My baseball players….@ Lithia Springs.

On Thursday, Daddy and I decided it was best to get these kids out of the house…well most days we decide this.  At 10am, we were out of the house and on our way to Lithia Springs Park.  Although in theory it sounds like a great place to go and hang out with the family, when you in fact arrive, I’d much rather have been at Adventure Island, where there is chlorine in the pools, and I know that most germs can be killed off instead of having my children putting their heads in the water.  Thankfully, Ashton can smell germs a MILE away.  He is my germ boy.  He wanted no part of this spring and in fact, never got more than his ankles wet.  Ethan, who doesn’t really mind germs, bugs, stuff off the ground, and anything else that makes Mama’s skin crawl, went right in.  Well, he wouldn’t put his head under…which is very unusual for my little fish, but it sure made me happy, so I didn’t question it.

After about 30mins of looking at the small fishes in the springs and realizing we were never going to be able to catch a single one of them, we headed to our picnic area and ate some lunch.  After lunch we played baseball!

Ashton and Ethan are pretty good at playing when they actually are listening to Daddy’s Coaching skills.  Look at Ashton “squishing the bug.”

(BTW, notice Ethan in the background bent over?  Yeah, he’s probably about to pick something up that is super gross.  Thankfully, Mommy only just now noticed this and not at the park.  The other day when he got out of the car at Panera Bread he picked up a DIRTY cigarette bud.  EEWWW!!!!)

And the homerun he got here…well, when the ball goes far enough that Daddy has to run for it, it’s automatically a homerun in his book 😉

And the smallest R is actually pretty good himself.  But here I could only catch him looking at the ball to hit it.  I tried to get an action one, but I think I was distracted by the clientele at the lovely Lithia Springs Park.

And when it’s all said an done, I believe both boys will make FABULOUS baseball cards:


Watch out Denard Span, Minnesota Twins (Ashton’s FAVORITE baseball player, graduate of his Daddy’s school and autograph he has of him in his room while giving him a BIG hug in the photo).  Ashton’s watching you, and learning from you everyday!!!


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