11 days old…time is flying by…

Wow.  What a FANTASTIC, almost, 2 weeks of my life!!!!  I love it.  Busy, is an understatement.  Period.

Thursday, just 6 days out of womb, I took Eli to his very first visit to Target.  It was so nice to be out of this house.  I don’t think I’ve ever stayed in the house this long with any of my children.  But the more you have, the more difficult it becomes to get out.  Friday, Daddy had to return to work.  I was nervous, just a little.  Mainly on how tired I’d be, but I was good, I spoiled myself with Starbucks.  Starbucks takes care of all tiredness 😉

This is how Eli sleeps.  Wrapped super tight.

Daddy brought Ashton to school in the morning and I had pickup duty.  No biggy really.  And, in fact, that helps tremendously!  Taking the 3 boys out of the car for a mere matter of minutes, kinda sucks.  After school, we hit Aunt Bunny’s house.  She didn’t really have much time with Eli yet, and I needed to pick something up at her house.  So the boys played with Uncle Bill for about 2 hours while Eli had some snuggle time with Aunt Bunny and myself.  Once we got home Ethan went straight to nap and my good friend Heather stopped by with some goodies.  Wine and a balloon!  How well she knows us 😉  The wine is yummy and the boys LOVE balloons. 

When it was time for Ms. Heather to go pick up her own 2 sons, I asked her to follow me to Target so I could run in.  She did.  Then we went off to Daddy’s first home football game.  We had dinner at Carrabba’s, “Party of 5 please.”  WOW!  This will take some getting used to.  We were seated right away and dinner was yummy.  The boys were excellent at the football game, Ashton and Ethan were so amazing that we even spoiled them with a little ice cream for the ride home.  I finally made it home at 9:30pm, way past bed time, the older boys went straight to dreamland while Eli and I snuggled for another round of feedings.  I was so proud of all my boys.  They did amazing, considering it was our first day alone together, and I had them going all day long. 

Saturday we woke up and decided to just relax.  Then around 3pm we decided we’d take the kids to the USF tailgate.  We didn’t think the older boys would be much fun for the game, so we thought the tailgate would be perfect.  Time to get out of the house, throw the football around, yell, scream, laugh, just good times.  Well all was perfect until we were told there is no more throwing of footballs at the tailgates.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  No throwing of ANY kind.  What are kids supposed to do?  Not to mention, it was so hot, we were literally soaked in our clothes.  Brutally hot.  But I really wanted to get out of the house, socialize with some friends, and just relax.  Thankfully, Daddy and the boys don’t mind sweating, so it was really just me who we needed to worry about, and well, I was having too much of a good time to worry about sweating a little.  LOL

Sunday morning I woke up and my Mom said she was heading out to Orlando to visit my Uncle and his family for their last day of their Disney vacation.  I wasn’t sure, at first, if we’d be able to make it, again, another challenge with 3 kids, dinner at 5:30pm, and an hour drive each way.  But, we DID it!!!  And I’m so happy we did.  We had a party of 17 people!  It was nice.  I haven’t seen my cousins Megan and Tommy since they were itty bitty.  I was in college doing my internship with Circuit City.  I was 20yrs old.  So 12yrs ago is the last time I seen them both.  Megan was about 5 or 6 and Tommy was 2 or 3.  WOW!  Have they grown up.  Megan is as tall as me, and gorgeous, and Tommy is BIGGER than me and he’s only 14yrs old.  GESH!!!!  How does that happen?  Are our boys going to grow that fast?  Oh dear, I hope not.  Better cherish these moments while I have them.  The boys were absolutely FANTASTIC.  Something we did not expect, but they were.  We were very proud of them.  That’s a long time to be trapped in carseats and dinner. 

Aunt Robin, Uncle Vinnie, Tommy, and Megan

Monday we decided to do nothing.  Well, I mean, no leaving the house.  LOL.  Daddy and the boys pressure washed the porch and outside of the house while Mommy sat and snuggled Eli all morning long.  When Daddy came in, he helped me with cleaning the floors and moving furniture around to clean up crumbs…yuck!  But it’s done.  When we were finished Aunt Dana and Howie arrived and Dana took over the snuggle time with Eli.  Yesterday was a difficult day as he did not want to be put down for a minute.  I thought maybe he was getting GERD and maybe having tummy problems, he still may be, but I’m not 100% sure yet.  Ethan had it, and it was a nightmare until you can give them medicine. 

Eli is now napping in his crib.  Let’s hope yesterdays 24hours need of being held was a fluke and it never happens again.  I love cuddle time, but I’m not that Mom.  I need rest myself and I need my house in order.  And now that Daddy’s back to work, I need my arms from time to time.  LOL.


And now that we are only about 7-8wks away from my biggest boy turning 5yo, I went ahead and booked his Bowling Alley birthday party today!  OMG.  He is almost 5yo!  I can hardly believe it.  I’ve been telling him for months, “Ashton, you’re almost 5yo’s.  5yo’s don’t do that, or do this, or blah blah blah.”  But now it’s time!  He is really almost 5yo.  YIKES!  So now I’m on the hunt of what to buy an almost 5yo.  It has to be educational.  So if you have a suggestion, let me know.  Until then, we’ll be brainstorming birthday party fun. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed the random photos of Eli.


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