A baby shower!!!

Who doesn’t love baby showers?  Maybe the ones throwing the party?  Doubtful…can you see the happiness in these girls eyes?

Laurie, me, and my Sister in Law, Dana

These two girls really out did themselves for little (ok, BIG) ole’ me.  I had the best party.  And it was all to be rushed off to get to Grandma Gracie’s funeral.  At least they weren’t upset by my fast departure, but I felt that it was best to go through with the celebration of baby R to be, and enjoy the couple hours we had with friends.

I know some of you are dying to see what this growing belly looks like.  I’ll show, I promise.  But first, let me show off my pretty house all decorated for the BABY!!!

hehehe…this part killed everyone, NO NAME of the baby!  Sorry guys.  Somethings are just better left as a secret 😉  You all are lucky to know it’s a boy.  God knows I wouldn’t want anyone to have their hopes up that I’d actually have a girl…sniff.

And now for the gifts….holy cow, gifts!!!  I wasn’t expecting so many thoughtful items from so many thoughtful friends.  Most of the photos I can’t post online.  I wore a cute skirt to my shower.  But man, it made me look horrifying.  LOL.  I can’t post that publicly.  So we received tons of diapers for every size and shape, and on top it, wipes.  Lots of wipes.  I’ll be wiping and changing a lot, so each of those bags will come in VERY  handy.  Thank you to EVERYONE!

And this was only 1/4 of the diapers that we received. 

Here is one photo I can show.  This is my crafty friend, Heather.  Do you see what she gave me?

Know what it is?  It’s a baby wreath.  Filled with baby items galore!  WOW!  From binkies, to onesies, to burpies, to blankets, and teethers.  It’s all there.  All for our baby.  She sure knows how to spoil the 3rd boy.  It probably has a little something to do with the fact that she has 2 boys and really loves boy stuff 😉  Thanks Heather!  I love it. 

Lastly, we played a few silly games.  But one that left me laughing the hardest was how big is her belly.  My Gram and I always tease one another over who’s belly is bigger.  Since she has cancer and it bloats her up, it sorta gives her that baby in the oven look.  Sorry, GG.  So here she is, twirling, and twirling the string around and around again.  I look at her and said, GRAM!  Enough!  She stops soon after and cuts it.  Then she thinks about it, and thought she should have wrapped it around herself.  Too late.  She already cut it.

Well, needless to say, Gram’s was by FAR, the longest string there.  LOL.  It was ridiculous how big she thought I was.  But at the same time, soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo rewarding to know, I was skinner 😉  And yes, smaller than her too 😉  Again, sorry Gram. 

So who one the contest?  My BEST FRIEND BECKY!  She thinks I’m skinny!!!  And she wasn’t far off.  Maybe an inch or two, if I recall correctly.  After all, it was a week ago.  LOL.  My Mom was pretty close too, but Becky was the closest.  And that makes me feel LOVELY.

So here I am…with all the strings around my neck.  You can see my glorious belly 😉

That super long one, was probably my Gram’s.  LOL.  See, she thinks I’m as big as a house 😉  It’s ok, I’ll still keep her around a while longer.  She sure knows how to rock a baby to sleep.  And I think in a few weeks time, I’ll need all the help I can get.

Hope you enjoyed my shower.  I know I did.  There were a few people missing, and I want you to know, my thoughts were with you.  You both are very special to me, and because of this rotten month July has brought, you two were unable to attend.  See you soon girls!


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