It’s been 5 LONG weeks!!!!

Wow, has it really been that long?

Let’s see…where to start?  First off, last time I was here I was 27wks.  Well, I’m not 27wks anymore.  I’m now a whooping 32wks (almost)!  Yikes.  Almost there.

At the beginning of June we took a family vacation.  But not just any family vacation, we went with 2 other families from Ashton’s class.  It was so much fun.  We went to the Tradewinds on St. Petersburg Beach.  We had just heard that the BP oil spill would probably NOT effect our stay, so we decided to go ahead with our plans.  Glad we did, it didn’t come ashore at all.  Thank heavens.  That spill really scares me, and to this day, there is no end in sight 😦  Our poor sea creatures.  So we were all booked for 3 nights at the Tradewinds.  After 1 night there, Daddy was so pleased with the place, he surprised me with an extra night!  He is such a thoughtful guy 😉

So what did we do?  Well, for one, we didn’t take many photos 😦  I just didn’t keep my camera around the salty sea air after last years mishap with my camera and the humidity.  Next, we swam.  A lot.  A lot, a lot.  We were swimming in the pool everyday, and even the gulf.  It was great.  And very relaxing.  Maisi’s Dad (Ashton’s friend) even bought a fish to try and catch a shark.  Daddy had a fantastic time hanging out with the other Dad’s, but most of all, watching Mr. Dave trying to catch this shark.  From what I heard, the 6’5 athletic man, sure can swim FAST, after throwing a bloody fish into the gulf  just inches away from where sharks hangout.  EEK!  I wish I could say I seen this.  But Ethan was having a hard time with a bad infection he got in his ear, so we were up in the room.

Ethan’s favorite part of the trip was eating all of Ms. Agatha’s yummy’s snacks.  I have to say, one of my favorite moments was eating her s’mores she made.  YUMMMM…I’m still craving them.  So not fair.  HA  Ethan also LOVED hanging out with the 2 big girls, Melania and Madison.  I didn’t score a photo of Madison, but I did get one of Melania one morning when she came to our room and snuggled up next to the boys in our bed.

Another great event was going down this HUGE slide.  It was 42ft in the AIR!!!!  Ashton counted the steps, 30 in all.  He must have went down that slide 100x.  We were happy he enjoyed it.  It was $30 for an all day armband, so he only had the chance to do it for ONE DAY. 

Check this video out…it’s amazing!

The following week was Father’s Day.  And boy oh boy did I have a trick up my sleeve.  A few years ago, when Ashton was only a baby, I made Tom get in the car and I took him away for the weekend.  He didn’t know where we were going and most certainly he did NOT know we were staying overnight anywhere.  We went to Disney that weekend and what do you know Mickey Mouse took over Daddy’s heart and it was Ashton’s first trip to the Magic Kingdom.  Now, several trips to Orlando/Disney, we are all burnt out of going, but still love us a little Mickey Mouse.  So once again, I tell Daddy to get in the car and I whisk him away.

We ended up at the Hilton Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.  Of course Daddy assumed we were headed to Mickey’s house, but not this time.  It’s far to hot to walk around Disney all day.  And I’m so glad I didn’t include that in my special surprise because it was HOT.  But I did include Aunt Dana, Uncle Joey, and Howie in our adventures.  So Ashton had someone to play with and the Dad’s got one night alone at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the U.S. Open.  Father’s Day wouldn’t not be complete without golf, would it? 

Dana and I opted to take the boys to Downtown Disney.  We were really excited as the night before became late too fast and we weren’t really able to do much.  So decided to take the kids to T-Rex for dinner and then wanted to hit the Lego store and I really wanted a carmel apple.  Before dinner the boys looked around.  Check out what was next to our table!

and the 3 handsome boys….

After dinner was a complete bust!  It was pouring rain.  Terrible rain.  Not normal Florida afternoon showers rain.  Rain you want to be in your bed, curled up with a warm blanket, rain.  For an hour.  For one LONG hour, we were stuck inside.  Thankfully, our boys were ALL top notch.  Honestly, they could NOT have been any better.  Thank heavens.  Then we ran over to the Lego store only to be greeted with MORE rain and I said, ENOUGH.  We made a run for the car and called it a night.  Bye bye carmel apple.  I never got to buy you 😦  Or eat you 😦

The real fun was before dinner.  We decided to go into the world of nature and hang out for the day at the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds. The boys loved it here.  They were able to run and scream without getting in trouble and they even rode a pony!  Of course, all stuff boys LOVE.

They played on a playground and got EXTRA sweaty!

And Ethan….

Those red cheeks are not from too much sun, but from pure HEAT.  I swear, it was 200 degrees out.  UGH!

But the kids had fun and I believe the Daddy’s did too.  And that’s what counts.  I’d love to go back to these campgrounds during the holidays.  We’ve heard it is amazing to see all the campers lit up. 

On Father’s Day we came home so Daddy could finish watching the U.S. Open.  His only request, so we must abide.  He deserves it.  He’s one heck of a Dad!

Our last vacation of June was a surprise 70th birthday party for Papa Reidy.  All the Reidy kids got together with their families and we enjoyed 2 nights together in Jacksonville, FL.  We had not all been in the same room together since our wedding, almost 6yrs ago!  And forget about all the new babies since then…there has been 5 births!!!  And one more on the way 😉  It was lots of fun, and Papa sure was surprised!

Of course I have a few other candid shots, but nothing great.  All the kids were so cute and it was so great seeing each and everyone of them.  It’s amazing how a family who doesn’t see each other often enough, still cuddles right up and has the BEST time together.  I loved all the girl time snuggles.  And my long chats with Aunt Dana.  Aunt Ann’s food is always amazing, and seeing Aunt Jane was terrific as always.  I wish it didn’t have to be so long until we could do this again, but with busy lives, its bound to be another long while 😦

I’m sure there is a ton that I left out.  Please forgive me.  I wish I could have kept up better with my blog over the past 5wks, but I’m just lazy.  I’ll admit it.  And with going away once a week for the past 3wks, and yet again this weekend, I was just plain tired.

Hope you all enjoyed our month, just as much as we did!


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