Kilo….my first “main-man!”

February 13, 1999, I was away at college.  I had only been at UWF for 6wks and I was really missing the boyfriend I left behind (who I was pretty certain had forgotten about me) and all my new college friends.  I began feeling sorry for myself and decided I would buy the Chihuahua I’ve always wanted.  I sent a fellow Circuit City employee to a city about 2hours north of Pensacola, to go pick out my dog!  There were 2 black Chihuahua’s there and I told her to bring me home the cutest one.

With money in her hand, she went.  I still can’t believe I trusted someone I’d only known for a short time, to buy my dog.  And expensive dog!  LOL.  Christi and Chris came back with Kilo.  His name was picked from the start.  I wanted him to be a her and he would be called Quila (like Tequila) but since it was a boy and I remember a little about Spanish, I had to change that “a” to an “o.”  He became Kilo.  And yes, I was asked often if it was for “drug” reasons.  NO!!!  Never did that even cross my mind.  UGH.  I didn’t do anything like that.  I’m a good Catholic girl.  Gesh!

Kilo was born on December 14, 1998.  11 long years ago.  He was so tiny when I got him home.  He could fit in the palm of my hand.  I remember he would sleep between my head and shoulder and would never move a muscle all night long.  He was my main-man.  We did it all together.  I brought him to the dog park, to friends houses, and even back home to meet my folks.  They instantly fell in LOVE and wanted to keep him.  So 2 months later, I bought, the BEST Step-Dad in the WORLD, his own Chihuahua.  When he showed up at my apartment for his birthday, he got to met the little pup I called Bailey.  Only he quickly changed his name to Taco.  Yes, for Taco Bell.  LOL.

Kilo is a great dog.  Never gives us a problem.  He is MY dog.  Nobody can take that away.  He went to VA with me for my internship.  He moved back to Pensacola with me, to finish up my BA in Criminal Justice.  He then came with me back to Tampa and moved in with Aja and I.  Soon after my Tampa move I met T.  Boy did he fall in love with Kilo.  I began my studies with my Masters Degree.  He once again would sit next to me, night after night, and helped me study.  Such a good boy.  Never a yappy Chihuahua.  Never.  I trained him well.  Kilo is part of our family!  He was even at our wedding!  And that was all Daddy’s doing!!!  No, he wasn’t “in” the wedding, but he most certainly was there!

Well Kilo has never had health problems.  Last year at his yearly checkup the Vet informed me that Kilo had a heart murmur.  On a scale of 1-6, his was a 3.  Nothing to be concerned about, but something that must be watched.  On Tuesday he was back at his yearly checkup where that same Vet informed me he is now at stage 6.  I swear, I thought he was going to die immediately.

Being pregnant, and emotional, and being my dog, I just lost it.  I didn’t know what to do.  Where to start.  What to ask.  I just wanted it to all go away.  How could my doggy, who sleeps with me EVERYNIGHT, be sick?  He doesn’t seem sick?  In fact, he seems like he’ll live forever!  I called T.  Told him the news.  We decided we’d discuss more about it that evening.  I went to my Mom’s to pick up the boys.  I had been gone for over 2 hours and was just a mess.  The boys were so sad watching Mommy cry.  I swear, I thought he was going to die that night.  UGH!!!! 

The doctor suggested putting Kilo on $100 worth of medicine, 2x a day, for the rest of his life.  Gesh.  That seems like a lot.  Especially when he’s almost 12yrs. old.  We decided we needed more information before making any sort of decision.  But in the meantime, people donate medicine at Vet offices, and we were lucky enough to have one month donated to us.

A good friend of ours, Kelli, called to talk to me about this.  After explaining the expenses to her and the circumstances she decided she wanted to ask her Vet about the meds.  While talking to Kelli about this, I thought I should call my Sister in Law, Dana.  After all, she’s a Pharmacist and maybe, just maybe, these are people pills too?  Honestly, I thought she would think I was crazy.  And I felt crazy asking.  But 2 of the 3 meds, are people drugs!!!  And she can get 2 of those meds that add up to $56 for $4 EACH!  Seriously!  Is that Vet nuts?  Gesh!

So the Vet called me today.  We went over some questions I had and the importance of each medicine.  Guess what?  Only ONE medicine is important.  ONE $4 medicine.  Is she just trying to make money?  I’m not 100% sure.  And in fact, I was a little ticked off.  This is just like people doctors.  All trying to get to you take stuff, that really, we don’t need.  UGH.

Either way, we’ve decided it’s in Kilo’s best interest (and ours!) to keep him on the medicine.  I’m happy to announce he seems to be doing well.  He is acting just like Kilo and the coughing has even stopped.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.  All because of a little pill 😉

Kilo…here’s to you!  CHEERS!  You sure have made me realize just how loved you really are and how much Mama would miss you if you weren’t sleeping with me night after night…even if you are VERY hot!  hehehe!


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  1. Carmen said,

    July 2, 2010 at 9:15 am

    Yeah! I’m glad to hear he is doing well. I’m glad you did your research! I know what he means to you! Plus he was born on my Birthday, so he is a fighter!!!!



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