1.4lbs as of this morning.  I’m not feeling bloated, but I believe I am.  I haven’t been as regular as I normally am…I find that so strange, but many bloggers have also said this very same thing.  I’m not exactly tired, but I am thinking I need more calories.  I almost wish there was one more snack.  In between lunch and dinner is tough for me.  I think a hard-boiled egg or some raspberries would hit the spot, but there is no calling for that.

My friends stats…Agatha is doing well.  Down a pound as of last night.  I forgot to ask her what it said this morning. She too is adding 2oz to her 4oz of plain yogurt.  Chris, her husband, is sticking to the diet 100%!  No changing out yogurt or anything!  He’s a superstar!

Why to I yearn to say fit?  This is why. 

Met my adorable boys.  Ashton 5 (he really is happy right now…just caught him mid-smile) Eli 4mths, and Ethan 2.  They keep me busy so I must be light on my toes 😉

And this picture was just too cute not to share 😉


Day 1 of Fast Forward Cinch! Detox.

So far so good 😉  I completely forgot to mention that my workout buddy, Agatha, and her husband Chris, are also doing this diet with me.  Man, it sure helps having friends tag along.

For breakfast I ate this:

This was good!  I was very pleased with this meal.  I ate this meal at 6:30am and then took my oldest son to school and shuffled off to the gym.  Agatha and I did spin for 45mins and then Body Pump.  I was still pretty satisfied when we left the gym at 10am.  I do believe that drinking 16oz of water this early in the morning caused me to sweat even more than usual at the gym.  Eeww….Oh…I have to admit, I had a Diet Coke this morning after my water.  I’m kinda addicted, and I don’t plan on giving it up after this Fast Forward, so I figured, it’s fine.  But I’m only going to have 1 a day.

Lunch was this….

I’m not going to lie….not only was I hungry by the end of my 5hours, I absolutely hated this lunch!!!  Weird, I know. I  LOVE yogurt, but plain, zero fat, is GROSS!  It’s bitter.  It’s nasty.  And I dumped cinnamon on top along with nutmeg and well, the nutmeg came out to fast and being that I already wasn’t a fan of nutmeg and with a bit too much, it was ultra disgusting.  I was chewing it because I didn’t know how to get it down.  YUCK.  I’m not looking forward to tonight’s smoothie…let’s hope the Almond Butter helps.  What am I going to do tomorrow?

Dinner was this….

This was by FAR my favorite meal.  YUMMM….now this is what I’m used to eating.  Sure I would have liked a little cheese, maybe some raisins, and a little more dressing, but ultimately, it was good and satisfying.

Tonight’s smoothie has been prepped with this….

I was not a fan of having to stir this stuff for a good 5 mins and still looking at the oil swimming on top, but I did what I could do.  Agatha had the smoothie for breakfast and said that it was pretty good with this Almond Butter.  I’m not nervous about that, I’m nervous about the darn yogurt in that smoothy.  EEK!  Let’s hope the Almond Butter covers the bitterness super well.

Ok….so how did I feel today?  Same as I feel everyday.  About an hour before dinner I was getting antsy to eat.  Thankfully, I have my kids and husband to cook for, so I was pretty busy and kinda forgot about the hunger I was feeling.  Of course I was tired this afternoon, but let’s be real, when am I not tired?  LOL.  And last night Eli threw up at 11pm, just as I was drifting off to sleep and then I was up with him until about 12:30am.  The alarm went off when Ashton walked into our room at 5:30am.  Eek!  I need more than 5 hours of rest or I’m sure to be a grump tomorrow.

6wks! Seriously? 6wks!!!

Eli is 6wks old.  OMG!!!!

What does this mean?  Mama can leave him at the GYM!  YEAH.  Ok, now this isn’t as easy as it seems.  I’ve NEVER left one of my kids with ANYONE besides Daddy before the age of 10mths.  Ok, I lie, Heather watched Ashton when I went to the Dermatologist when he was about 4mths old, but so far, that has been it.  I take my infants EVERYWHERE!

But, I’ve met a really great girl, Colleen, who has a 3yo son and 22mth old boy and girl twins AND is pregnant again!  Colleen has taught me something…to ACCEPT help.  Ok, I’m not doing it across the board, yet, but I am doing it for this, I NEED THE GYM!  I need 2 hours of alone time, I need to get my body back, I need to workout.  PERIOD.  Why?  Because it makes me feel good.  It actually makes me feel connected to Quinn.  I know, weird, right?  But when I started working out 7 days a week, just about 2 years ago, it was because of Quinn that I did it.  I wanted to feel ok an at peace with his passing.  I wanted to become a better Mommy to the boys I had here with me.  It was Q that helped me get there.  I know, that sounds nutty, but until you’ve walked in my shoes, don’t judge, and as I tell everyone I know, “Whatever gets you through the day, go with it.”  I’m a FIRM believer in this.  I believe Q is the reason I hit the gym.  I believe he is the reason I’m there now.  He would want me to be a better Mommy.  He would want me to enjoy chasing the boys outside…where the old Tara had NO desire to EVER run or go outside.

So that brings me to the gym.  At 2 weeks post baby I began running.  The first time was a mile.  Second was 2 miles.  Then I was stuck.  But I wasn’t going daily, more like 3x a week, and it just wasn’t going up as fast as I would have liked.  No biggy, my Facebook friends, reminded me it takes TIME.  And it does.  Well a week ago yesterday Colleen called and said meet me at the gym.  Tom was home, so I went.   I dragged my feet, but I went.  I pulled out 2 miles, but it was broken up.  I felt hopeless. 

Then comes today.  I’m TOTALLY stoked about going to the gym after dropping Ashton off at school.  I begin driving to the Y and realize I left Eli’s diaper bag on the COUNTER!  Seriously?  How did that happen?  It makes NO sense.  I could have KICKED myself.  First thought, turn around and go home.  But I was dressed.  I was ready.  I wanted to GO!  So I decided to go and I could always leave should he need a diaper/formula.

I text Colleen and she decides to bring me diapers.  LOVE YOU GIRL!  You ROCK!  He shouldn’t ‘NEED’ to eat till 10:30am anyways.  Well Collleen arrives at 8:50am, checks on Eli, he’s fine.  I go in at 9am, and he’s still fine.  This is AFTER my 3 mile RUN!  Yes, I ran 3miles.  Without stopping.  And walked another mile.  SWEET!!!

Since Eli was fine, I decided to go with my original plan and do Body Combat.  WOWSER!  It kicked my butt.  I’m CERTAIN I will feel the effects tomorrow.  But that’s ok.  I need it.  Colleen is 7mths pregnant and she was doing it right along with me.  That gave me the motivation to KEEP going.  She rocks.  She is amazing.  She is also a TRUE athlete in my opinion, where as I’ve had to learn to become athletic.  Is that even possible?  Well I think so.  I now have the drive, the desire, to go go go.  I love it.  I love my body in shape, even if I’m not the skinniest person in the world, I’m fit and feeling good…so I need to GO!  But as of today, 6 weeks post baby, I have 20lbs to get me there.  I WILL GET THERE.  Trust me.  I will.

With that note…my Dad starts chemo on Tuesday.  I wish him all the luck in the world and I’d appreciate any prayers you have available.  Love you all.

Ashton is on the basketball team!

Ashton began playing basketball at the YMCA yesterday. He loved it. Although, about 45mins into it, he was tired from running back and forth up and down the court. He is number 4 and his team is called the Leopards. Very cute to watch. We are very excited to see what he learns in the upcoming months…you know, sharing…LOL. I’m sure at 4yo he won’t become a star player, but hey, it’s fun for him, and he is happy doing it. Maybe this is just the beginning of my days on the court? Papa R. played basketball. Maybe AT will take after him 🙂

Only one little girl on the team, and I believe she was the best one 🙂

Two short and cute videos!

I was having a proud moment!

Ashton goes Rock Climbing!!!!

Wow!!! Were we ever proud of Ashton. This is a bit out of his element to do something like this, but he jumped at the chance, and actually didn’t do so bad for his first time. I can’t wait to take him again.

Gearing up…

Daddy helps Ashton along…be sure to click play!

the PROUD climber 🙂

Yet another reason we love our YMCA 🙂

Ashton passes the YMCA swim test :)

Showing off his NEW green armband. To show he is a BIG BOY 🙂

Our little boy could NOT be more proud of himself after he passed the 60 second tread water and swim 1/2 the length of the lap pool test at the YMCA. He is such a big boy now. Check out the awesome water-slides he gets to go down now. Yes, that is him at the top, looking in the slide on the left.

He must have went down the slides 100x. He just loved it. But as you can see, it’s a pretty far swim, so after about 45mins Mom said it was time to go home. He left saying he couldn’t wait to go back again 🙂

Mommy and Ethan watching big brother enjoy himself with the new slides he gets to use, while Dad sat on the side lines taking a rest.

YMCA Waterpark

Now this is why we joined the YMCA 🙂 Look at all those fun toys that Ashton can wear himself out on! I swear, the ONLY thing missing is the adults only tiki bar, what gives? HA! Oh and a bathroom that is a little closer than the one there now. This is the location out in Carrollwood. Although we probably won’t make it a habit to go to this one, ours in Brandon is just as amazing and we are sure to have LOTS of photos to come. In fact, we’ll be there on Mother’s Day!!! Enjoying the sun, poolside, is my idea of the PERFECT Mother’s Day.
Ethan couldn’t go without a sandwich….
Ethan loves to practice his standing skills…still only walking about 6-8 steps, but we’re getting there, we really are!
Shortly after this, Ethan took about 12 steps, the most he has ever done. I could have swore I had it on video, and I was so excited, unfortunately, I did not have it on video 😦 Totally bummed!

And Ashton loved swimming, even if the water was only a foot deep 🙂

Thanks to our friends who joined us at the Y today…we had tons of fun 🙂