Elijah Joseph, August 27, 2010.

Our little Elijah.  Finally!  Our Eli!!!! 

Some of you may know, Elijah has been on the TOP of my boy list since having Ashton.  Daddy relates to it on a whole other level and he just wasn’t sold on it….UNTIL…..

Father’s Day.  On Father’s Day, we were driving home from Orlando and Daddy said to me, “How about Elijah?”  OMG.  I about threw my arms around him almost causing him to crash on the highway.  I couldn’t believe my ears!!!  And within 3 mins, his name became Elijah Joseph.  The Joseph is from Quinn’s middle name (from my brother) because we wanted the one “R” who was never around with his angel brother, to have a small piece of him to carry on.

Elijah Joseph was born at 5:00pm weighing in at 8.2 1/2lbs and 20″ long.  Our smallest baby of them all.  Big brothers Ashton and Ethan were both 8.3lbs and 21″ long.  Funny how close they really are in numbers, wouldn’t you say?  His Apgar scores were 9 and 9. 

At 9am this morning I called T at work and told him my temperature was 104.8, it would drop to 102.7, and then go right back up.  I began to get scared and did not want my parents near me if I indeed have the flu.  My Grandma has far too much cancer in her body to get the flu and I would NEVER be able to forgive myself.

T came home from work immediately, while I called the doctor.  Dr. Roberts….my BESTEST FRIEND!  Oh I love Dr. Roberts!!!  Have I ever told my blogger friends that?  Well I do.  She is amazing.  She even scheduled me to be induced with her.  I love her.  So when I called, the nurse informed me Dr. Roberts wanted to see me and was doing everything in her power to get me induced TODAY!

We arrive at the office around 10:15am.  My fever is 102.9 and Dr. Roberts says, “You will NOT be leaving this office today!!!”  YIPPIE!!!  She said the only reason I was sent away before is because my temperature was always just slightly elevated.  Dr. Roberts was talking with Dr. Baker (who seen me yesterday) and just felt horrible.  I was in such discomfort yesterday and Dr. Baker just couldn’t get me in with all the beds taken 😦

Well it worked out for the BEST!  Dr. Matthews was on call today through the weekend, but when Elijah was prepared to enter our world, Matthews was in the OR and Dr. Roberts said, “I’ll DO IT!!!”  And she came in with a FULL teeth smile and was so excited to deliver OUR SON!!!!  Yeah, Dr. Roberts.  Did you know you are my NEW best friend?  You are.  Sorry Aja.  She made me feel like a WOMAN again.  I love her forever!!!!

So let me give you a quick run down.  At 11am I was sent to L&D and patiently waited in waiting room while having horrible cramps since 10am.  Who would have thought these CRAMPS were contractions.  Like no other contraction I’ve ever had.  Not only was I having contractions, they were also 2 1/2 mins apart.  YES.  That’s fast and UNCOMFORTABLE.

At 1pm I finally got a bed.  YIPPIE!  At 2:08pm I had an epidural.  Thank heavens!!!!  However, I had a hotspot.  Never heard of that before, well until yesterday…when my friend Jenn who had her baby on Tuesday, mentioned she had a hotspot.  Well those suck!  My RN began calling the Anesthesiologist at 3pm and he did not arrive to the room until 4:45pm, just as Dr. Roberts walked in the room and began suiting up.  Why?  Because I went from 3 centimeters at 3pm to 10 centimeters at 4:45pm.  That hotspot being there the whole time.  The Anesthesiologist threw a BIG dose into my line and BAM, I couldn’t feel a thing.  LOVELY.  His head was RIGHT there.  And I did not need to feel it ripping me open.  3 small pushes and he was OUT.  I started at 4:55pm and ended at 5pm.  SWEET RELIEF!

He is under the heat lamp now and really wants Mommy.  Since the nurse is just about to give him to me, I’ll sign off and tell you there will be lots of wonderful photos to view tomorrow.  I promise.  And maybe even a video, if I can get one clean for my blog. 

Love  to ALL my friends.  Thank you for caring about us, checking on us, texting, emails…I love it all.  It makes me feel special to have such wonderful people in our lives.  We sure are lucky!!!!



  1. August 27, 2010 at 11:02 pm

    I love birth stories! So glad your little man is finally here. Rest up and get better so you can enjoy these first precious sleepy newborn days!

  2. sonya said,

    August 27, 2010 at 11:13 pm

    So glad everything went well and little Elijah is here! You are one quick blogger:)

  3. Aja said,

    August 28, 2010 at 12:00 am

    Can’t wait to meet my newest nephew! And obviously Elijah’s mommy is not in her right mind just after giving birth — I am irreplaceable as your best friend! Duh! 🙂 Love you very much and will be driving straight to your house on my way home from the mountains. Give ALL my nephews kisses and cuddles for me! XOXOXO

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