First day of school…

Ashton went back to school today.  Of course I had to bust out in song from Grease, Back to School….AGAIN.  Love it.  He laughed at me the whole way to his first day.

I told Ashton I had to get a 1st day photo, his response, “In front of the cross, Mom.  In front of the cross.”  Ok, dude, I got it.  You’re in front of the cross and I’m glad to know the cross, Jesus, is important to you 😉

He was super excited to see all his friends again.  He gave me the entire day, play by play.  He had the best time.  Playing with Maier, Maisi, and of course, Princess Bella.  He also met one new little boy, Joshua.  He seems to really take a liking to this Joshua, so I hope he likes Ashton just as much 😉

I tried posting a photo of my BIG BOY off to his first day in Early Childhood 4yo’s, but for some reason, I’m having issues with wordpress.  Stay tuned.  I’m working on it.  Sure would suck if I don’t get this problem fixed and I have a baby in the near future.  Some of you would blow my phone up until I sent you a photo.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE 🙂

PROBLEM SOLVED!  Must have been a wordpress update going on.

And for the curious minds…I had a pregnancy photo shoot last week on Monday.  I was 37.2wks pregnant.  I really wasn’t feeling this photo shoot.  Did NOT want to do it.  But Sunday morning when I woke up, I made the appointment.  Figuring, I’d totally regret if I didn’t do this.  So here is what we got.  Not great, but not bad.

Next up, a family of 5 photo shoot.  Probably around Christmas time.  That is the last time we had one.  Just days before we found out we were expecting this little guy in my belly 😉


Granola with Grandparents!

….today at Ashton’s school.
Grandma and Papa wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Even with the EARLY wake up call for them, they were at our house to surprise Ashton at 6:30am.
We arrived at 7am and waited for the doors to open. Once the Principal allowed the kids to go inside, Ashton promptly ran over to her and gave her a BIG hug. Silly kid. Grandma and Papa had a nice giggle from it. He is so loving. I swear, there is nothing he does not love about his school.
Ashton walks into the room for breakfast and is pretty unhappy. All of a sudden, he is not hungry. Why? Because he thought he was going to be able to bring them to his class and show off all his work, well he could, he just needed some patience.
After he settled down, Ethan and Ashton walked over and grabbed a yummy granola bar. Ethan and Mommy then left so that Grandpa and Papa could have special time with AT.
When everyone was done with breakfast, Ashton was able to show them the school book fair that was taking place. Papa was lucky enough to purchase a few books for Ashton. He sure has people wrapped around his little finger 😉
Thank you Grandma and Papa. Ashton was delighted to have you there!

Thank You Jesus.

I surprised Ashton today at school. Little did he know, I had to buy him a new shirt so I popped into his class. Ms. Denise was delighted and was able to run off and update the classroom blog. Did I mention how much I love this lady? Yeah, I do. hehehe. So I read the class a story.

After story time, it was time to go. We had to go to the front office so I could sign out. I then took the boys to the potty with me and Ashton busts out in song…

Thank you Jesus
Thank you Jesus
For our food
For our food
And our many blessings
And our many blessings

LOVED IT. I even had a few tears. He is the sweetest little 3 year old, EVER. Well, that I’ve given birth too.

Ashton, I love you. Daddy loves you. Ethan loves you! You are VERY loved!

Trying to be green!

So I’m always looking for easy fun ways to be green. Since Ashton started school this week, I thought I’d start first with his lunch box. I have decided that Ashton will never get a paper napkin in his lunch box or have any plastic bags in his box.
What will I do instead? All his lunches will be put inside of reusable plastic containers. Something Daddy has been doing for well over 2 years. I’m pretty cheap when it comes to things that you just throw away and it makes me sick to think I would buy plastic bags to just toss out. So we use Ziploc containers.

As for the napkins, I was really thinking about what I had around the house that would work as a napkin but that I wouldn’t allow him to throw away. I had the perfect idea.

When I was pregnant with Ashton, my Mom blessed me with a fabulous baby shower. I must have received 100 baby washcloths. Seriously, at least a 100. They are so tiny and super soft. But you want to know the crazy thing? I’m not a fan of washcloths. LOL. So I rarely used them on either of my kids. In fact, they are more like cloths that they can play with and pretend to wash the tub with themselves. AT is OCD about cleaning, wonder where he got that from?

So my perfect idea? To place one of these cute little washcloths in his lunch box everyday and for him to bring them back to me to wash and reuse again another day.

We have been doing this for 2 days now, and so far, they have both been returned. I’m diggin’ it. Environmentally friendly, while I save my family a little extra money.

Oh and forget about him buying school lunches. That will never happen.

Just a few moments after posting this a friend of mine suggested Snack Taxi. How cute are these bags? And REUSABLE!!!


Ashton’s First Day of School

First day of school would NOT be complete without some photos! One thing I’ll never forget about my childhood is standing by the front door, with my new clothes and backpack on, smiling big for my Mom’s camera. So I had to keep the tradition alive and do the same for my peanut.
We got to school pretty early. Mommy was doing a test run to see if she could make it to the gym in time. I know, I’m crazy like that. But since we were so early, I was able to sneak in a photo of me and my big boy. Doesn’t he look so handsome. After we walked into Mrs. Densie’s classroom we notice this cool sign on the door with the kids who were able to make it to the meet and greets, photo. Ashton quickly found his picture and put it right up on the board. I happen to think he is the cutest one on the board. But I’m a bit bias…LOLBefore saying goodbye, I made sure to be able to wish my nephew good luck at his new school with his new teacher. Look at Ashton and Howie…they sure are the best of cousins. At 11:15am it was time to pick AT up from his first day of school. I sat in the car line for what seemed like forever (especially when I want to hear all about his day) and Daddy said, “Go get him!” I think I ran to the gate as fast as I could and this is what I seen.
Ashton, cool as a cucumber (ha…he had those for his snack today at school!) and when he finally seen me, his face lit up. But only when Mrs. Denise said he could come get me, did he run as fast as he could. I got the BEST hug in the world from him. Ashton loved his first day of school. He told us so many wonderful stories and even sang us a song he learned today.

We’re going to the office (library),
We’re going right away.
We’re looking for Chester,
What a wonderful day.

Apparently, Chester is a skunk. A nice skunk. He doesn’t smell and he leaves footprints. So the class went on a walk and looked for him. When they got back to the classroom, Chester left chocolates and little hearts with the letters, BFF on them. They made a cute little poem with their hand-print and the heart on the paper. Of course, Ashton drew his name on it. The poem says something along the lines of when you miss me touch my heart. LOVE IT. I’ll take a picture of it tomorrow for my blog.

Right now, it’s time to snuggle. My BIG boy. Tomorrow is a school day 😉

I’m fine. I am. Really.

I will wake up at 6am tomorrow morning and put on my makeup. I will then get dressed, and wake up my biggest boy Ashton. I will then make breakfast and wake up my other little darling. The kids will eat just before I get Ashton ready for SCHOOL (there, I said it) and brush their teeth.
I will then, put on my happy face, tears and all, take a 1000 + pictures, and drive my big boy to school. I will, I really will.
I will wish him a fabulous day, give him a kiss, and say, “See ya later, dude!”
I will be okay. I think?

Emotional Day…for Mom…

Today Ashton got to meet his first ever teacher, Mrs. Denise. She is awesome. We put him into the car, started driving and he says, “Mommy and Daddy? Will you leave me at school with Mrs. Denise and let me have a sleep over?” Seriously? As if this isn’t hard enough on my heart and now you want a sleepover? “No, Ashton, we don’t sleep at our teachers house. We go there to learn prayers, Spanish, play outside, and use the computer. Then Mommy will come pick you up and you can tell me all about your day.” “Ok, Mommy, but I still want to spend the night.”
So we arrive. I’m completely fine. More than fine. I know we made the best decision for our family to pick private school and even waiting until Ashton is almost 4years old before ever sending him off without me. I am. I’m fine.

We get out of the car, and I can barely ask Ashton to stand by the gate that he is entering for the FIRST time. Yes, I’m crying. I was completely choking on my words, tears were coming out, and this is the best picture I could get 😦

He marches right into his class, as if he has been there a 100x, and finds Mrs. Denise and says, “It’s nice to met you Mrs. Denise. My name is Ashton Thomas R___.” OMG! Melt my heart. Again, tears are rolling out of Mommy’s eyes. Mrs. Denise bends down and gives him a BIG hug. Awww, see, why I like her? Yeah. Then she proceeds to take his picture where he has the BEST smile ever. Seriously, where are those smiles for me?
Mrs. Denise tells Ashton to go explore the toys. My child isn’t about toys. He is all about learning. He goes over fridge phonics, that he never plays with anymore in our house, because there babyish, and spells his name.

I had to blog it, and even more so, I had to video it. I’ll save you the time and not make you view how he then went on to spell Ethan’s name and so forth.

Next he looks over his shoulder and seen Bingo. He loves bingo. And this one is super cool. You play alone. You take all the letters in the cup and match them up to the boxes. He could finish these lower case letters in no time flat.

Ethan wanted to help too, but he was more interested in just being near his brother. Next AT spots the train table. Dude, we have the same table at home, so let’s do something else. “No, Mom, there are no trains, it’s a city table!” Yes, it is 😉

This is where Ashton met a few new friends in his class too. Although I do have photos, I’m not going to share them on the web. I’m not so sure those Mommy’s would appreciate it. He did walk up to many kids, tell them his name, and ask their names. Even 2 or 3 girls. I’m was utterly impressed. If you know Ashton at all, he is not a kid to play with girls, not yet. Except for Isabella, but I think she is exempt from this rule because he LOOOOVVVVEEESSSS her! hehehe!

Before we had to leave, he made sure to hit the kitchen. He made Mommy a pie and gave me a glass of water, while Daddy got pizza. Boy, he sure knows how to win us over.

So here is to a great first day of school. Not only for Ashton, but all the kids going back to school. And for us Mom’s who are either putting our child in school for the first time or are just having a hard time letting go after such an amazing summer.