Reality is finally setting in….

Wow.  This pregnancy is really, almost over!  I mean, 2 weeks from tomorrow, no matter what, I’ll be the Mother of 4 boys.  Crap!  Am I really ready for all this?  HECK YES!  Maybe not for the hair pulling, late nights, tears, fighting of the big kids, taking longer to get from place to place, packing a diaper bag before I leave, or getting back on the old diet train, but I am totally ready for beginning my new life with my 3 boys here on earth.

Yesterday around 3:30pm (ish) I began having contractions.  I thought for sure they were false and didn’t even mention it to T until after about 90mins.  I watched the clock, continued my daily life, and finally went to bed.  Slept from 9-10:30pm, when I was woken up by a strong painful contraction.  Most of them were not like this.  So I thought, this could be it!  Well when 3am rolled around and I was STILL awake wondering what was taking place, I finally drifted off to sleep.  But not for long.  Our boys LOVE to crawl into our bed around 6am.  UGH.  This is a summertime habit.  I’m sure it will end when school starts since I will need to wake them up to get ready.

So at 7:15am, I rolled out of bed and began getting ready for church.  Not much more taking place in my belly and my hopes of having this baby today, were crashing. 

We went to church, where I swear the air was turned off in our room or there was just way too many of us in there.  After feeling like I was going to pass out from overheating, we had to go to Ashton’s school for the meet and greet of your teacher.  Since we already know Ashton’s teacher, Ms. Deanna, we really didn’t need to meet her as much as we needed to say hi to some of the friends we haven’t seen over the past 3 months.  Ashton immediately found Bella (his future bride) and pretty much didn’t let her out of his sight.  It was cute.  And she is still cute as a button.  I’m hoping this year brings new beginnings and wonderful adventures for our 4yo.  No, he is not in Kindergarten.  Florida’s law is September 1st as the cut off for school, and he won’t be 5yo until October 30th.  So he’ll be one of the older kids.  No biggy. 

We did stop in to say hello to Ms. Denise, Ashton’s teacher from last year.  She sure will be missed.  As I walked the halls and people stopped to say hello, they were all amazed that I didn’t already have this baby or that I was as far along as I was.  The Principal even was stunned to find out that not only am I pregnant but that I’m due any day.  I find that so funny…how did people NOT know I was pregnant just 3mths ago.  Guess they sure thought I was getting fat.  HA!  Another parent said the same thing!  In fact, she even said to me, “Did you know?”  Seriously?  I’m not sure if she was serious or not, but SERIOUSLY?  Of course I’ve known I was pregnant.  Silly.  LOL. 

After school we made a pit stop at Costco.  Needed to pick up some batteries for our baby swings.  It would be horrible to come home and go to put the baby in a swing and have NO batteries.  EEEK!  Sometimes that is the only time a Mommy gets a break.  So the batteries are bought.  I made a homemade lasagna today to free for when the baby arrives (I even snuck a small piece for good measure, hehehe) and the laundry is all caught up, once again.  We will now start our week and see what this week brings.  As long as it doesn’t bring me up all night wondering if “tonight” is the night, I’ll be a happy Mama.

If we could just make it mandatory for our water to break on it’s OWN prior to labor, life would be grand.  It sure would take a lot of the anxiety and wondering out of, “is this really it?”


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