The Flu….seriously???

Tuesday I woke up with a terrible neck shoulder pain.  Chalked that up to sleeping wrong.

Tuesday night, beginning at 7:30pm, I began having severe back pain.  By 11pm I was out of bed and couldn’t get back to sleep if I even slept at all.  I could not believe the amount of pain I was in.  Around 2am I decided to lay down again, and of course, nothing helped.  By 4am,  I woke T up and began crying.  I was in terrible pain and didn’t know what to do.  He rubbed my back while I hunched over holding my pillow.  He then convinced me to call the OB and see if I was having back labor.  She believed it was a kidney stone and said to come in to the office first thing in the morning.

This is now Wednesday, we arrive at 9:30am, bags in car, and find out, not back labor.  But better yet, NO KIDNEY STONES!  Thank heavens.  Because that would have just been cruel.  But now I was working on 14 hours of severe back pain and no explanation as to why.  Doctor blamed it on my rough Tuesday.  The power went out in the house for 5hours, and the worst part, Ashton was at school and being release.  One problem, I couldn’t lift the garage door.  So I couldn’t get out.  However, I had a very good friend, Agatha, pick Ashton up.  I was not concerned about his well being, I knew he was safe, so I couldn’t imagine that I was so stressed that I hurt my back, but what do I know?  Doc said go home and take Motrin.  Usually a no-no for a pregnant person, but hey, I wasn’t going to argue.  I took it and felt a zillion times better.  5 hours later, I had the chills for 2 hours, then the sweats, and finally the Motrin kicked in again.   Pretty much my cycle.   I slept pretty well last night, for being 39wks pregnant with the flu, but when I woke up at 5am, it hit me again.  Like a ton of bricks.  A semi going 70miles an hour.  I could barely stand.

I come out to the couch, the recliners seem to lift the baby off my lower half and make me feel a bit better.  That is until the chills set in, then the sweats.  Oh dear, not again.  Then at 7am, I take more Motrin.  I asked Ashton to fill up my cup with ice and water.  I already had 3 full cups of ice water and it seemed to be fine.  T gives me the Motrin, I pop it in my mouth, and I went to take a gulp of water, NOTHING.  Ashton must have filled Daddy’s cup.  LOL.  Well there was only a drop and down the Motrin went with no water 😦

T just called a co-worker to let them know about how I was doing and check on things when all of a sudden, I begin puking everywhere.  Remember, I’m very weak.  I did have a blanket and long sleeve shirt, tank top, and sports bra on.  Well EVERYTHING was saturated.  Covered in water.  I believe all 3 cups came right back up.  Lovely.  Poor Ashton watched the whole thing.  And he sure has a sensitive soul when it comes to his Mama, he ran around looking for a bucket for me to finish in.  He was so sad.  Daddy decided no school for him (they were leaving in 2mins) and to call his Mom and ask her to get both kids out of the house.  The last thing we need is spread this around when a new baby will be arriving any day now.

We take my temperature, 102.5.  Wow.  This explains a lot.  I go to bed.  I wake up in a pile of sweat and to T wanting to take my temperature.  UGH!!!  Now it’s 101.7.  Getting a little better but soaked in sweat.  He asks me to call the OB.  I said, “NOWAY!”  We were already there 2x this week, I have an appointment tomorrow, there was NOWAY, I was calling again.  Nope.  So guess what?  He calls.  Explains it all to the nurse who then says, we need her to come back.  OMG.  You cannot be serious.

I need to shower.  T says no.  Well you can’t go to the doctor dripping in sweat.  I shower.  I then sit on the couch and begin to eat a bagel with jelly, per my Mom’s instructions.  I’m able to keep it down!!  Then the doorbell rings.  It’s another great friend from Ashton’s school, Ms. Becky.  She brings us over flowers, cookies, fruit, dinner, and good bags for the kids…with ICE CREAM!  She is so sweet, all I could do was cry.  I couldn’t even tell her thank you.  I was an emotional wreck.  LOL.  Not sure why.  It was just so sweet.

We get to the doctor and what do you know, I’m dehydrated.  So he checks me, I’m the same as yesterday, and he sends me downstairs to triage to have some IV Fluids put in me.  Great.  Let’s hope it works, right?

2 liters of water later, a couple Tylenol, a quick visit from one of my OB’s who tried her hardest to induce me today but there were simply no beds available, and I was outta there.  But not without going potty one more time.  This time was different.  After I went potty I stood up and and a stream came out of me.  I went back to the potty and MORE came.  I didn’t know what to think so I called my RN back to the bathroom and I told her I thought my water broke.  There was a big puddle on the floor, she tested it, nope, PEE.  So yes….I was so embarrassed.  Funny now, embarrassing then.  LOL.

All day I’ve complained of a TERRIBLE splitting headache.  Feels like it’s going to explode.  So far, it hasn’t.  LOL.  We decided to go to dinner at Olive Garden.  It was 3:30pm and we haven’t had anything to eat pretty much all day.  Who knows, maybe that is the reason for the headache.  NOPE.  3hours later, it’s still killing me.  My neck is very sore as well.  I believe this is just the cruel way the flu works.  Moving from muscle to muscle.  BLAH.  I’m hoping it’s all over by Saturday morning so I can enjoy my children for one last weekend before we bring home their baby brother 🙂

As for contractions, yes, I’m getting them, but nothing regular.  About every 15-25mins.  When they come, they HURT.  But not consistent enough and this has definitely been proved by the 4 doctor visits I’ve had since MONDAY!  Gesh.  Thankfully, tomorrows was cancelled.  I’m sending Daddy to work tomorrow in hopes that he can get one day in without worrying about me or being bothered by me.  The kids are staying with Grandma and my parents are just a few minutes away if I need them.  Thank GOD for family 😉


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