To the beach we go!!!

Mama got a job! Yes, I did. Since I had to work on Saturday night (working for a catering company and had to work a wedding) Daddy decided Mama needed a little R&R at the beach on Sunday.
The boys didn’t mind. As you can see, they all enjoyed it.

These next 2 months are super busy. Be sure you continue to stop by as I’m sure I’ll have lots of
cute pictures of the boys, oh and a certain little almost 4 year olds birthday party, coming in October!!!

Sarasota Beach

So it’s all about Mother’s this weekend. It shouldn’t only be celebrated for a day, it should be celebrated 365 days a year!

I do a lot for my kids and for my husband, so when Mother’s Day comes around, I take FULL advantage of the hallmark holiday. It is a glorified holiday and really we shouldn’t need it on the books. We should ALL remember how much our Mother’s do/have done for us and appreciate them and love them and hug them just a little extra….
kinda like this…..

So for Mother’s Day I have very simple requests, Daddy does all the hard work for the day while I can sit back and actually enjoy my children.

Well that is EXACTLY what happened today. First I woke up super early. Much earlier than usual, 6:15am and I came out to watch Prison Break (again, on DVR) and Ashton joined me. He was an angel, sitting there nice and quiet.
Then at 8am I decided we needed to have breakfast out and without hesitation Daddy packed up the kids and had our stuff ready for the beach and went to The Village Inn where I enjoyed a fabulous veggie egg white omelet and watched my two little piggy boys devour my multi-grain pancakes, that I chose not to eat, and be the best kids ever.
We then headed to the beach. Arriving around 11am and staying until 2pm. Every time Ashton asked to go into the water, I was pleased to join him. He was so delightful today. Maybe because he knew it was Mother’s Day weekend? I don’t know, but it was a pleasure. And while my littlest boy didn’t want too much to do with the water, he sure wanted his Mommy. He walked right over to me, resting his head on me and when I picked him up, he quickly fell asleep for a good 90min nap.

With lots of great photo opportunities as well 🙂

On our way home the boys were angels again. I almost thought we had the wrong kids with us. All this sweetness, I just eat it up 🙂 When we got home Ashton helped us clean out the car and then we went inside to play until dinner. After dinner Daddy took me to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to pick out my gift. New cups for my new FAVORITE banana drink 🙂 If the boys were good, we promised Cold Stone Ice Cream 🙂

So our last stop of the night was ice cream where I had a yummy Mango-Banana lite smoothie and the boys each had a scoop of their favorite flavors. Everyone finished their bowls 🙂

We came home and bedtime was a breeze as we are all so tired from our busy day. Tomorrow will be just as nice, going to church and then to the YMCA as a family to hang by the waterpark 🙂

YEAH for Mother’s Day!!! YEAH for ALL MOTHER’s!! Especially my MOMMY! You made me who I am today, and for that, I’m grateful! I love you, xoxoxox!!!!

Our Weekend…

Our weekend started off at Maddie’s birthday party. She turned 2 years old this weekend, and Ethan made himself at home by testing out her rice in her sand table. They use rice instead of sand, easier to clean up. Not a bad idea, huh?
When we got home the boys loved on each other until Howie came over to have his first spend the night with us. This is only after the boys spent the night at his house on Friday night. A whole weekend with their favorite cousin, could life get any better than this? Nah, didn’t think so 🙂

Then we went to the beach Sunday morning to meet up with Grandpa Joe. The boys love seeing him, as he is a big kid in the sand. Literally.

Ethan tends to keep to himself so he can stay out of harms way. The two older boys like play a little rough, but just you wait, when Ethan is old enough to walk around, those boys better watch their backs. Ethan is going to be my bruiser 🙂

On our way out to the beach I thought of calling an old friend from middle and high school. Dan “W”, now the father of one, Mya. Isn’t she beautiful? He is such a proud Papa, and it was great seeing him. We talk on the phone, but hadn’t seen one another since high school, I think!?!

And see what little boys do when all pooped out after a fun filled weekend of getting up early, being on the run, partying it up with cousins and friends, and then going to the beach? Yeah, good times for sure!

And the perfect ending to my day? As I finish typing this out, Ethan says “Mama” for the FIRST time!!! Yeah! Here it comes, I’m going to hear it all the time. I LOVE IT!!!!!

Chill-axing at the beach…

We decided to pack the boys up a picnic lunch and head to the beach today. It was a gorgeous day out, the high was 74 and just beautiful Florida sunshine. Much different from Tuesday and Wednesday when we sat here freezing at the 51/55 high temps. HA!

Ethan did test out the sand. This kid eats everything. You name it. And not just once, but a few times he put it into his mouth. While Mommy sat on the sidelines wanting to rinse his mouth out with sanitizer. YUCK! I’m not a fan of yuckies in the mouth or hands.

Ashton loved making castles and burying his feet. As usual. There were lots of beautiful dogs that passed us by and Ashton of course spoke to all the people, even calling two ladies his “girlfriends.” He is such a character, I tell you!