38.5 weeks….

And still hanging in there.

Back to the doctor me and the boys went today.  They were angels.  And as soon as they seen my lovely doctor, the promptly said, “When can we meet him?”  If it were only that easy, right?

Once I got checked out we discovered all the pain I was in this week is PROGRESS.  Good progress.  I’m now 3 centimeters and still sticking true to my word on NO induction before due date.  I have faith he’ll come on his own, when he is good and ready.  As much as I’d like to bend over, get out of bed, pick up around the house easier, I will chose to NOT chose his birthday.  I just enjoy the whole surprise so much more than going in there on a scheduled day.  That being said, I will NOT forfeit our induction date of August 30th.  Not in the least.  Why?  Because of school.  Otherwise, I’d think it over.

So the doc said to come back next Friday so they can ensure all is well before induction.  She did say, “Hopefully we’ll see you before then, because I’m ready to deliver that baby for you!”  I liked her confidence.  But, I wasn’t feeling it.  LOL.  Now I’m convinced, I’ll be back next Friday.  I think he’ll come on his due date.  Just like his big brother Ashton did on October 30, 2005.

Ashton starts school tomorrow.  Hopefully, that helps pass the time a bit more.  It keeps me busy.  Having to be out the door by 7:15am and having to pick him up at noon.  It makes for a nice day with just Ethan.  I’m so missing the gym and I’ll miss it even more after I leave school tomorrow and not go to the gym. Or will I?  Maybe a little yoga will do the old body good.  I think I just might.  Watch out gym-rats…this big belly just might be wobbling in.  LOL


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