Who doesn’t love photos?  Not me, that’s for SURE!

But, this month is crazy with pictures.  And that, I hate.  First, on Tuesday was Ashton’s school photos, then on Saturday (today) was Ashton’s baseball photos, and at the end of the month, I do his 5yo photos.  GESH!  That’s just too much.  Seriously.  Thankfully, I’m pretty level headed.  I bought his baseball photos for my Aunt Bunny to put in his scrapbook, because she rocks and makes me AWESOME scrapbooks.  And I bought his school photos for his extended family.

Ok, so that leaves me with today.  On a photo kick.  I dressed them up and look what I got…ok, baseball photos are because he was off to BASEBALL PHOTOS…duh.

Ashton is an Angel, and PROUD.  He rocks the red and white outfit if I do so say myself.  I have to admit, I’m excited for what baseball holds for us…but if I had to guess, we better stick to the books for AT.  He isn’t so good on the field 😦

Handsome, don’t cha think?  I like his BIG nose.  Reminds me of my Dad.  And right now, I like that reminder, a lot.



So I liked my photo shoot…and the BEST ones…well they are kept on the down-low, because some of you just might be seeing them in your near future 😉  LOL


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