Ashton sings while Ethan dances.

Wow, did someone really just announce the death of Michael Jackson?

So this is one of those moments we’ll remember forever.

I was at the pool, swim lessons for Ethan (his first one) was about to start. When the Mommy of the son going before him gets wind of the news. She instantly leaves her other son in the pool (at which I was totally shaking my head to this) while she went and made a million phone calls. “Michael Jackson is dead. Is he really dead? Did you hear, he died!” You would have thought she personally knew the guy. She made this call at least 3x.

I really didn’t think much of it, as I have negative feelings of the guy. But, he did make some great tunes. Tunes I’ll always remember and always love. But heck, we all gotta go sometime, but his sometime was a bit early at 50. May you rest in peace, Michael.

So do you think the next Michael Jackson is living under my roof? I mean, Ashton really rocks it out when he sings Ba Ba Black Sheep and just look at Ethan’s dance moves…LMAO!


Rock Star!