Happy 6yrs of Marriage!!!!

Wow.  6yrs?  And 4 kids later…well almost 4.  It’s been a crazy ride.  If anyone believes they can get through the death of a child with just any old companion, they are WRONG!  If anyone believes you can bring children into your marriage as quickly as we did, 15 mths after saying “I do.”  You are also, WRONG.  It’s hard.  It’s difficult.  Nothing about marriage is easy.  What is easy, is saying that we won’t give up.  EVER!

Here is a picture of our special day…..

Gosh, why were we stuck with the ONE side of the reception with no water behind us?  LOL.  Check out my GORGESOUS girls….yup, they were hotties that day, and still to this day 😉


Dana, Devon, & Aja

I do have a LOVELY video of these girls dancing the night away.  I’m very tempted to share it, but I believe my Sister in Law, Dana, just might kill me.  She was having a great night.  This wedding was stressful to plan.  My brother was away, not sure where, some tour of duty, and while she helped me plan our wedding, she was keeping a BIG secret that he was coming home!!!!  Yes, he came to my wedding.  I wasn’t planning on him being there, which was NOT easy on a little sister, but he made it.  Just look:

A funny story, not really funny, but it is now.  Well my Grandma, who really did help raise me since my real Dad left my Mom when I was 11yrs old, was told she had cancer in October of 2003.  Tom had proposed in July that year and we had decided to wait 2 years before we would get married.  We had some friends getting married soon, and just thought it would be better to wait.  After hearing the news of my Gram, we decided on New Year’s Eve, to make our wedding day July 31, 2004.  That gave me exactly 7mths to get this show on the road.  Gram was told she had 6mths to live, so we were holding out hope.  Look at her!!!!

And Gram, to this day, is still alive and kicking!  That’s the funny part 😉  BUT….little did we know, my VERY dear Popi (Grandpa), health would diminish just 2 months after we wed, and would pass on.  Look at how GREAT he looked on our wedding day…..

I sure do miss that Grumpy Old Man 😉  Love you Popi!  Give Q some snuggles for me 😉

Then there is my precious Aunt Bunny.  I’ve always told my friends that EVERYONE should have an Aunt Bunny!  Now growing up, it was hard to tell friends that I had an Aunt ‘Bunny.’  Yes, she calls herself BUNNY.  Yes, she is MY BUNNY!  But I do have to share her, with ONLY a select few people.  One person is her stepdaughter, Dee Dee.  Dee is my cousin.  I love Dee.  And you know, she’s had Aunt Bunny in her life for pretty much, as long as I’ve had Aunt Bunny in my life, so I’m willing to share.  And she’s willing to share.  We play nice together 😉 

So in this photo, I have no clue what Aunt Bunny is crying over, but I always think that it’s because her baby girl (ME!!!) is growing up.  Because after all, I’m her daughter too.  And so is Dee Dee and her sister Merry Lee. 

Gotta give a quick shout out to Dee.  First off, when my Dad left my Mom, Dee knew how much my Dad had a special place in my heart.  Being the older and wiser dear cousin that she is/was, she wrote me a lovely letter.  No, I don’t remember what exactly it said, but I remember her reaching out to me.  It meant more to me than she’ll ever know!  EVER know!  But in this photo, she was not married.  In fact, about 3 months later, she married the man of her dreams, Billy.  Soon after, she had a son.  Then 2 daughters arrived.  The best part?  Her son is only 10mths younger than Ashton.  Her middle child is just 2 mths OLDER than Ethan.  And her last baby that was born 2 mths ago, will be 3 mths older than our baby #3.  So really, we’ve been through a lot together.  Who would have thought?  Oh, and the BEST part?  She moved to TAMPA!  Although I don’t see her regularly, she is only a phone call away, and a quick 20min drive if I ever need her 😉

Ok, so I’ve mentioned my Dad.  But have I mentioned my DADDY????  You know, the MAN who holds my heart in the palm of his hand?  Seriously folks.  There isn’t a man in this world that could EVER be closer to me than this man, besides T.  This man RIGHT HERE!!!!!!

This is Mike.  The man who SWEEPT my Mommy off her feet.  The man I told, “My Mom wants to marry you!  Please propose!”  Guess what?  She didn’t want to get married, but I WANTED HER TOO!  Then 6mths later, I told him again, and she said YES!  That was 15yrs ago.  Blissfully in love, to this day.  And the marriage that I look up too.  This man is amazing.  My Mom is so lucky to have him, but I’d like to think I’m EVEN luckier!!!!  I could have been seriously screwed up in the head with men if it wasn’t for him.  But instead, he came in my life at the right time and taught me what I wanted in a man! 

Ok, but there is ONE other man that has helped me along the way.  Uncle Bill.  This is not only my Uncle, Aunt Bunny’s husband and Dee Dee’s terrific Daddy, but he is my FRIEND!  In college he was there for me for everything.  I’ll never forget calling him in the middle of the night, or catching him on IM and talking his ear off for hours.  Thankfully, he loves the phone.  And more so, he loves his family.  But most of all?  He loves ME!

And because of LOVE this photo…I just had to share.  Here is our gorgeous flower girl, T’s God-Daughter, Miss Olivia.  She is also our niece.  She had already taken off her pretty flower girl dress, but she still is super cute 😉  And I could just eat her up…although, these days she’s just too big for me to pop up on my hip…and she probably wouldn’t like that AT ALL!  But she still loves getting hugs and kisses, and that, I’ll forever take!

Reliving our wedding day, is amazingly special to each of us.  Without our family and friends, we wouldn’t be the people we are today.  We love each of you.  And everyone who was at our wedding has several special memories in our hearts.  And for those of you who weren’t there, you too have a special place in our hearts.  The memories we will make as a family are the memories we will carry with us for a LIFETIME!

Happy Anniversary, Babe.  Love you.  Even when I am being the crazy, 9mth pregnant lady that I have been lately.  Shhhh, don’t tell ANYONE that I actually admitted to that, ok?  Promise.  K, thanks.  I do love you and all you do for me and our family.  You are the BEST Daddy in the world.  I couldn’t have picked a better soul-mate.  I know our future holds wonderful adventures with late nights of changing diapers (sooner than later!), sweaty boys, teeth getting knocked loose, baseball games, and golf.  But without you, none of this would be possible.  Thank you!  I love you!  And cheers!!!  Here’s to a lifetime of love and happiness!!!!!  xoxoxoxox


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