First day of school…

Ashton went back to school today.  Of course I had to bust out in song from Grease, Back to School….AGAIN.  Love it.  He laughed at me the whole way to his first day.

I told Ashton I had to get a 1st day photo, his response, “In front of the cross, Mom.  In front of the cross.”  Ok, dude, I got it.  You’re in front of the cross and I’m glad to know the cross, Jesus, is important to you 😉

He was super excited to see all his friends again.  He gave me the entire day, play by play.  He had the best time.  Playing with Maier, Maisi, and of course, Princess Bella.  He also met one new little boy, Joshua.  He seems to really take a liking to this Joshua, so I hope he likes Ashton just as much 😉

I tried posting a photo of my BIG BOY off to his first day in Early Childhood 4yo’s, but for some reason, I’m having issues with wordpress.  Stay tuned.  I’m working on it.  Sure would suck if I don’t get this problem fixed and I have a baby in the near future.  Some of you would blow my phone up until I sent you a photo.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE 🙂

PROBLEM SOLVED!  Must have been a wordpress update going on.

And for the curious minds…I had a pregnancy photo shoot last week on Monday.  I was 37.2wks pregnant.  I really wasn’t feeling this photo shoot.  Did NOT want to do it.  But Sunday morning when I woke up, I made the appointment.  Figuring, I’d totally regret if I didn’t do this.  So here is what we got.  Not great, but not bad.

Next up, a family of 5 photo shoot.  Probably around Christmas time.  That is the last time we had one.  Just days before we found out we were expecting this little guy in my belly 😉


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