Last day of school year, photos.

Yes, I’m a week late.  But you know, a week is better than a month.  We’ve been busy.  We’ve showered our 4 year old with spectacular things to do this week.  Ok, I showered him.  Daddy had to work, a lot.  But, it’s over.  Now the real fun begins and it all starts tomorrow…but that’s for another blog post.  For now, pictures from his last day.

Look at this cool cat!

And his awesome teacher…Ms. Denise!

One of Ashton’s favorite things is playing with the parachute in class.  But look at him.  The ONLY kid who listened to sit in your spot…LOL

And here is the fabulous present Ms. Agatha and I both received for being Homeroom Mommy’s!

The year was wonderful.  Ashton learned many new things and made some new friends with kids and parents.  The part I love about the Catholic Education system is the friendships that are built, and they begin with your first year.  I can only imagine how wonderful those friendships will be in years to come.

WTG, Ashton.  You make Mommy and Daddy VERY proud!


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