Christmas Eve to Christmas Day, 2010.

So much to catch up on, and so little time.  Eli is currently in bed, whining that he wants his Mommy.  I’ll try to ignore so that he and I can both have a rest 😉

Christmas Eve was nothing sort of awesome.  Of course!  Dad and I really go all out to spoil our children for Christmas, but I think we get the most of fun of it all.  We get to watch their eyes light up in delight. 

Ok…need a break, Eli really needs me.  Ok, I’m back, now with a baby on my chest 😉  We work well this way.

So Christmas Eve, preparing for the BIG MAN’s day and what do we do?  Cook and go to church.  Hehehe.  Christmas Eve is usually pretty low-key for us because on Christmas Day we run around crazy.  Although, next year, I think we’re changing that to Eve instead of Day 😉  Anyways….

I made all the food I could prepare a day ahead on Christmas Eve.  Christmas morning, Grandma, Popi, GG, Aunt Bunny, and Uncle Bill all come over to watch our boys open their gifts.  I make a HUGE Christmas breakfast so we can all have full tummies while we sit and watch the 2 hours of opening gifts, one by one.  Then, we had to rush off to church at 3pm as Ashton was in the Christmas pageant and needed to be there ONE HOUR EARLY!  Eek.  On Christmas Eve?  Yup.  And trust me when I say, our Priest wasn’t kidding…it was getting crowded, and it was crowded quick!  I’ve never really noticed this as we are usually in the regular church and this time we were in the tent.  Either way, Ashton played Joseph….an I think he’s the cutest Joseph, EVER!

When  we arrived home it was dinner time and time to get ready for bed.  Showers and leaving out Rudolph’s food and Santa’s sugary sweets 🙂 

of course Eli was there…just snuggled up with me 😉

Then the boys climbed up onto Dad and watched a Christmas movie/show….can’t remember.  And I took the cutest photo of them, but since Dad doesn’t want his picture plastered on the internet, I’ll refrain from showing it 😦  It’s super cute.  Oh well.

In the morning we woke up to THIS!!!!

I’m pretty sure our boys were happy…ok, probably just for the day, but heck, it was worth it.

Eli was happy his GG was here to celebrate with him…

Then Mommy will sneak in a snuggle or two from my favorite little people 😉

Ethan threw his arms around his big brother when Ashton made him a beautiful card for Christmas 😉

Eli had a great day…

Aunt Bunny & Uncle Bill bought the 3 big boy cousins this super cute chairs.  Every night our boys watch Toy Story 3 in them…yes, EVERY NIGHT.

And Ethan got a super cool interactive motorcycle from Grandma, Popi, and GG!!

I’d say we had a pretty awesome Christmas.  New Year’s Eve wasn’t much fun as I decided to work for the catering company that I work for from time to time.  Although it was an easy night…we didn’t all stay up and watch the ball fall.  However, I was home in time to see it fall all by myself.  The boys wouldn’t wake up and Daddy didn’t even know I was there, despite the kiss and HAPPY NEW YEAR I screamed in his ear.


Hollywood Studios….2010.

Fun times.  Mom and Dad would love to believe we are pretty fun parents for our children.  Sometimes, if you ask them, they will not agree.  Especially while Mommy is yelling, “Clean up this mess.  It’s a disaster in here!”  Disaster being a common used word out of the 5 year olds mouth.  Thank you very much.  I’ve taught him well 😉

Being that we’re so cool and all, we decided to take all 3 boys to Hollywood Studios for the day.  We were instructed to arrive and head straight to Toy Story for a Fast Pass.  Good thing we took our friends Kelli & Steve’s advice.  We didn’t get passes till 3pm!  But when we did arrive at 3pm, the line was 100mins long!  HOLY COW BATMAN!  There isn’t a single ride in the universe I want to ride that badly.  Nope.  Not at all.

Toy Story was awesome.  Especially to the 2 little people in this house whom are TS3 OBSESSED!  Ethan is screaming Woody…Woody!!!  Ashton screaming, BUZZ…BUZZ!  Oh my, I seriously think that Woody and Buzz could be the next Santa Claus to my 2 kids.  LOL.  Just before we went on the ride we were blessed with ultra fabulous seats at the TS Parade.  We were next to Mr. Potato Head and Lotso.  This parade ROCKED!!!

As you can see, the day was filled with fantastic memories.  Mom and Dad didn’t come home bald and we are looking forward to doing it again…maybe when Eli isn’t attached to my chest.

Christmas in our land…

Christmas was celebrated in our home and went off without a hitch. Ashton woke up promptly at 7am to come in and greet us good morning. Mom and Dad popped right up and said, “I wonder if Santa arrived?” Ashton didn’t catch that there were gifts out under the tree when he walked to our room. So we looked out our bedroom door and what did our wondering eyes see? TONS OF PRESENTS!!! Auntie A was here as well. So first thing we had to do was grab Auntie and Ethan and show them that the man in Red came!

You wouldn’t know the economy was in turmoil at this house. Nope, not at all. Mom and Dad opted out this year and simply had everyone provide for the kids. BEST thing we could have ever done. They got so much stuff, plus, plus, plus.

The favorite toy this year from Ashton had to be the electrical guitar he got. Hands down, it’s his favorite. And what a steal…we found it on clearance many months ago and grabbed it on a whim, only paying $5 for a $100 guitar…or something crazy like that 🙂 I sure make myself proud when I find those deals!
Then at the last minute, I posted that a friend sold me something…well it was a kitchen. Santa had me pick it up for him. Well when Ashton seen it, he said, “Mommy, that’s not for me, that’s for girls, it’s pink!” HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….he loves to cook. So this will come in lovely once his pink fear leaves his head!

Santa also remembered to bring Ashton his requested cake with marshmallows, belt, and balloons. That Santa, I tell ya, he sure is a good guy.

Ok, next kido…Ethan, oh my goodness, Ethan didn’t know what to do with all the presents yesterday. He received so many gifts under the tree that infant toys are coming out our ears! Honestly! I did NOT mean for this to happen. Aunt B bought Ethan a laptop and GG got one for Ashton (HA!! totally not on purpose either), GG also bought E a huge shape sorter castle, and Gram & Popi bought all musical requested items, by yours truly.

If I listed everything they got, you’d click off my blog and go puke. So I’ll show you with this….

Remember, this is just OUR house…not Gram’s house…and there we brought home 2 LARGE boxes and the laundry basket FULL to the brim!

Cheers…at our YUMMY dinner, Prime Rib and all the yummies to go with!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without sharing a family cold. Aunt B arrived on Monday not feeling well, when AT & E picked it up right after, then of course, Mommy gets it. Thankfully Dad hasn’t got hit by the bug yet. Next on the list came Gram and GG….ugh…can it get worse? YES, IT CAN! BLU GOT IT TOO, the dog 🙂

Oh, and at the end of the day, this is what happens to 3 year olds.

I hope ALL of your Christmas’ was just as wonderful as ours.