Eli’s 2nd attempt at food!

For all of you who know me, you know that I’m an OCD neat freak.  I’m pretty sure OCD is an understatement.  Actually, I think I’ve gotten a little better since having 3 kids.  But when Ashton was a baby, oh man, you did not want to be around me while I fed him.  I was crazy over cleaning him up and making sure there was NO mess to be made.

So, it’s come time…time to introduce food to Eli.  This is the absolute WORST thing EVER to have to teach a child, in my  opinion.  I hate it.  Honestly, I would pay any person willing to make a few extra bucks, to come over every day and teach my child to eat.  I hate it.  Hate it.  UGH…just thinking about it, and knowing that I’m going to do it in a few hours, is going to make me anxious.  YUCK.  It’s NO fun!!  NO FUN AT ALL.

So when Ashton was a baby, I remember he was almost a year old and my friend Heather asked us to have dinner with her at Chili’s.  It was me and my hubby with Ashton, and her and her husband.  Fine and dandy right?  Well Heather was due to give birth any day and here I was still watching each and every bite that went into Ashton’s mouth.  He was a BIG boy.  Shoot, all my kids were big eaters, so there was NO reason he couldn’t do it himself, it was all MOMMY.  I hate the mess.  Hate it.  So Heather says let’s go to Chili’s and of course I thought nothing of it, but I’m pretty sure she had that whole meal planned out.  Get Tara to Chili’s for Ashton to learn how to eat food himself and make a MESS.  When we left, we should have tipped the girl $100.  I’m serious folks, food was everywhere.  Heather pushed my hands away, gave the kid his chicken nuggets and french fries and he showed us exactly what almost 1 year olds can do.  Make a disaster in public.  And soon it would be on my floor in MY HOUSE! 

So, here comes baby #3 to food train.  Remember, I hate this.  So I do it this way…

Notice this lovely plastic bib on my 4mth old?  Yeah, that’s what I use.  It’s dishwasher safe.  I love it.  I’ve had it since Ashton was a baby.  I have 3 of them.  They were bought at Target, however, I haven’t seen them there lately, and they are clothing SAVERS!  So what’s the orange stuff he’s eating?  Oh that is Whole Wheat rice mixed with pureed mango.  And guess who LOVES it?  Not just Eli…but ETHAN.  YUCK! 

Here’s another photo….

Do you notice where Eli’s bumbo chair is?  It’s on my kitchen floor.  See his bowl…on the right side of the photo?  Yup, it’s there because I’m sitting on the floor, far from the table, and all our appliances, so that I don’t have to scrub everything down when I’m finished feeding him.  Instead, I have to wash the floor, the bib, and Eli’s messy face.  Then, straight to the tub dude.  Mama can’t stand smelly that stinky old rice.  LOL.

He really does clean up well….look at him all spiffed up to drop Ashton off at school this morning.  When we arrived at the gym just after drop off, all the girls thought he looked so cute 😉  I tend to agree.

So, if I continue to blog in a not so friendly voice in the next couple months, just chalk it up to Eli is probably still learning how to eat and possibly made a BIG mess that day…LOL.


Homemade Baby Food!

Every now and then, I even amaze myself with my craftiness. HA! Since Ethan has been eating food, at 3mths, he has been blessed with 80% homemade food. I find that I love doing it, it is a rather simple process, and this way I can monitor exactly what goes into his body.At 3mths old (now 7 1/2mths), he was down to ONLY 18oz of formula a day. Not bad for a baby. But, on top of it, he was eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Check out what I’ve been doing.

Now for those of you wanting to save a dollar or two, check this out.

We are going to PA for a week, that means, I need 3 jars of food for 7 days. Which is 21 jars, in turn equals, $9.24. Not really that bad, right?
BUT, if you buy seasoned veggies, look at the savings….All squash on sale at at Walmart for 58cents a pound.

This is what I bought: (Squash in order of picture)
*Spaghetti Squash, 1.61lbs
*Acorn Squash, 1.43lbs
*Butternut Squash, 1.93lbs
totalling $2.90
The fresh stuff will last almost 3 wks with a little baby oatmeal mixed in, $1.43 a box (it takes about 2mths to go through one box). Not a bad deal for a little elbow grease huh? Oh yeah, and look at this baby?
He looks pretty pleased with Mommy’s work, and obviously he isn’t going hungry now is he?
Oh, had to throw in the Ashton photo (my 3yo), its just too cute not too 🙂

Tara and crew!