One month, WAIT…….

Ok, so the average person trying to get pregnant calls it the 2wk wait.  Where you wait and wait and wait for the day to come to finally find out if you’re pregnant.  Yes, I did this.  3 grueling times with this baby boy.  I know….I know….3x, I should NEVER complain.  I’m not.  Sure, I did when I was doing those tests, but not anymore.  I count my blessings.  3x….even with 4 boys 😉  I’m one of the lucky ones, who doesn’t have to wait long.  Some of my friends….not so lucky.  You know who you are, and I would NEVER call you out here….but know I love you and wish for EACH of you, it was easier!!!

So what’s this one month wait?  ONE MONTH from today, I am due to have a baby boy.  Will I have him in one month?  Nope, I think I’ll be sleep deprived by Aug. 28th of next month…because he’ll already be home, Ashton will be in school, and Ethan will be the jealous big brother he is showing BIG TIME signs of. 

Ok…so the reason I write this post is, I’d like to keep track of this pregnancy.  Sunday I woke up just fine.  After a SUPER relaxing day at the beach with the boys and my nephew on Saturday, there was NO reason not to be relaxed on Sunday.  I seriously sat my booty in the Gulf for 3hrs straight.  When I got up, I walked as far as the pool and sat down poolside while I watched the boys play.  Besides the occasional reminding (yelling) them to treat one another nicely, I did, NOTHING.  Oh, I did put Ethan on the potty once and Howie on the potty once.  LOL. 

So back on track, on Sunday I woke up fine.  Went potty…that’s what pregnant people do, ya know.  All was well.  I come out and have a little breakfast and start some laundry while Daddy takes Ashton to church and the other kids stay with me.  Around 8am, I went potty again, imagine that?  Well, low and behold, blood.  EEK!  Since I really feel like a pro at this pregnancy stuff, I blew it off.  But several hours later of still having it, and now thinking I’m loosing my mucus plug, yeah, I started to question things. 

Dana came over to pick up Howie and told me to go to the hospital to get checked out.  It was the LAST thing I wanted to do.  I was in no mood to sit at the hospital for 4 hours to be told, baby isn’t coming, go home.  I’m only 35wks.  He is NOT coming.  I have zero contractions, and I most certainly don’t want doctors to c-section him out because of blood, I needed to make sure he was head down.  How on EARTH am I going to find that out?  No clue.

Monday comes.  Same thing.  Not a lot of blood loss…more like spotting, occasionally.  Nothing to be alarmed over.  Now this is coming from a woman who is NOT a doctor.  LOL.  Tuesday, ut oh…still blood.  Ok, now I’m concerned.  I swore I lost my whole plug so what’s up with more mucus and more blood?  I took a shower and called the doctor when they opened.

At the OB/GYN you always have to pee in a cup.  They like to check for protein, and other things I’m sure.  Well my nurse comes in and says, there is blood in her urine.  GREAT!  What does that mean?  Doctor does an exam and can’t find any blood.  This is after 5 of those lovely LONG q-tips are inside of me fishing around 😦  Then she says, the only thing she can think of is I have a kidney stone.  Really?  A kidney stone?  I’ve never had one.  I’ve heard there pretty hereditary, and nobody in my family has them…so what gives?

So my stats?  1cent dilated, 50% effaced, and baby is HEAD DOWN!!!  She even played with his head.  Pushing him up and he’d come back down, several times.  Funny!

Lastly, Doctor decides to do a NST just to ensure I’m not having regular contractions.  I’m all hooked up and nothing.  I could have told her that, silly lady 😉  I had a few the night before, but not dayside.  Again, I just am not concerned…then she says, I want you to keep your appointment on Thursday, we’ll test for blood again and do an ultra sound.  Perfect.  Now I go home and worry until I see that little guy on the big screen.  UGH.

So that’s my update.  Nothing really exciting.  I could still be in for the long haul, but if I had to guess, NOWAY!  My Mama’s gut says I’ll have this baby sometime between Aug. 7-14th.  I know, my Mom wants this baby on her birthday, the 18th, but if he decides to come early, I won’t hold him back 😉 

However, this is NOT a good time.  Daddy’s employees are headed back into work and we’re having a baby all at the same time.  Let’s hope he cooperates and that everyone steps up to help Daddy out in the office.  I know he hates to worry about work stuff when it is ‘his’ time and having our LAST baby (there I’ve said it, AGAIN!), is definitely HIS TIME! 

Wish us all luck.


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  1. August 9, 2010 at 3:26 pm

    […] in, but I have a strange feeling this little boy will be coming home soon.  Remember, I called it, this week would be my deliver week!  We shall see.  But 8/9/10 sure would be an AWESOME […]

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