False Alarm…

And here you’d think after having 2 pregnancies, there would be no such thing as a FALSE ALARM.  We’ll you aren’t me.  LOL.

Ok, so here I am…chillin’ on the couch, chatting it up with my cousin on the phone.  I’ve had the worst headache the past 2 days and she was trying to help me figure out what to do to make it better.  Natural stuff.  Since pregnant women can’t have anything.  So I hang up the phone with her, see myself and Ethan to the potty, grab some water for the road, and off we go to pick up Ashton.

I pull up at his school at 11:55am.  I’m on the phone with my friend Colleen, when I say, “Hold on one sec.”  I look at my phone, we have been talking for 6mins and 5seconds, and I’ve had 3 contractions.  No big deal.  But then I say to her, you know, since I was on the phone with my cousin, I’ve been having them.  Strange.

I start to think about when I started talking to Dee Dee and it was around 10:45am that the contractions began.  I decide, maybe I should start paying closer attention.  My friend Becky pulls up next to me in the parking lot and I said, “I think I’m in labor!”  She was stunned.  Kept saying, “You’re making my hair stand up!”  hehehe.  So we walk into school, chatting it up, telling Ashton today just might be the day, telling his teacher, walking out, super excited, and thinking of all the things I need to do.

I call T.  He says, call me when  you leave Ashton’s school and you’re home.  Ok.  I call the OB to see what she thinks I ought to do and she said, “Since you don’t sound like you’re in pain, if you’d prefer to just go to the office (on the 2nd floor of the hospital) then you can go in at 1:30pm.”  That sounded perfect.  It was noon.  I needed to get home, pack, shower again, and drive there.  I really did NOT want to sit in L&D for 4hours to be monitored, to get sent home.

I called T back and he said it was raining pretty badly in Tampa and would prefer to come get me.  He also said to go ahead and call my parents to watch the kids.  Easy enough.

My parents come, I’m all packed, say good-bye to the kids, and we’re off.  Getting to the office around 2pm.  Dr. M checks me out and says, “You’re the same as on Thursday.  Maybe I’ll see you tonight, but as of now, those contractions are nothing.”  BUMMER!

We got in the car, and came home.

On a happier note….we had some of the most FANTASTIC news in the world today.  I wish I could share it all with you, but for now it will have to wait.  Soon enough it will come out, but for now, I’ll have to keep it to myself 😉


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