39wks….and going STRONG.

Well not really.  But it sounds like the right thing to say.  LOL.  I’m actually in a lot of pain today.  We shall see.  But I’m still betting next Saturday, my 40wk mark, will mark his arrival day into our lives.  We shall see, only time will tell.

Either way, I have NO MORE than 9 nights of rest without a baby in this house.  YIPPIE!  That means, maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to BEND.  LOL.  Right now, I could seriously win a million dollars on Funniest Home Videos for the way I have to roll out of bed very carefully, while my bones shift positions (apparently this is normal?), and I fall forward while grabbing the wall for support, until the sharp pain disappears and I can finish walked the 2ft to my bathroom.  Fun times.  Yeah, right.  But they are almost over, and knowing that this will never again happen in my life, I’m embracing it.  Well, as much as I can.

I kiss my boys goodnight each night and say, “Would you like Mommy to wake you up if your brother decides to come today?”  Their answer is always yes.  And every morning they wake ME up, instead of me waking them, and still no baby.  It’s ok, as long as this little boy is happy inside of me, I’m happy.  After all, once he breaks out into this world, I’m the BOSS!  Just ask Ashton.  He’ll tell ya what’s up.  Daddy is the boss of all the people at his work, and Mommy is the boss at home.  TRU DAT!

So today is Saturday.  The hubby is off to do Fantasy Football for probably a good 5hours, while I’m at home with these boys.  I could lie and tell you I have this great day planned, but seriously, it’s too hot to do anything.  ANYTHING.  I’m not going to bust my rear end outside or driving around looking for things to do.  Nope.  Too hot.  Not worth it.  Daddy will take them swimming in a few while I continue sitting on my bottom and flipping channels on the tube or playing on the internet.  I know you’re jealous.  But don’t be.  This is KILLING me.  I hate sitting around.  Especially on a Saturday 😦

Enjoy your weekend, all 😉


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