Almost 24hours old!

Last night I didn’t sleep.  Not because Eli was crying, but because Mama couldn’t stop staring at the last beautiful baby we will create.  It’s bittersweet, sure.  But I do not want to be pregnant again.  I want others to enjoy that.  Me, not so much.  I’m GREAT with the 4 little miracle boys me and my husband were blessed to have.  Now this doesn’t mean if God has other plans I would be upset, nope, not in the slightest.  All children are blessings. 

Without further due, PHOTOS!!!!  Glorious photos. 

Remember, I was VERY sick pre-baby…please forgive the appearance of myself.  I’m totally embarrassed of these pictures, but hey, we’ve all been sick, and we most certainly know that it is NO fun to be sick and then be pregnant and go into labor all at the same time.  So here goes….

Just found out after 4 hours of 2 1/2 min apart contractions, I’m STILL a 3.  Gesh, Eli, are you content or what?

Can you say HOTSPOT?  If you’ve had a baby and don’t know what a Hotspot is, count it as a blessing!!! 

After 30seconds of gentle pushes, Elijah Joseph was welcomed into our world.

And Mama’s in love, all over again 😉

After a nice bath…he has skin like Ethan, straight hair like Ethan, but his hair color is all Ashton.  I wonder if he’ll favor one over the other or if he’ll just like our little Eli?  Time will tell.

Today was a new day.  I barely slept a wink last night.  Who could sleep when they could instead be awake cuddling a new bundle of joy.  I’d much rather kiss him all night then sleep.  But at 4am, my body told me that was enough acting like a college gal, up all hours of the night, and I drifted off to sleep.  Only to be woken over and over again by the amount of people that need to check, poke, and pry.  No fun, but it’s the name of the game.  By 7am when my Mom called to check on me, I was a complete mess and out of it.  At 8am T called and said he was almost here and again, I’m out of it.  It took everything in me to wake up.  I did it.  I ate breakfast and showered, and boy did that make me feel amazing 😉

Just as I finished getting dressed, look who shows up….

The Big Brother Security Team 😉  Ashton was over the moon excited to see his baby brother, Eli.  Ethan, not as happy.  In fact, he wanted nothing to do with Eli, or whoever was holding him.  Now that makes me sad.  But I know this will be over soon enough and he’ll love every moment of being a BIG BROTHER 😉

Ashton is loving EVERY minute of this being a big brother for a 2nd time business!  He wouldn’t let Eli out of his sight for one moment.  He wasn’t hyper, he was jumping around, he was calm as a cucumber, Ashton.  He is the Ashton that I remember having the first 3yrs of his life where I thought, he must be the best baby in the world.  That is until he began growing up and learning how to step out of the box.  LOL.

Ashton sings to his baby brother.  Nothing is more precious.

Ashton patiently awaiting his NEXT turn at holding Eli…while Howie (seen falling off the couch in picture above) and Ethan do this….

Then it occurs to me that MY BIG BROTHER, is here!  Holding my NEWBORN!  That’s never happened before.  Damn military…LOL….I’m kidding 😉

And since our boys had to leave with Grandma and Papa, Howie decided it would be nice to kiss on his new baby cousin.

And that is how we said bye-bye” to those related to us, today.  All our friends showed up next round!  What a busy day.  Daddy has just gone home.  The house needs to be disinfected before Elijah and I can come home tomorrow, and Elijah is asking for Mommy to either hold him or feed him.  Either way, it’s time to snuggle.  And I’m in desperate need of a nap.  Yes, at 6:15pm, it will only be a nap.  I’ll be up all night again, I’m sure of it.



  1. Carmen said,

    August 29, 2010 at 9:44 am

    You are amazing. Such beautiful boys you make. I’m so happy for you. Hope you are home and getting some rest. Easier said than done!

  2. August 30, 2010 at 12:11 pm

    congrats! maybe baby #5 (a girl!) will surprise you in a few years! You can’t even tell you are sick — you look beautiful and A & E look happy to be big bros!

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