8-9-10….cool…for a birthday?

VERY cool for a birthday, in my opinion.  BUT…..we still have the fact that Daddy went back to work today, full time.  Like really full time.  Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors are walking the halls of the place they call High School.  They are getting to see old friends while meeting new ones.  Tomorrow the Seniors will go back and see all their special besties and begin their countdowns to graduation!!!!

This is a very exciting time for ALL high schoolers.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  Only I was wearing all my new clothes, with a full face of makeup on, and trying to make it through the day after being unable to sleep and waking up super early after a summer filled of noon wake-ups 😉  Good luck kids!!!!  Have a BLAST!  The real world is out there waiting for you, and even though you’re stoked to get in there, it isn’t so much fun and games like you’d like to think.  It’s a hard world we live in, just ask our President.  He’s trying to fix a bunch of problems. 

So enough of that….Daddy has a late night pretty much all week.  Tonight he’ll be home at 5:30pm, but that’s it for him.  Tomorrow and the rest of the week entiles long nights at the office.  Not that he isn’t used to this, but when looking to deliver a baby sooner than later, it’s just not ideal for him at this point in time.  So I’m trying Dad…really I am.  I’m trying to hold him in, but I have a strange feeling this little boy will be coming home soon.  Remember, I called it, this week would be my deliver week!  We shall see.  But 8/9/10 sure would be an AWESOME birthday!

Today I FINALLY wrapped up all those things I kept on my checklist in my head of things to do before he was born.  One being, I needed MAKEUP!  Badly.  Like so badly, today while I was getting myself ready for belly baby pictures with the boys, I literally used the last few pieces of dust I had left of eyeshadow.  The thought…LOL.  Then, the mascara I was using was my FAVORITE!  I love it.  Lancome makes the best, but it comes with a hefty price tag.  $35 for mascara?  Seriously!  Did I ever spend that much on mascara?  Ummm…let’s be real here folks, NOWAY.  I got it free.  Hahahaha.  I got it during the whole cosmetic lawsuit thingy that took place about 2 years ago.  I just now ran our of the stuff.  Oh, I’ll miss it in the morning when I put on my less expensive mascara.  Oh well.  Once upon a lifetime ago, I would have only have used the BEST stuff.  But those days I had a job, where I went to everyday, and I wore it everyday.  When you only wear it once in a blue moon, the 2nd best will have to do.

Next on my list were these stinkin’ photos of my belly with my 2 favorite peanuts!  Oh wait, did you know I have 2 peanuts and another in the oven?  Yup.  That is what I call Ashton and Ethan, peanut.  It amazes me that when I say “Peanut, come here,” the right one always comes!  Are they psychic?  How do they know?  Who knows, but I love it.  So, I’ve been looking at the photo I have on our dresser of Ashton at just 2yrs old, hugging my belly.  Who was he hugging?  Quinn and Ethan.  Aww….the memories of that day.  I can still remember telling the lady at the store that I was having twins, and in my teared filled eyes, I told her they had TTTS and I was “probably” going in for surgery in a few days.  This was before we met Dr. Quintero.  I also remember how sick those boys would make me feel as they would kick one another all the time.  ALL the time.  And it was like a BAD boat ride, in the worst of weather conditions.  And I don’t get sea sick, but those boys made me sea sick.  LOL 

So my dear friend Agatha kept asking if I was going to take photos and that I needed to have them, and after seeing Ashton’s precious face resting on my belly, I knew I had to do it.  But when.  And what would they wear?  And me?  Oh dear, it’s too much to think about.  So without further do, I booked an appointment yesterday morning and decided the boys would wear white and khaki and I would wear my new patchwork dress.  Sure, not ideal, but I’m 37.2wks pregnant, never planning to be pregnant again, and I’m NOT buying another thing to fit this large body.  Nope.  I don’t care.  I love that dress, and the boys looked cute.  And the pictures are DONE!

I also HAD to pick up Nutrigrain Bars from Costco.  Our boys pretty much eat these things every morning for breakfast.  Ashton calls them “apple-cookies.”  He loves those things.  So I need them!  NEED!!!  I’m going to be in no shape to make breakfast when I have a newborn at home and having to get the crew ready to get Ashton to school next week.  Nope, no shape.  So, my Mom (being the super cool Mom she is…joined us today for pictures and errands) and I ran into Costco while she waited with the boys in the car.  They were tired, and by no means enjoy shopping, at all.  UGH!  But the bars are bought, and I can rest.

So my list is complete.

*belly baby photos



*Nutrigrain Bars

Done.  I feel a sense of peace over my body.  I can finally stop “thinking” about these dumb things to do/buy, and check them off my list, and be done with it. 

In the mean time….I’ll sit and wait until our “peanut” decides to come.  As I’ve typed this out, I’ve had many, many, contractions.  Unfortunately, that means nothing.  I guess I should get up and change positions and see if they continue.  But I’m sure it’s just another false alarm.  I’m good at those.  Very good.


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