Quickly Approaching…

The day of my Dad’s Memorial Service is quickly approaching. Saturday, in fact. It will be such a bittersweet day.

Bitter because he is no longer here to call.  To tell him my exciting news or to vent to. To hear those sweet words “I love you, Lynnski.”  Or to go over to his home to show off my beautiful family.

Sweet because I can finally lay him to rest. I can share the love I had with him, along with my brother & his family, his long term girlfriend, his best buddy and fantastic caregiver whom I am thankful for more than he will ever know, his mother who should never have had to bury her very own son, and all his friends who he shared many wonderful memories with.

Dad, I know you know how much I miss you, for you hear me cry almost every time I am alone, or when I woke up on Father’s Day and wished you a beautiful day, and when I sing (very loudly) Ashton’s VBS song “In His big house,” and on the 4th of July when I wished Lil’ Gram a Happy Birthday and hoped she was singing you a beautiful Polish song while she made you homemade perogies and gulumpki (how in the world do you spell that word?).  Dad, I know you’re with me. I felt a breeze pass by my shoulders as I was washing dishes in SC.  There was no other reason for a breeze except that you were there. I looked for you but couldn’t see you.

Dad, I may not see you again for many of years to come, but know you are forever in my heart.
Give Gram a big smooch for me and Quinn the tightest hug in the world….from his Mama. I hope you’re enjoying your Grandson.

Cheers, holding your most favorite wine 😉 

Love you, Lynnski
Forever, your little girl.


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