Happy 4th of July….a little late ;)

4th of July would not be complete without the….

parade!!!  Each year it seems to get better and better.  And not because of the humid air we had, that made me sweat in places I’d rather not mention, and the fact that everyone there could tell where I was sweating, but because of the wonderful family we have!!!  Ashton loves parades, and last year, E probably doesn’t even remember being there, but this year was different.  Check him out!

Notice there is only ONE necklace on him?  Yeah…well that was because the parade had just begun.  Look here…

He loved getting them.  I’m afraid that Mardi Gras is in the near future for this little boy.  He thought it was the coolest, but not nearly as cool as this guy…

then again…most things aren’t as cool as Elmo.  Just ask Ethan.  He loves that fluffy red guy 😉

So why do we go to the Temple Terrace 4th of July parade every year, you ask?  Well our super cool friends, The S Family, invite us!  They live one street away.  We park at there house, walk across the way, watch the parade, and then the best part, we hit there house for some sun (if there was sun), BBQ, beer, and good ole friendship chats!  This year wasn’t nearly as busy at the S house as most years, but that was ok with me.  I’m pregnant.  And since I can’t booze with the best of them, I might as well go home at a reasonable hour, this year, 5pm, and just eat some yummy food while chatting to everyone.  It was great as always.  Thanks for always thinking of us, and having us in your home.  The boys can’t get enough of this family.  They sure are good to all of us!!!!

Next up was the 4th of July.  The Temple Terrace Parade was actually on the 3rd, a Saturday.  So on the 4th we woke up, went to church at 8am and then drove to Aripeka to have another BBQ with our good friends The B Family!!!  Each of them are top notch.  They love to throw parties and they never forget their friends (us) who live an hour away.  The best part?  They never mind the company to spend the night!!!  So we packed our stuff and headed up, in the pouring rain, not knowing what to expect.  What we should have expected, was a good time.  Because that is a given whenever hanging out with this family!

Lots of people were there.  Including 3 of us prego’s, all due within weeks of one another, and some super yummy food.  Food that was even thought of for that darn vegetarian in the group.  Now K, those are some awesome friends you got there!!!  Thank you to everyone for thinking of me!!!  It’s so sweet of all of you 🙂  Especially you M, who drove all the way home to get my share, because she forgot it 😦  Too sweet for words!!! 

So I leave you with this, Ethan playing on the staircase in the B home.  He loves these stairs.  Since before he could walk he’s loved them.  Just this time, he finally, can go up and down by himself.  That doesn’t mean he’s good at it, but he tries.  And for that, I give him credit 🙂

And the last little trick he learned, to sit on a step and kiss Mommy through the slots.  So sweet.  We’d do 3 spots, then start over.  Everyone ooh’ed and aww’ed over it.  Seriously, sweet kisses that I’d never say no too 😉


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