36.5wks…still chugging along.

Wow, last night I slept beautifully!  It must have been because I was BEAT.  And didn’t go to bed till 11:30pm.  Daddy took Ashton to the Rays game and I was waiting to see how much fun he had.  And I did need to watch The Real World.  LOL.

Then I had the OB on the brain.  Yes, I got to go back today for another glorious CHECK!  With both boys in tote.  Thankfully, I had the same doctor as last time.  She is so funny, and really, I just like her 😉  So she comes in and said I tested positive for Group B Strep (GBS).  She seemed rather puzzled, after looking at  my chart she noticed I’ve never tested positive before.  I told her that was strange and she agreed but shrugged it off.  No reason to get excited, just treat me for it and everything will be fine.

Then all of a sudden I said, “OMG, is this baby a GIRL?”  She looked puzzled again and said, “I really don’t know.”  I said this is all so weird, GBS?  Come on.  What gives?  Last night my Aunt asked me the same thing, “Wonder if he is really a she?”  OMG.  Is it possible?  Sure.  But seriously folks, I’m IN LOVE WITH THIS BABY BOY…whom has a NAME!  And it is NOT a GIRLS name! 

I told a friend tonight via Facebook IM about what took place at the office today and she too said, probably GBS isn’t related to gender, and this I’m certain she is correct.  But again, WEIRD!  Insert twilight music now.  LOL. 

Oh well, this baby is what he/she is.  I’m still convinced it’s a boy.  After all, I seen the parts.  Sure looked like my previous 3 boys.  LOL.

Ok, so then doc said, “Tara, your body is ready.  Want this baby early?  I’ll deliver you at 39wks.”  But since 39wks falls on a Saturday, she’d go for Monday, August 23rd.  Well, the 23rd doesn’t mean a whole lot to me except it’s Ashton’s first full week at school.  And I’m really not in all that big of a hurry to get the baby out.  After all, he is happy where he is, and I just really like the SURPRISE!  hehehe.  (Daddy seemed a bit bummed about my decision to wait…but he understood!)  BUT, I did tell the doctor I want this baby out before school cut-off date of Sept. 1st.  She said she has heard that over and over again already!  LOL.  Guess most of us parents like to make the decision ourselves, not letting the STATE decide.  UGH.  But honestly, we’ve already discussed this, and since we are having a boy, the chances are, we will be keeping him back.  Not just for sports people!  GESH!  LOL

So a date has been set, August 30th, I will have a baby.  But most likely, he’ll come before that glorious day, at least I hope so.  Doctor seems to think so.  I’ve also progressed to 2 centimeters but I’m still just 50% effaced.  I’m hoping to hold onto him for another week.  Anytime after the school bell rings on Friday, August 13th, would be fine with me.  Although, I do prefer no babies born on the 13th…just a creepy number.  But I’d take him none the less 😉


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