36.4wks pregnant…

And still pregnant, yes, we are 😉

Now to keep this baby inside until at least after the school bell rings on August 13th.  You see, school starts for the students on Monday, and this could not be a worse time to have a baby, first week of school choas.  But if it happens, we’ll make it work.  We always do.

How am I feeling?  The same.  BIG.  HOT.  Unmotivated.  The usual.  But yesterday I did clean my DUSTY room.  WOW, it was a mess.  I actually forgot 2 shelves with my Willow Tree collection, so I need to get in there today and do that part.  Other than that, the only thing dusty in our room is under our king size bed.  And the wood is way too heavy to move, and our oversized furniture would have no place to go if we wanted to move it.  We’d have to take it all apart and out of the room to clean under that sucker.  Oh well.  I tried.

So I’m officially BABY READY!  But Daddy still has a few things to hang up on the walls in the the baby’s room.  And I’ve also asked my Dad to come over and hang them.  So I would guess between the two of them, they will get hung, one day.  Dad was going to come today, but boys and I needed naps.  Shucks!

Ashton and Daddy are going to one of Daddy’s schools fundraisers!!!  Denard Span, a FORMER TC Graduate, will be playing against the Tampa Bay RAYS tonight at 7pm.  Ashton and Daddy will be there to enjoy the game and hopefully get a high five from the man himself, DENARD! 

I hope the boys have a great time.  I for one, will enjoy my peaceful evening at home with Ethan.  I’m also hoping my wonderful Aunt Bunny comes on over for a little while to talk scrapbooking.  LOVE HER!


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