13 days old….

And how I love thee…let me count thy ways…

1. Your sweet hair, that I smell all day long.

2. Our late nights together when all you want is to be in my arms or on my chest with a bottle placed happily in our mouth.

3. Your sweet eyes, that open up at the most random moments of the day.

4. Your nose that reminds me of my Dad and the small amount of Polish blood I have shared with you.

5.  Your skinny legs, that really do look just like your Daddy’s.

6. The long hair you have that is driving me nuts…I just want to trim it around your ears, but I’ll refrain.

7. Those blue eyes, that I’m certain, will not change.  For your Daddy and your brothers have those same blue eyes.

8. Your sweet little fingers, that ever so gently, grab your big brother Ashton’s finger and he giggles in delight.

9. The joy you bring to brothers when they are able to hold you, mainly Ashton, but Ethan does love to kiss your sweet head.

10. And lastly, for completing our family.  You are exactly what we needed.

All my love, our precious little boy, Elijah.

Love, Mama


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