Ethan goes to the doctor…..

On Tuesday I finally decided to take Ethan to the doctor.  He’s been sticking his finger in his ear for some time now and after my Dad finally commented on it, I figured he must be doing it a bit too often.  I assumed Ethan found a hole, and just wanted to touch it…you know how kids are.

Well he hasn’t been complaining, but the doctor looked in his ears, and they are clear.  Then she looked in his throat and BAM!  OUCH.  His tonsils are so large they are touching his little punching bag thing, uvela.  Yuck.  So he is taking some medicine for 2 wks, then he’s getting an x-ray.  If he is still swollen, we are off to an ENT for his tonsils and adenoids to be removed 😦 Ultimately, it looks like this is what will be happening.

This could be the reason for his speech not to be as clear as we would like and it could also be the reason for his misbehavior.  But then again, it might not be.  It just might be Ethan being Ethan and his behavior due to the fact that he is 2 and loves to test us 🙂  Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.  Not that I want him to go through all of that, but at the same time, if it helps him, let’s do it.  I have noticed he has been a fussy eater and if you know Ethan, our kid LOVES food.  Again, I assumed it was just him being a 2 yo.  But maybe, he’s in pain? 

While we were there I went ahead and asked her to look at Eli.  I was certain he has GERD just like big brother Ethan and low and behold, I was correct.  Doctor said this is probably why he hates the car so much, he literally screams/cries 90% of EACH and EVERY car ride.  In fact, the day we went to the doctor was the FIRST time he made it to Ashton’s school (7miles), into school, and to the doctor without so much as a fuss.  However, the way home and to the pharmacy he let me have it.  Boy oh boy did he.  He was mad!  LOL.  But anyways, he is on medicine as well and the first day, Tuesday night, went 10 hours between feedings, and SLEPT for 8 of those 10 hours!  Yes, I would say the medicine is already helping.  Last night was another 10 hour night.  LOVELY.  My body doesn’t even know how to respond to such sleep that I woke up with a headache!  LOL

Ok, so I’ll keep you posted, but right now, Eli wants my arms back.  Oh it’s a good thing I love that kid 😉

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