2yrs and 5mths and I CAN SWIM!

Yes, our little boy can swim.  Alone.  Sure, we don’t allow him to swim alone yet, but he can surely do it.  Yesterday while we were at the pool for almost 4hrs, he didn’t once put on his swimmie and he swam all day.  Back and forth.  Showing off his stuff 😉  This Mama could not have been more proud.  It sure makes spending the money on swim lessons, that much MORE worth it.

And folks…if you don’t spend the money on swim lessons, and you live in Florida (or anywhere in my opinion), I suggest you sign up your children IMMEDIATELY.  This is for the safety of your child(ren).  The pool can be a GREAT place to cool off, or your worst nightmare.

Look at him JUMP!


And now for him swimming….

Choo-Choo…NO HANDS!!!!

Look at him GO!!!!!

He’s going the distance!!!

And for the grand finale…through the HOOP!

We owe it all to, Ms. Marcia, from Angelfish Swim School.


Ashton passes the YMCA swim test :)

Showing off his NEW green armband. To show he is a BIG BOY 🙂

Our little boy could NOT be more proud of himself after he passed the 60 second tread water and swim 1/2 the length of the lap pool test at the YMCA. He is such a big boy now. Check out the awesome water-slides he gets to go down now. Yes, that is him at the top, looking in the slide on the left.

He must have went down the slides 100x. He just loved it. But as you can see, it’s a pretty far swim, so after about 45mins Mom said it was time to go home. He left saying he couldn’t wait to go back again 🙂

Mommy and Ethan watching big brother enjoy himself with the new slides he gets to use, while Dad sat on the side lines taking a rest.

YMCA Waterpark

Now this is why we joined the YMCA 🙂 Look at all those fun toys that Ashton can wear himself out on! I swear, the ONLY thing missing is the adults only tiki bar, what gives? HA! Oh and a bathroom that is a little closer than the one there now. This is the location out in Carrollwood. Although we probably won’t make it a habit to go to this one, ours in Brandon is just as amazing and we are sure to have LOTS of photos to come. In fact, we’ll be there on Mother’s Day!!! Enjoying the sun, poolside, is my idea of the PERFECT Mother’s Day.
Ethan couldn’t go without a sandwich….
Ethan loves to practice his standing skills…still only walking about 6-8 steps, but we’re getting there, we really are!
Shortly after this, Ethan took about 12 steps, the most he has ever done. I could have swore I had it on video, and I was so excited, unfortunately, I did not have it on video 😦 Totally bummed!

And Ashton loved swimming, even if the water was only a foot deep 🙂

Thanks to our friends who joined us at the Y today…we had tons of fun 🙂

Ethan Swims…

And he loves it. This kid cannot get enough of the water. When he is able to walk on his own it will be much easier, but for now he is happy holding on and walking in circles. It really is fasinating to watch a 13mth old in the pool 🙂