2 week appointment

Eli seems to be growing right on target. 

Length, 21 1/2″ 75th percentile

Head, 14″ 75th percentile

Weight 8.15lbs 50th percentile.

He is eating about 4oz every 4hours for well over a week now.  He is a fantastic sleeper, so I will not speak anymore of it, for fear he will change his behaviors.  He looks around all the time and seems to really enjoy his brothers comforting him.  His favorite spot is still on Mommy’s chest and it always seems to calm him whenever he is having a rough moment.  Moments are all they are, for this child, is an angel 😉

And his cute socks….

He has taken to a lovely schedule.  Eating every 4hours beginning at 9am sharp.  Daddy does the 5am feedings and the 9pm feedings while Mommy tries to get a little extra sleep time in.  He is a totally belly sleeper and seems to be doing a great job on his belly.  He can pick up his head, look around, and even scoot just a bit.  He is definitely showing the tall tale sign of GERD…grrrrrrr….and hence the reason his belly is the preferred method of sleeping.  I’m glad I was prepared for another GERD baby as I’m pretty sure I could never relive Ethan’s insomnia of 7 full weeks for his first weeks of life.  Unless Ethan was sleeping on my chest he would not sleep.  It was a belly thing.  I did not feel comfortable putting him on his belly in his bassinet or crib.  That was until the doctor told me that he had GERD and probably wanted to sleep that way.  And at 7wks, and his first dose of meds, he slept on his belly for 12 straight hours.  Oh how life was good from that point on.

We put Eli in his crib for several days during naptime on his belly and watched him like a hawk.  Since he seemed pretty good with his picking up of his head, the doctor ok’ed him to sleep on his belly.  Her exact words, “We survived on our bellies, he will too.”  She’s right.  He’ll be fine. 

And his brothers take excellent care of him…

Other than eating, looking around for about an hour, and then taking a 2 hour snooze, Eli is pretty easy going.  I like it that way.  After 2 kids before him, I think I’m do for an easy baby again.  Ashton was cake.  Ethan…well, he sure is cute 😉

Goodnight, Ethan, the crazy kid 😉


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