Terrific Kid…who? ASHTON!

Yup, you read that correct.  And this isn’t the first time he’s been awarded this award, this is his 3rd time!  Last year he earned it once and this year, in fact, last month he received it for Spanish (we think?) and this month he received it for in the classroom.  WAY TO GO!!!

Ashton didn’t know.  Instead of him getting a big head, we decided to keep it quiet.  We went about getting ready for school as we always do.  Only Daddy didn’t rush off to work.  Instead, he helped me load the car and then he got into his car and drove off.  Ashton didn’t think anything of this, as it happens from time to time.

But, when we parked in our spot at school and Ethan shouted, “Daddy!”  Ashton was a bit confused.  “Why is Daddy here?  Why are we all going into my classroom,” he asked.  We didn’t tell him.  We proceeded into the classroom where Ms. Deanna said, “Ashton, you’re my Terrific Kid!”  And he smiled from ear to ear 😉

Garrett earned Terrific Kid for the EC 3/4 Class (Ms. Deanna’s son…doesn’t he look excited?  He’s missing his Mommy!)

As always, Ethan is stoked for his big brother.  They are BESTIES!!!


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