Thursday’s OB update….

All was well.  I hadn’t progressed anymore than Tuesday (which is probably good since I’m only 36wks today), but the doctor found no more blood and did say that if my body went into labor, she’d welcome it with open arms 😉

The ultra sound showed a beautiful picture of baby #3’s BIG head!  His head was measuring 37.2wks!  I was only 35.5wks!  YIKES!  And I’m going to push that out?  Better get the good drugs.  Really good drugs 😉  And it also showed his super cute face.  Believe it or not, I think he looks JUST LIKE Ethan!  LOL.  What is really funny about that?  My good friend Laurie always said to me (before knowing what we were having), if God decided to give me another boy, it just might be for Ethan’s sake.  Because a little piece of him will always miss his twin, Quinn.  I never really listened to this (or wanted to listen) because I wanted a girl, BAD!!!!  But now that I’m having a boy, know it, and 100% ok with another bouncy boy, I remember her words.  Although, Q will never be replaced or forgotten, having a sweet buddy to get into mischief with, is probably exactly what Ethan will need in life.  So…Baby #3…please, be the level headed one, and guide your crazy brother, E, in the right direction 😉

Ok, that’s my update.  Next appointment, Aug. 5th.


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