Day 2, Cinch! Fast Forward Detox.

Last night I left you all with me having to go drink my smoothie.  Well, it was AWFUL.  I hated that yogurt.  LOL.  In fact, I had nightmares about it. 

Today I decided it was more worth it to me to use 1/2 vanilla Fiber One zero fat yogurt and 1/2 plain fat free yogurt.  I really want to enjoy this detox, not dread every moment.  So this was the best option for me.  I’ve read numerous blogs on how people just couldn’t stomach the plain yogurt.  Thankfully, I’m not alone.  Also, some of you have commented on my blog about your dislikes of the yogurt and the raspberries…now raspberries, I LOVE!!  Can eat them everyday!!!

Today I changed things up a bit.  I love to push the snooze bar.  LOVE IT.  Always have.  I love listening to my favorite radio personality and getting in those last few minutes of sleep.  So today I decided to have lunch for breakfast and breakfast for lunch.  I think I enjoyed that much more and will probably do it again tomorrow. 

I only worked out for an hour today (spin) because I thought I lost my son’s brand new Leapster Explorer, battery pack, and Toy Story game.  That’s about $125 just right there!!!  And I have 3 games and the camera at home.  So I was a bit unnerved and had to rush home to find it.  I even sent my Dad to the store where I “thought” I had left it.  Thankfully, I found it.  It was at the bottom of the boys car bin…you know, where it belongs.  NOT!  UGH. 

Ok, so my stats…I lost 1.4lbs as of this morning.  I’m not feeling bloated, but I believe I am.  I haven’t been as regular as I normally am…I find that so strange, but many bloggers have also said this very same thing.  I’m not exactly tired, but I am thinking I need more calories.  I almost wish there was one more snack.  In between lunch and dinner is tough for me.  I think a hard-boiled egg or some raspberries would hit the spot, but there is no calling for that.

My friends stats…Agatha is doing well.  Down a pound as of last night.  I forgot to ask her what it said this morning. She too is adding 2oz to her 4oz of plain yogurt.  Chris, her husband, is sticking to the diet 100%!  No changing out yogurt or anything!  He’s a superstar!

Why to I yearn to say fit?  This is why. 

Met my adorable boys.  Ashton 5 (he really is happy right now…just caught him mid-smile) Eli 4mths, and Ethan 2.  They keep me busy so I must be light on my toes 😉

And this picture was just too cute not to share 😉


Quick Morning UPDATE…..5 day Fast Forward, Cinch! Detox.

I’m down 1.4lbs!!!!  Stay tuned!!!!!

Day 1 of Fast Forward Cinch! Detox.

So far so good 😉  I completely forgot to mention that my workout buddy, Agatha, and her husband Chris, are also doing this diet with me.  Man, it sure helps having friends tag along.

For breakfast I ate this:

This was good!  I was very pleased with this meal.  I ate this meal at 6:30am and then took my oldest son to school and shuffled off to the gym.  Agatha and I did spin for 45mins and then Body Pump.  I was still pretty satisfied when we left the gym at 10am.  I do believe that drinking 16oz of water this early in the morning caused me to sweat even more than usual at the gym.  Eeww….Oh…I have to admit, I had a Diet Coke this morning after my water.  I’m kinda addicted, and I don’t plan on giving it up after this Fast Forward, so I figured, it’s fine.  But I’m only going to have 1 a day.

Lunch was this….

I’m not going to lie….not only was I hungry by the end of my 5hours, I absolutely hated this lunch!!!  Weird, I know. I  LOVE yogurt, but plain, zero fat, is GROSS!  It’s bitter.  It’s nasty.  And I dumped cinnamon on top along with nutmeg and well, the nutmeg came out to fast and being that I already wasn’t a fan of nutmeg and with a bit too much, it was ultra disgusting.  I was chewing it because I didn’t know how to get it down.  YUCK.  I’m not looking forward to tonight’s smoothie…let’s hope the Almond Butter helps.  What am I going to do tomorrow?

Dinner was this….

This was by FAR my favorite meal.  YUMMM….now this is what I’m used to eating.  Sure I would have liked a little cheese, maybe some raisins, and a little more dressing, but ultimately, it was good and satisfying.

Tonight’s smoothie has been prepped with this….

I was not a fan of having to stir this stuff for a good 5 mins and still looking at the oil swimming on top, but I did what I could do.  Agatha had the smoothie for breakfast and said that it was pretty good with this Almond Butter.  I’m not nervous about that, I’m nervous about the darn yogurt in that smoothy.  EEK!  Let’s hope the Almond Butter covers the bitterness super well.

Ok….so how did I feel today?  Same as I feel everyday.  About an hour before dinner I was getting antsy to eat.  Thankfully, I have my kids and husband to cook for, so I was pretty busy and kinda forgot about the hunger I was feeling.  Of course I was tired this afternoon, but let’s be real, when am I not tired?  LOL.  And last night Eli threw up at 11pm, just as I was drifting off to sleep and then I was up with him until about 12:30am.  The alarm went off when Ashton walked into our room at 5:30am.  Eek!  I need more than 5 hours of rest or I’m sure to be a grump tomorrow.

Cinch! 5 day Fast Forward Detox

Ok.  I’m on the wagon 😉

I had my final baby just 4 months ago and I’m pleasantly surprised with how well I’ve done at getting the weight off.  I’m ALMOST there.  Like, 8lbs almost there!  Rachel Ray was on in the background as I ironed all of my husbands work shirts, I heard the author of Cinch!  Cynthia Sass speak about her new diet book.  It’s actually not a diet book at all.  It’s a way of living.  A BETTER way of living.  But, I have to say, I’m already a pretty darn good eater being that I’m a vegetarian, and I like to cook.  I know, many vegetarians tend to eat a bunch of junk, but I don’t.  Now, we all have our moments, and believe me, this holiday season got the best of me too 🙂  When I was all done ironing, I ran over to my Android and bought the book on my Amazon Kindle! 

So here I am.  January 9, 2011, and I’m all geared up and ready for tomorrow to begin.  If you have never heard of Cinch! it’s a 30 day diet/plan to help you get to a better lifestyle.  Cynthia Sass recommends beginning with a detox, to help rid your body of sugars, salts, and artificial sweeteners that are constantly screaming our names.

The reason I chose this detox over others is, a liquid detox won’t work for me.  I know this.  I like to chew my food.  I LIKE FOOD.  A lot.  But I do enjoy healthy options 😉  This 5 Day Fast Forward is a plan to help jump-start you into wanting to stay on track.  Cynthia says you’ll lose 8lbs in 5 days!  Well, that would bring me to PREBABY WEIGHT!!!  And actually, I was 5lbs heavier when I got pregnant with Eli because it was the holidays….but that’s too complicated.  I want to get to my old # on the scale 😉

I would tell you all what I’m starting at…but then, I’d have to kill ya 😉  So I’m not going to go there.  If you know me personally, I tell anyone and everyone.  But to the internet world….well I’m not going to share that.  HA!  I’m just not that gutsy.  And really, it doesn’t matter.

So, this plan is to eat FOOD!  But only 5 foods. 

Plain yogurt….ZERO fat.



Almonds and Almond Butter


Cynthia is so nice to all of us readers that she even tells us how much of each of these foods we can eat, and how to prepare our foods!!!  And, we get 4 meals a day!!!  That’s not a diet to me!!!

The best part?  I like ALL of these foods!!!  I’m not scared.  It’s 5 days!  I can do this!!!!  I’ve bought all my ingredients (the best part, Cynthia gives you a FULL list on what and how much to buy!).  I have the food nice and separated in easy to grab bags.  And I’ve already hardboiled 5 of my eggs so I don’t have to worry about doing that later.

So here’s hoping to be 5lbs lighter by Friday.  I heard I might get a little sluggish.  The only thing I’m concerned about is the 2 hour workouts I shall remain doing, daily.  Tomorrow is spin and lifting weights.  I’m sure tomorrow won’t be a problem, but I’m hoping on Thursday I don’t drop a dumb-bell on my foot!

Starting tomorrow…I’ll have pictures!  Come back to see what I’m eating 😉

Eli’s 2nd attempt at food!

For all of you who know me, you know that I’m an OCD neat freak.  I’m pretty sure OCD is an understatement.  Actually, I think I’ve gotten a little better since having 3 kids.  But when Ashton was a baby, oh man, you did not want to be around me while I fed him.  I was crazy over cleaning him up and making sure there was NO mess to be made.

So, it’s come time…time to introduce food to Eli.  This is the absolute WORST thing EVER to have to teach a child, in my  opinion.  I hate it.  Honestly, I would pay any person willing to make a few extra bucks, to come over every day and teach my child to eat.  I hate it.  Hate it.  UGH…just thinking about it, and knowing that I’m going to do it in a few hours, is going to make me anxious.  YUCK.  It’s NO fun!!  NO FUN AT ALL.

So when Ashton was a baby, I remember he was almost a year old and my friend Heather asked us to have dinner with her at Chili’s.  It was me and my hubby with Ashton, and her and her husband.  Fine and dandy right?  Well Heather was due to give birth any day and here I was still watching each and every bite that went into Ashton’s mouth.  He was a BIG boy.  Shoot, all my kids were big eaters, so there was NO reason he couldn’t do it himself, it was all MOMMY.  I hate the mess.  Hate it.  So Heather says let’s go to Chili’s and of course I thought nothing of it, but I’m pretty sure she had that whole meal planned out.  Get Tara to Chili’s for Ashton to learn how to eat food himself and make a MESS.  When we left, we should have tipped the girl $100.  I’m serious folks, food was everywhere.  Heather pushed my hands away, gave the kid his chicken nuggets and french fries and he showed us exactly what almost 1 year olds can do.  Make a disaster in public.  And soon it would be on my floor in MY HOUSE! 

So, here comes baby #3 to food train.  Remember, I hate this.  So I do it this way…

Notice this lovely plastic bib on my 4mth old?  Yeah, that’s what I use.  It’s dishwasher safe.  I love it.  I’ve had it since Ashton was a baby.  I have 3 of them.  They were bought at Target, however, I haven’t seen them there lately, and they are clothing SAVERS!  So what’s the orange stuff he’s eating?  Oh that is Whole Wheat rice mixed with pureed mango.  And guess who LOVES it?  Not just Eli…but ETHAN.  YUCK! 

Here’s another photo….

Do you notice where Eli’s bumbo chair is?  It’s on my kitchen floor.  See his bowl…on the right side of the photo?  Yup, it’s there because I’m sitting on the floor, far from the table, and all our appliances, so that I don’t have to scrub everything down when I’m finished feeding him.  Instead, I have to wash the floor, the bib, and Eli’s messy face.  Then, straight to the tub dude.  Mama can’t stand smelly that stinky old rice.  LOL.

He really does clean up well….look at him all spiffed up to drop Ashton off at school this morning.  When we arrived at the gym just after drop off, all the girls thought he looked so cute 😉  I tend to agree.

So, if I continue to blog in a not so friendly voice in the next couple months, just chalk it up to Eli is probably still learning how to eat and possibly made a BIG mess that day…LOL.

Christmas Eve to Christmas Day, 2010.

So much to catch up on, and so little time.  Eli is currently in bed, whining that he wants his Mommy.  I’ll try to ignore so that he and I can both have a rest 😉

Christmas Eve was nothing sort of awesome.  Of course!  Dad and I really go all out to spoil our children for Christmas, but I think we get the most of fun of it all.  We get to watch their eyes light up in delight. 

Ok…need a break, Eli really needs me.  Ok, I’m back, now with a baby on my chest 😉  We work well this way.

So Christmas Eve, preparing for the BIG MAN’s day and what do we do?  Cook and go to church.  Hehehe.  Christmas Eve is usually pretty low-key for us because on Christmas Day we run around crazy.  Although, next year, I think we’re changing that to Eve instead of Day 😉  Anyways….

I made all the food I could prepare a day ahead on Christmas Eve.  Christmas morning, Grandma, Popi, GG, Aunt Bunny, and Uncle Bill all come over to watch our boys open their gifts.  I make a HUGE Christmas breakfast so we can all have full tummies while we sit and watch the 2 hours of opening gifts, one by one.  Then, we had to rush off to church at 3pm as Ashton was in the Christmas pageant and needed to be there ONE HOUR EARLY!  Eek.  On Christmas Eve?  Yup.  And trust me when I say, our Priest wasn’t kidding…it was getting crowded, and it was crowded quick!  I’ve never really noticed this as we are usually in the regular church and this time we were in the tent.  Either way, Ashton played Joseph….an I think he’s the cutest Joseph, EVER!

When  we arrived home it was dinner time and time to get ready for bed.  Showers and leaving out Rudolph’s food and Santa’s sugary sweets 🙂 

of course Eli was there…just snuggled up with me 😉

Then the boys climbed up onto Dad and watched a Christmas movie/show….can’t remember.  And I took the cutest photo of them, but since Dad doesn’t want his picture plastered on the internet, I’ll refrain from showing it 😦  It’s super cute.  Oh well.

In the morning we woke up to THIS!!!!

I’m pretty sure our boys were happy…ok, probably just for the day, but heck, it was worth it.

Eli was happy his GG was here to celebrate with him…

Then Mommy will sneak in a snuggle or two from my favorite little people 😉

Ethan threw his arms around his big brother when Ashton made him a beautiful card for Christmas 😉

Eli had a great day…

Aunt Bunny & Uncle Bill bought the 3 big boy cousins this super cute chairs.  Every night our boys watch Toy Story 3 in them…yes, EVERY NIGHT.

And Ethan got a super cool interactive motorcycle from Grandma, Popi, and GG!!

I’d say we had a pretty awesome Christmas.  New Year’s Eve wasn’t much fun as I decided to work for the catering company that I work for from time to time.  Although it was an easy night…we didn’t all stay up and watch the ball fall.  However, I was home in time to see it fall all by myself.  The boys wouldn’t wake up and Daddy didn’t even know I was there, despite the kiss and HAPPY NEW YEAR I screamed in his ear.

Addiction ;)

So I have an addiction, an addiction to FACEBOOK!  hehehe.

I know, it’s nuts.  But as a Stay at Home Mom, you don’t speak to many adults during the 16hours of awake time, and let’s face it, I’m still the same old “social butterfly” my Mom and teachers would all accuse me of being.

I’m not a shy person, I enjoy speaking to friends who are both from my past and in my present.  But most of all, I like to be the person that people feel they can go to.  I am there for any friend.  Even if I met you yesterday.  I’d love to help.  Even if it’s just for an ear to listen.

Well, that is until just recently.  Somethings are unfixable.  This makes me sad.  And sometimes our friends may tell us things that just may put you in a sticky situation.  You, as an adult, need to decide what the “right” thing to do is.  Even if it makes you not the popular person.  You are the one that needs to be able to look at yourself in the mirror at night, lay your head on your pillow, and be ok with the decisions YOU have made for yourself that day.

I, for one, can honestly say, I will always follow my heart.  It doesn’t matter if it ruins our friendship.  If it was for the safety and well-being of others, I’m A-OK with not being the popular person anymore.

So my addiction to Facebook must be broken.  Personal information will know longer be revealed.  I cannot get emotionally involved.  I’ll now talk about things that have happened, but will be in the past, never the present.  I’m a bit nervous to anyone finding out where or when I may be someplace.  I just need to be careful.  We all do.  We all know this, but it just kinda hit home recently. 

Thankfully, NOTHING bad has happened to me.  But the person I reached out to, really hurt my heart.  I think about this persons children and I really hope that help can be found.  But, it’s not my job.  I can only pray for the best.  People have to want to change, NOT be convinced to change.

Hollywood Studios….2010.

Fun times.  Mom and Dad would love to believe we are pretty fun parents for our children.  Sometimes, if you ask them, they will not agree.  Especially while Mommy is yelling, “Clean up this mess.  It’s a disaster in here!”  Disaster being a common used word out of the 5 year olds mouth.  Thank you very much.  I’ve taught him well 😉

Being that we’re so cool and all, we decided to take all 3 boys to Hollywood Studios for the day.  We were instructed to arrive and head straight to Toy Story for a Fast Pass.  Good thing we took our friends Kelli & Steve’s advice.  We didn’t get passes till 3pm!  But when we did arrive at 3pm, the line was 100mins long!  HOLY COW BATMAN!  There isn’t a single ride in the universe I want to ride that badly.  Nope.  Not at all.

Toy Story was awesome.  Especially to the 2 little people in this house whom are TS3 OBSESSED!  Ethan is screaming Woody…Woody!!!  Ashton screaming, BUZZ…BUZZ!  Oh my, I seriously think that Woody and Buzz could be the next Santa Claus to my 2 kids.  LOL.  Just before we went on the ride we were blessed with ultra fabulous seats at the TS Parade.  We were next to Mr. Potato Head and Lotso.  This parade ROCKED!!!

As you can see, the day was filled with fantastic memories.  Mom and Dad didn’t come home bald and we are looking forward to doing it again…maybe when Eli isn’t attached to my chest.

Terrific Kid…who? ASHTON!

Yup, you read that correct.  And this isn’t the first time he’s been awarded this award, this is his 3rd time!  Last year he earned it once and this year, in fact, last month he received it for Spanish (we think?) and this month he received it for in the classroom.  WAY TO GO!!!

Ashton didn’t know.  Instead of him getting a big head, we decided to keep it quiet.  We went about getting ready for school as we always do.  Only Daddy didn’t rush off to work.  Instead, he helped me load the car and then he got into his car and drove off.  Ashton didn’t think anything of this, as it happens from time to time.

But, when we parked in our spot at school and Ethan shouted, “Daddy!”  Ashton was a bit confused.  “Why is Daddy here?  Why are we all going into my classroom,” he asked.  We didn’t tell him.  We proceeded into the classroom where Ms. Deanna said, “Ashton, you’re my Terrific Kid!”  And he smiled from ear to ear 😉

Garrett earned Terrific Kid for the EC 3/4 Class (Ms. Deanna’s son…doesn’t he look excited?  He’s missing his Mommy!)

As always, Ethan is stoked for his big brother.  They are BESTIES!!!

Ethan’s surgery…

This was writen a week or so ago…sorry.  WordPress wouldn’t upload my photos 😦

Ethan had his tonsils and adenoids removed on Friday.  He was so cute going into the doctor’s office.  I taught him to say, “awww, snip, snip.”  Afterall, that’s what the doctor was going to do.  Poor kid didn’t understand what exactly snip snip meant, but Mommy and Daddy did.

We woke up Friday morning and prepped Ashton that he could NOT ask for breakfast.  Period.  When we got in the car to head to school, Mommy would sneak him something to eat, since he sits behind Ethan.  Ashton was perfect.  I was amazed.  Ethan had nothing to eat since 6pm Thursday night, and didn’t even ask for a thing Friday morning.

In order to help keep Ethan on track of not asking for food, we decided to go to the YMCA after dropping Ashton off because that is what we did everyday.  Dad and I took a spin class and about 30mins into it, we were called out as Ethan was having a difficult time calming down.  In the 2 years I’ve been a member at the gym, this has NEVER happened.  Totally random and weird.  I chalked it up to a hungry belly.  E wanted nothing to do with Daddy and was asking for me, so we went ahead and headed home for a quick shower before leaving for the ENT’s office.

The office is the most clean and kid friendly office in town.  Ethan played the Wii for a few minutes then watched The Incredibles.

Once we were called back (appointment at 10:45am) things seemed to go pretty quickly.  The anesthesiologist came and talked to Ethan.  Gave him a high five, helped calm our nerves, and then Ethan put a little light on his finger.  He thought that was pretty cool.  Next Dr. O came out, told him to make a BIG O and they were off!  We watched Ethan walk away with the nurse, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and 20mins later Dr. O told us all was well and we were just to sit tight until he woke up.  We did hear his adenoids were the same size as his tonsils 😦  I asked if they saved them in a jar…I was hoping he would offer to show them to us, but he didn’t.  And I didn’t ask.  LOL

About 35mins later, we were finally notified that we could go to his room.  He was a mess 😦  Crying hysterically and shaking.  It took him about 30mins to finally calm down, and that’s also when the nurse removed his IV.  It was like the thing he needed.  The second the IV was out, my little peanut was BACK!  He wanted down off the bed (I was holding him in my arms), and wanted to walk around and charm all the nurses, and most of all, to EAT HIS ICE POPS!  Within 10mins he finished off 2 ice pops, then asked for another.  The nurse told him no!  I could NOT believe it.  Seriously?  My little guy is STARVED!  Feed this boy.  But she said he could get a tummy ache.  So I didn’t 😦

We left about 15mins later and headed to pick up Ashton at his friend Maier’s house.  Maier and Melaina gave Ethan some Danimals and he drank one up immediately. 

Shortly after getting home he polished off 1/2 a box of Macaroni and Cheese.  Then he began to get a bit needy.

And now, 5days later…he is still needy.  Very whiney, clingy, and tired!  He also sounds like he has a frog in his throat.  Who ever said kids recover from this procedure better than adults is a liar!  Kids don’t complain.  That’s the difference.  But it still hurts him.  He is SICK of the soft foods, but doesn’t understand that goldfish and cookies will hurt his throat.  Then theres the healthy foods, no apples.  Seriously?  Mom’s NEVER say no to apples.  But I am.  UGH.  I’m at my wits end.  He does NOT feel well.  He doesn’t complain of pain, except occasionally, and will tell me when he wants medicine, should he need it, but the tears are uncontrollable.  My little boy is not a crier.  But he is right now.  He’ll cry over everything and anything.  It breaks my heart 😦

But ultimately, he’s fine.  And this procedure is what he needed.  He’ll breathe easier and will finally stop snoring.  But for these two weeks, pray for him.  He just needs comforting.

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