Certifiably NUTSO!

First I started off the day at the movies with the boys.  How to Train Your Dragon.  What a good flick.  Different from the normal movies we watch.  Actually, it reminds me of the ‘boy’ version of Tinkerbell.  Since she makes trinkets and the little boy in this movie learned how to make articles of clothing for his new best friend, Toothless. 

The part that was nutty about the movies is the fact that there were bus loads, I’m talking 5-10 bus loads, BIG BUSES, of kids from daycares there.  JOY.  I’m not really one for that many people in any one given spot, but there’s no turning back after you tell the kids they are going to the movies.  That’s just cruel.

We get there and meet up with Ashton’s friends, Maier, Melania, Maisi, and Madison.  This is always a good time, but as we walk into the movie, Madison throws up.  Probably from reading in the car, but still, nobody around us knows that, and one lady just pissed this pregnant lady off a little too much.  It’s sad the way this woman, WITH CHILDREN, reacted.  One day, her kid(s) will get sick.  It is a not so wonderful place.  And you know, you just can’t bend over and clean it up with your hands.  The best thing to do is, notify someone of what happened, and get out of the way.  That is exactly what Ms. Agatha went to do, when this lady decided to come to our row, me with 6 children, and just stare at me.  I’m not sure what she was trying to accomplish, but if there wasn’t so many “little” ears around, I most certainly would have given her a piece of my mind.  May her child(ren) never get sick in public, EVER.  And when and if she ever does potty train her child(ren) may they NEVER have an accident.  Because believe me folks, it WILL happen.  Maybe not even when they are young, it could be when their older.  When Ashton was just 14mths old, and Howie 7mths old, I was at Animal Kingdom with my family and my brothers family, where hundreds of people walked by me while I puked my GUTS up in the bushes.  People!  LISTEN TO ME….it happens!  You cannot control nature.  Sorry lady to ruin your day, but believe me, Madison wasn’t feeling so great herself about doing that either.  GESH!

When we got home, after waiting forever in the parking lot to make sure all these little kids found their way to their buses so I didn’t have to run any of them over, I decided to clean the car out.  Why?  I’m not sure.  Not sure at all.  It was about 100+ degrees out.  I sweated my bootie off, and I cleaned.  I vacuumed the car and moved carseats around.  I even installed baby #3’s seat.  See, he needs to go where Ethan was sitting, Ethan had to move to Ashton’s seat, and Ashton had to move to the back of the van.  I’ll miss my little Ashton, but that is the best place for the biggest boy in the family.  The van is nice and clean, the seats are all put back where they belong, and the waiting game continues. 

After cleaning out the car, I took the coldest shower possible.  It still took a good hour to actually cool my body down.  Joys of Florida August weather.  All the while, fighting a headache.  Since the beginning of the movie, I’ve had this lovely headache.  I’m sure that lady at the movies didn’t help it much, and the heat probably intensified it even more, but hey, I’m a survivor.

A friend of mine said to be careful of headaches and pregnancy and to watch my blood pressure.  So I called my parents and asked to use their machine.  Of course they said ok, but they wanted me to come to their house.   My Dad threw his back out and was in a ton of pain.  Poor guy.  Well, I couldn’t drive anywhere.  Not with this headache.  So, I told them I’ll check it tomorrow.  I was certain my bp was fine, I usually have low blood pressure. 

At 5pm my Mom surprised me and said they were on their way over.  Not only that, but they brought me and the boys dinner!  God love them.  But I had just started dinner for the boys and they brought me okra and rice.  Okra is yucky!  Sorry folks, but I LOVE veggies, but that is yucky!!!!  Ethan, LOVED it!  Yes, Ethan.  LOL.  Me and Ashton said we’ll stick to mushrooms.  LOL.  I checked my bp, 116/64.  Nothing to worry about, still low. 

While my parents were here I searched high and low for Ashton’s Iteddy.  I can’t believe I don’t know where it is.  I’m CERTAIN it’s in Daddy’s car, but he promises he looked and didn’t see it.  UGH.  He says he’ll check again.  I better check myself.  LOL.  I then swept the floors and gave the boys a bath.  And now I sit.  Waiting.

Yes, just waiting.  Daddy won’t be home till at least 9:30pm tonight.  Back to school orientation for the kids and parents, and he’ll be there unless I call him and say somethings happening.  But being that it’s already 7:20pm and I have yet to call, I doubt that will be happening.  So, I’ll see him tonight, through my eyelids.  Because let’s face it, I’m tired.  And probably need to potty around 11pm and again at 1am and again at 3 and 5am, and then again when he wakes up for work at 6am.  UGH.  Sleep is pretty much nonexistent these days.  So sleep when I can.  I’d almost rather feed a baby a few times a night.  I know, I’ll shoot myself for saying that about 2wks after this kid comes into the world.  LOL

And….I wait…..


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