Day 4, Cinch! Fast Forward Detox.

I woke up this morning, miserable.  I decided I needed more food, so I was not going to workout today.  I’m not sure that is the true solution to losing weight.  I’ve been super successful with working out and eating right.  I think not going to the gym for lack of feeling satisfied, is a seriously BAD excuse. 

But, I stayed home.  And what did I do?  Nothing.  I need to clean my house.  NEED TOO!  I have zero motivation to do anything, and I’m hosting my sister in laws baby shower on Saturday.  I need to kick my bootie into HIGH GEAR! 

My stats…as of this am, I’m down 4.2lbs TOTAL!  Not bad for 3 days of hard work.  After breakfast and lunch today, I’ve decided this is not a plan for me.  I need more food.  More power to all of you that can do this and stick with it, but to me it’s like depriving myself.  Sad.  I don’t like to feel that way.  If I want a banana who is to tell you not to have one?  It’s a BANANA for goodness sake!

So that is where I think of my DEAR friend The Happy Herbivore.  If you haven’t been to my blog long, then you should know, Lindsay Nixon and I have been close friends for 14+years!  She even attended my college graduation 😉  She is a lawyer, a Vegan Chef, and a loving wife/daughter/friend.  She is the REASON I became a vegetarian.  She is also the person that told me time and time again, there is NO QUICK FIX.  Chose a healthy lifestyle.  Stick to what works for YOU.  Although she is Vegan, she pushes a healthy lifestyle on her family and friends.  She knows becoming a vegetarian isn’t for everyone, but healthy eating should be.  And even a few vegetarian meals per week is a good idea.  That is how I began.  Then I dove in, 100%.  The Happy Herbivore’s 1st cookbook has already hit your stores!  But to preorder on amazon, click HERE!

The Happy Herbivore guided me from losing my prepregnancy weight with Ethan, to dropping an ADDITIONAL 20lbs.  There is NO doubt in my mind, I will drop this weight again.  It’s only been 4months since I had Eli, and with the helps of this detox, I’m only 4lbs away.  I’m close.  Super close.  I will get there.  And then I’ll want more off.  That’s just the way I work.

So I’m calling it quits on my yogurt/spinach/almonds/almond butter/raspberries….I’m sick of all of you!  I need a crunch.  I want a crunchy salad for dinner tonight with pecans!  My wonderful husband is taking me to the OUTBACK.  Where I will eat salad and a delicious sweet potato.  How could that be wrong?  It is right on so many levels in my eyes.  LOL.

So to all those out there doing this Detox….ENJOY!  Be merry!  But most of all, don’t binge when your done.  Pull out before you get to that point.  I can feel if I stick to this diet, I will most certainly stick my head in a pile of bread and not quit eating till it’s gone.  Haaaaaa…of course I’m kidding.  But I’m almost at that point.


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