Sad…so sad :(

Last week, Kilo had many accidents in the house.  Most of the time, I just brushed them off as I can always clean a mess.  But then on Friday morning I woke up and felt wet by feet.  Kilo was there so I assumed he was cleaning himself.  I began thinking this over in my head and thought why would he be cleaning himself at 5am?  So I got up and felt it.  Oh he soiled the bed, and was still laying in it 😦  Dogs don’t do this.  Not healthy dogs.

Daddy said to relax.  Give him another chance.  After all, Kilo is a GREAT dog.  And he’s my baby.  So we did.  So another week goes by with more in the house accidents, again, nothing to get upset over.  Then comes today.  Dad is away on a ‘mancation’ while it’s just me and the boys.  Ethan came in our room at 5am and wanted to sleep with me.  No problem, while Dad is away, I’ll snuggle E.  We fall asleep quickly and at 6am I jump into the shower. 

Ethan was still sleeping as was Kilo.  Still, in our bed.  I get out of the shower, get dressed, and wake up Ethan.  I was playing with him for a few minutes when I said, ok, it’s time to get up.  I rolled over and noticed Kilo was popping a squat in my BED!  I grab him and put him on the tile, only now, I notice my knees were in the poo.  He already did some of it in our BED!  And, under the sheets.  YUCK! 

I put Kilo in the shower, strip the bed, clean myself up, oh the smell….why are dogs poo so stinky? 

I then call Daddy and say it’s time.  We’ve got to do something.  Kilo has the final stages of a heart murmur.  This is not fun.  I’m sure he doesn’t enjoy sitting/sleeping in his own feces. 

I called Heather and found out what steps need to be done.  But she also encouraged me to “REALLY” think about this.  Remember, cleaning up an accident isn’t the end of the world.

I think she’s right.  He still seems happy and content.  I did pick up my parents dog crate and I’m going to crate him when we leave and when we go to bed.  Much easier to clean that up then my bed.  Let’s hope he doesn’t mind.  He hasn’t been in a crate since my college days, when I first got Kilo.

I won’t be doing anything until Daddy returns home.  I’m certain I can’t do this alone, and he deserves to say good-bye as well.  Kilo is 12 years old this Deceber and Daddy has been with us for 9 of those years.  Kilo loves Daddy just as much as he loves me an our boys. 

One strange thing Kilo has been doing is laying where ever Eli was previously at.  It seems so strange, as Kilo never really bothers with the kids.  Ethan is his best buddy of all of them, but that is because Ethan is always wanting to love, hug, kiss Kilo.  He is happy to give Ethan his wishes, but he doesn’t seek out this type of attention.

Sniff…..such a hard thing to deal with.


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