The Happy Herbivores, BIRTHDAY!

And finally…The Happy Herbivores book is on shelves at a local book store NEAR YOU!  Now why is it still there?  Shouldn’t you be driving to that said book store to pick up your copy?  I think so!  And if you’re smart, you’ll hit a store with a fantastic coffee company built right inside so that you may have your sweet juice of this early morning while you flip through your new cookbook, ear-tagging each page you MUST try!!!!  Nutty Butter, Edamole (GREAT for Superbowl parties), Whole Wheat Pancakes…the fluffiest of fluffy!!!  Ok…now run…GRAB YOUR COPY!  I want to see my friend, Lindsay Nixon AUTHOR, sore to #1 on the VEGAN cookbook lists!!!  Only YOU can help make this happen!!!!

BTW…for all of you that LOVE cooking but hate to dirty up your cookbooks…download a copy onto your Kindle, Nook, E-Reader, Cellphone with Amazon Kindle capabilities!  OK….got it?   THANKS!

Click HERE for the BOOK.       Click HERE for the DOWNLOAD.

Even my kids are THRILLED!  But then again, they LOVE Ms. Lindsay 😉